10 Best Anal Beads for Beginners

Why are anal beads a good sex toy for beginners?

Beginners (and seasoned anal play fans like myself) love anal beads because they’re easy to start with, and you can push the intensity as you feel fit. 

When stretching your anus, you don’t want to jump right in with a large toy. The natural shape of the bead (99% of time from small to large) allows for your anus to relax and essentially stretch at each point. That means you can slowly (or quickly) work your way through bead sizes, depending on how far you want to push the capacity of your anus. 

They’re also super easy to clean, simple to hide or store, and the majority will come with a flared bottom or large pull-ring to ensure that, even if you’re getting all of the beads in there, there’s no chance of them getting lost… 

Getting into anal play can be a little daunting at first, but here’s where anal beads come in. From small to large, you can explore as far as you’re comfortable. From beginners to seasoned pros, there are anal beads for everyone – this guide has a look at arguably the top 10 choices currently available for you to ease yourself into (or onto…). 

Best For Beginners

BASICS Beaded Slimline Butt Plug

Best Challenge

10 Function Extra Quiet Posable Silicone Anal Beads

Best Overall

Rocks Off Petite Sensations Pearls 7 Function Anal Beads

This 6 inch string of 6 beads is a great choice for beginners. Made from smooth PVC, these will slide in almost unnoticed when properly lubed up, giving almost unending joy. 

With a sizable finger loop, they’ll never become stuck, and it’s easy to control both how far in and fast they go in and come out. 

From super small to three inches in girth, these beads offer a nice progression from beginner to intermediate. They’re nicely curved to match your internal contours, and at $9.99, you really can’t go wrong.

This beaded glass dildo is just gorgeous. Suitable for both vaginal and anal insertion, the boroscilicate glass can be used as it is, or slightly cooled or heated to add a sensory element! 

Just remember – don’t use it frozen or too hot, test it tentatively first on less sensitive skin first. Glass looks amazing but can also be used with any type of lube, is hypoallergenic, and super easy to clean. It comes with a lovely velvet storage bag, making it a lovely gift option. 

For anal play, even the smallest bulbs may be a little large for complete beginners – this is more suited to perhaps intermediate anal play enthusiasts.

This nice and simple butt plug is a great beginner option, but could also suit those who are already initiated! With a nice suction cup, you can go hands free, just close your eyes and it can be whatever you want it to be. 

Simply coat in your favourite water based lube and insert for hours of fun – the suction cup flares out wide enough that you don’t have to worry about over insertion! 

If you’ve been considering entering the world of fun that is anal play, why not take the jump and buy this toy.

This posable set of vibrating anal beads adds another dimension to anal play. Choosing one of 10 different functions, find which best suits you to help bring out the most intense orgasm of your life. 

The silicone is high quality and hypoallergenic, simply add your favourite lube and slowly insert to depths of previously unknown pleasure. 

Try different speeds while inserting or slowly removing to see which suits you best, use on your own and with a partner, the options are near limitless.

This 10 inch set of anal beads may seem intimidating at first, but the incremental size increase between each bead is so small that it really shouldn’t. With a sizable finger loop for easy insertion and removability, it really is so simple to use. 

The silicone construction is silky smooth and when lubed up provides little to no resistance. These beads are a great choice for both beginners and the more experienced among us – while it’s an impressive 10 inches, you don’t by any means have to put it all in the first time, and it gives a lot to work towards.

They say if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it, and that’s true of this tried and tested design. A classic beaded black anal dildo, this choice will be a safe bet for anyone. At 6.5 inches it’s not too intimidating, and yet not too small either. The beads are chunky but overly big, perfect for most bodies. 

Move your way along the six different sizes to reach the next level of intensity, then slowly remove for similar pleasures. The shaft is flexible so as to adjust to your body’s curves – why not give this great dildo a try.

This ball ring is certainly interesting. One end attaches around the balls with the other flexing back towards the anus – this means you can enjoy anal stimulation while you masturbate or have sex! 

With just three small anal beads, it’s not overpowering, and won’t distract from whatever or whoever else you’re doing. This is a lovely way to mix things up, and makes a nice gift for either yourself or your partner! The ring is flexible enough to fit most people while remaining comfortable, and adds another aspect of stimulation.

This anal probe by BASICS makes a great introductory toy for beginners. It’s cheap but well made, and offers 6 gently curved beads which grow gradually in size so you can test the waters. 

The ring puller offers convenient and easy control, without the fear of over insertion. The final bead is 1.4 inches in diameter, which is plenty but not too much – we can all build up to that fairly easily. A solid option for beginners, why not give it a try – it’s only $12.99!

These anal beads are by no means challenging, but are so so pleasurable. Perfectly sized and unintimidating for those just getting into anal play, the massive finger loop offers easy control, especially in the heat of the moment. Play alone or with your partner, removing slowly during sex to reach unheard of before climatic levels of bliss. 

They’re easy and comfortable, there are no downsides, you really must try them if you haven’t already.

Finally, we have this very nice offering from Rocks Off. These pearls are beginner friendly, but come in a design that even the most seasoned pro will be hankering over. With 3 speeds and 4 patterns, there’s sure to be something that tickles you nicely, and it’s fully waterproof which means bath time fun is on the cards. 

This super soft silicone toy is hypoallergenic and has a really nice handle, which also operates the vibrating functions. It’s a nice 5.75 inches, a good beginner size but still suitable for the already initiated. It really looks the part with its black and gold colour scheme, and would make an excellent gift.

I’ve never done anal play before, should I choose a butt plug or anal beads? 

Awesome question! Personally I would opt for anal beads, as a butt plug gets much larger much more quickly as you start to sit or apply weight to get it further into your anus. Anal beads are less girthier, particularly the beginners sizes which are not intended for a challenge. 

Butt plugs are also more commonly used for stretching and for keeping in there, whereas the pull ring aspect of an anal bead is specifically utilised for in and out thrusting or more generic sex toy play. 

You could just do what I did and get a beginners butt plug kit, and a beginner anal bead collection. Mine is still growing… 


I’ll be quick in this summary. Don’t skip out on exploring the wonderful world of anal beads. They’re easy to get started with and just a fantastic sex toy that doesn’t cost a lot or take up tons of room (both in the bedroom and in your anus). 

Remember to use plenty of lube like with any toy, and don’t try to push your limits too soon. Take it slow, steady, and enjoy! 


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