Is my glass sex toy safe to use?

Should you be worried about using glass sex toys?

 It’s perfectly safe to use a glass sex toy if it’s used under safe conditions and in line with the manufacturer’s instructions. There is no need to worry that your toy will break – most glass sex toys are made from extremely durable soda lime or borosilicate glass.

It’s okay to feel paranoid – you’re right to be concerned about the types of toys you use near your or your partner’s genitals! You may be aware from our previous guides that when buying a sex toy, it’s incredibly important to know what material the toy is made from and how to clean it safely.

We are big fans of glass toys because they are a non-porous material (non-breathable), meaning that when you clean it with soap and water, you can be guaranteed that all bacteria are removed. With porous objects, an extra level of caution is recommended because they can’t be cleaned to the same level.

But can you break a glass sex toy? It depends on how you’re using it! If you’re using it within the realm of normal sex toy play, it’s unlikely that you will damage it to the point of shattering.

However, if you smash it off a solid surface or drop it onto a hard floor, then it’s likely that you will damage the toy. Think of it like a glass bowl or oven dish – if used properly and cared for, they should enjoy a long life without ever breaking.

Let’s take a look at some of the safest sex toy materials so that you can enjoy a worry-free session of solo or partner play.


Safe sex toy materials you should look for 

Glass sex toys

A great attraction of glass sex toys is the fun temperature play that you can experience. They can easily be cooled and warmed for realistic sensations and sensory teasing.

Make sure that you never submit your glass sex toy to extreme temperatures, as this will impact on its internal structure and could cause breakage.

Some people really enjoy the rigidity and non-flexibility of a glass-made toy. They can be the ideal solution for someone looking for a specific type of stimulation or penetration.

It goes without saying, but it’s worth spending extra on a reputable sex toy brand if you’re looking for glass material. As with any online purchase, research is key and you’ll be able to enjoy your toy for much longer if you’ve invested in a durable one.


Silicone sex toys

We love, love, love silicone sex toys! A massive thank you to the chemist who discovered this amazing substance, and to the genius entrepreneurs who realised that it would be great for creating sex toys.

Like glass, it’s also non-porous and is fully washable. Cleaning your toy thoroughly with soap and hot water will ensure that it is free from bacteria and can’t pass on any unpleasantness.

Silicone can be used to make tough, hard toys, or soft and squishy ones, depending on the purpose of the object. It can be manipulated in lots of ways using different textures, curves, grooves, and colours.

Be careful though: don’t get mixed up between silicone, silicon, and silica gel – these are vastly different materials. You’ll  want to go for silicone products only.


Rubber sex toys

Okay, so rubber is not the worst sex toy material, but it’s far from being the best. It will always depend on the type of rubber and the reputation of the brand.

The main problem is that rubber is a porous material which means that it can’t be fully cleaned after use. Being unable to fully clean a toy used in sexual play means that dangerous bacteria or viruses can be passed from person to person.

Rubber toys can sometimes contain phthalates. Studies show that these dangerous chemicals can have nasty side effects, including infertility, burns, and even cancer. Absolutely not the material you want to have near you, let alone inside your body, so make sure to read the product description carefully. 


Plastic sex toys

Plastic sex toys *can* be safe, but again, it’s important to do your research to ensure that you are buying from a reputable brand who emphasises non-toxic and body-safe products. The last thing you want to deal with is chemical burns while playing with sex toys!

You may have seen the phrase ABS plastic sex toys – what are they made up of, and are they safer than normal plastic? ABS plastic stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. This is an affordable, non-toxic, and non-carcinogenic plastic that is often used in sex toys because of its safe properties.

It’s a good idea to purchase compatible lube with any ABS plastic sex toys. This will prolong the life of your toy and will prevent any unintended chemical reactions. Happy days!


Advice on looking after your glass sex toy 

In general, the longevity of your toy will be impacted by how you take care of it. Some people use their toys and then toss them into a drawer without cleaning it or storing it safely.

Not only will the toy’s life be reduced dramatically, but this is also a great way to catch an infection or spread sexually transmitted infections.

With a glass sex toy, it’s even more vital that you look after it carefully and watch for any signs of distress or overuse.

Wash your glass toy before its first use with soap and hot water. Allow it to dry out in the air before storing in a clean cotton bag or other safe place.

Never use a strong chemical cleaning agent to clean your toy, especially if the manufacturer’s instructions have warned against it.

Check it frequently for any signs of cracking or breakages. It’s unlikely that this will happen if you’re using the toy properly, but it’s safer to monitor it, especially if you’ve owned it for a number of years.

You don’t even have to see cracks in it to know that something feels wrong. Trust your instinct and upgrade your toy if you feel the time is right to move on.

To sum up: take care of your toy and it will take care of you!


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Is my glass sex toy safe to use?

Should you be worried about using glass sex toys?  It’s perfectly safe to use a glass sex toy if it’s used under safe conditions and