10 Best Jiggle, Kegel & Ben Wa Balls for Beginners

That’s quite a bit of a list as an intro isn’t it? I’ve included these three different types of toys as they very broadly come under a similar category, and for anyone who has never used them it’s great to see the differences (and similarities) between the three all in one guide. 

What are Jiggle Balls? 

A Jiggle Ball is the type of toy that you may already be accustomed to when you think of these specific types of pleasure providers! Jiggle Balls are small weighted balls created to provide both a workout (for pelvic floor muscles) and pleasure simultaneously. 

What are Kegel Balls? 

Kegel Balls are the types you may see more commonly associated with the workout side of the ball, for example with thicker joining strips between each balls, resulting in a more sturdier weight distribution and less ‘rolling’ opportunity. Not to say there’s no pleasure to be had with the Kegel option – far from it! 

The balls gets its name from Kegel Exercises, which are methods of pelvic muscle training which can help to increase natural lubrication, provide more stimulating orgasms and increase the flow of blood to the vagina. You may have also heard Cardi B mention them in the infamous WAP anthem… 

What are Ben Wa balls? 

Ben Wa balls are essentially just another name given to the three, so if you see ‘Ben Wa’ referenced then you’re not getting a different type of toy. Part exercise tool, part pleasure provider, you simply can’t go wrong. 

So… What’s the difference? Which should I choose? 

In terms of those to choose, that’s the point of this list – I’ve (not so) painstakingly tested and listed my ten favourites of these three main types.

I’ve specifically chosen ones that someone more experienced may want to opt for, alongside the types more suitable for beginners. Whether you go with a Jiggle, a Kegel or a Ben Wa, let’s jump into this list!

Best For Beginners

Lovehoney Embrace Silicone Kegel Balls

Best Challenge

 Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls 7.8 oz

Best Overall

Oscillating Textured Duo Ben Wa Balls 2.4 oz

These weighted balls are just wonderful. Use them to both strengthen your body and pleasure yourself, each ball comes in at 1.1 oz, with a combined weight of 2.2 oz – perfect from those early in their progression. 

Put loads of lube on to make the insertion process an absolute delight, and use regularly for a stronger pelvic floor and tighter Kegel muscles. You can’t put a price on sexual wellbeing, but if you could I’m sure it would be much less than the price of these balls. 

My point being – they’re a bargain, what are you waiting for!

This set of kegel training balls is pretty great. The weights it comes with are 0.7 oz, 0.8 oz, 1 oz, 1.2 oz, and 1.5 oz. It comes with two harnesses, so you can either start super light weight or work your way up to impressive strengths. Each one is a different, fun colour with the weight embossed, making it easy to keep track of progress 

They also come with a neat pack of instructions, which can be very handy for getting things going! All you need then is some water-based lube – get that and you’re completely sorted.

These middle-weight kegel balls make a great intermediate training tool for pelvic exercises. 

Weighing in at 2.4 oz, they’re suitable for beginners while still packing a bit of a punch. The free roaming weights aren’t just good for workouts – they’ll feel absolutely wonderful as they roll around inside you! These weights are textured, offering more internal stimulation than perfectly smooth balls, especially when lathered in a high quality lube. 

The sturdy but simple finger loop means that once the fun is over, they’re easy to take out – it really is that easy.

These slightly heavier kegel balls are for those looking to enter the next level. Heavy enough to offer a slightly more intense workout, the dual 90g silicone kegel balls are quite something! 

As they wiggle around inside you, your muscles will tense to try to control them – nice and lubed up, it’ll be a constant erotic dance between ball and muscle, pleasurable and representing quite the workout. Try doing an activity with them inside – you might be in for quite the surprise, as your jumping makes them bounce around!

This mid weight option offers a great choice for both beginners and regular trainers. The free roaming balls offer endless fun wherever you may be, never quite knowing what will happen next. 

Perfect for fans of Fifty Shades of Grey, they look as well as feel great! The 3.75 inch long silicone retrieval cord makes for easy removal, and when not in use they can be stored in the lovely bag which they come with. A great present for fans or a handy workout toy for yourself – I must say they’re worth having a play with!

This vibrating love egg is quite something. Slip it in with one of 20 functions activated and feel it pulse away. Fully waterproof for fun in the bath or shower, it comes with a travel lock and handy storage bag so you never have to be apart (trust me – you won’t want to!) 

A great sex toy, it’s also amazing for beginner Kegel exercises. For use in or out of the bedroom, this is a truly exhilarating option. It’s small and easy – seriously give it a go, you’ll find so many ways to use this wonderful little thing.

At 7.8 oz, these balls are a serious step up in weight to the other options on this list. These are a great choice for the more advanced Kegel exerciser – they really do weigh a fair bit, the solid metal balls will roam free inside you hitting every spot creating incredible sensations as they go. 

These chrome plated balls are slick and easy to keep clean, just lube up and insert, you’ll soon have super strong vaginal muscles! As with any Fifty Shades of Grey product, they will make a great gift for anyone who’s a fan of the book, just make sure they’re up to the challenge!

These midweight kegel balls are another solid option for beginners to intermediates. 

The free roaming 2.6 oz weights are enough exercise with, while still having lots of fun. Whether worn in the bedroom or out and about, you’re sure to spice up your day a little, all while increasing your pelvic health. 

Lube up with ample water-based lubricant and insert the balls one at a time, with the retrieval string left out ready to take them out – not that you’ll want to! These are another good mid range option – give them a shot!

One of the many cool things about these balls is that they change colour! Depending on temperature, the heat of your body will make them go from a dark purple, almost black, to a pink like lilac! 

At 3.1 oz they’re another mid weight option, so would make a great gift for beginners – especially fans of Fifty Shades of Grey. They come in a lovely satin bag which makes for easy storage, travel, and added gift appeal.

These low to mid weight kegel balls are the final simple, effective and aesthetic option on this list. 

With a clean and cool silicon design and a simple retrieval cord, just lube them up and put them in for near endless fun. Small enough to be worn about your daily life, yet big enough to provide near endless joy, once you start using them you won’t want to turn back. 

Velvet soft and great for pelvic strengthening exercises, I don’t think I need to say any more – give them a go and thank me later.

Further advice for beginners 

If you’re still a little lost, here’s some more information on what to focus on when it comes to buying the right type of ball for you. 


The price of the balls can vary wildly depending on material (metal, rubber, plastic) and more commonly also by brand. For example, a signature Fifty Shades of Grey line of Kegel balls may naturally cost more than a no-name sex toy store pair. 

Ball Type 

This all really depends on what you want from the balls. Looking for more of a workout? I’ve found that the kegel balls with less of a ‘string’ or ‘looseness’ tend to provide a better workout, whereas those with more fluidity tend to ‘bump’ a little more, and that’s when I really get that flutter feeling! 

How to clean Jiggle balls 

I use approved toy cleaning products that I also use with my dildos and vibrators and wider toy collections (an ever-growing range!). You can find these at most trusted sex stores. My go-to is the ‘Fresh Toy Cleaner’ from Love Honey. Simple and doesn’t cost a fortune. 


Ah, to be in your shoes discovering about this side of the sex toy world. The fun that is awaiting you is not to be slept on. Whether it’s kegels in the home gym or jiggling on a lunch break, get some of these balls in your life! 


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