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Wondering about the (small) team behind this site?

At Adults Toy Guide, we’re just a couple of writers who decided to team up and share our experiences, in all of their sordid details. 

Whether that’s our thoughts on new sex toys, honest reviews, or guides to help people to buy the right types of toys for them, we’re going to try to cover it all.

We actually also run other websites in the adult niche. Ultimately, we want to become the #1 trusted resource for sex education. Keep checking back for other websites in our portfolio, but for now, our second website is: BDSM Guidance

Combined with ATG, both sites delve into the wonderful sub-sections of the adult niche. We’re talking toys, reviews, advice, beginners guides and even our honest opinions of sex hotspots and tourist destinations around the globe. 

If you have any questions relating to the adult world, sex, kinks or how to use a certain toy, by all means get in touch with our small team and we can write a post just for you. We’re here to help! 

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