Best Suction Cup Dildos For Shower Use

What's the use of a suction cup dildo?

It’s very simple – you want your dildo to stick to a surface. Most commonly used in the bathroom for sex toy fun in the shower, but if you’re feeling adventurous then there are all sorts of materials or places that you can stick your suction cup dildo. 

We mean all sorts of places you can stick it in regards to surfaces of course… 

You’ll also find that many of these dildos in this list can also be used alongside a harness or as a full strap on kit, making these perfect all-rounders both in terms of their required solid build and their adaptability to wherever you want to use them. 

Let’s get into this guide of my ten favourites so that you can see what the big wide world of dildos with a handy suction cup has to offer! 

Best For Beginners

Doc Johnson The D Uncut D Dual Density Realistic Dildo 6 Inch

Best Challenge

Doc Johnson Black Thunder Realistic Vac-U-Lock Dildo 9 Inch

Best Overall

Lifelike Lover Basic Realistic Suction Cup Dildo 8 Inch

10 of the best suction cup dildos to use in shower (that will stay stuck!)

This incredibly realistic suction cup dildo is bound to satisfy all users. It’s a full length 8-inch model with raised and lifelike veined texture to provide an incredibly satisfying stimulation.

For those who have a strap-on kit, it’s fully compatible and so can be used in a variety of situations. Like all good dildos, it has a flared safety base to ensure that you (or you and your partner) can enjoy a sexy play session without any worries.


  • Firm and flexible feeling, made from high quality soft plastic
  • Fully submersible in water
  • Any water-based lubricant will work well with this model


  • Beginners would benefit from a smaller sized version

With an insertable length of up to 7.5 inches, this semi-translucent flared base dildo is a great model for anyone looking for a sturdy and reliable model. With great flexibility built into its PVC material, you’ll be able to manipulate it in a number of ways for your pleasure.

Fully compatible with water-based lubes, it can be handled or affixed to a surface for use. The realistic veins and head provide all the stimulation you need for a fun night.


  • We love the affordable price for this hard-wearing and hard-working dildo

  • Also works well with a strap-on for fun in multiple situations!


  • The suction cup feature can take a little figuring out to get it to affix to a surface the way you want it to

This beautifully sexy uncircumcised dildo is an incredible model, with a couple of great features. First, it’s a good size for anyone wanting to use it for anal play (with a circumference of 5.5 inches and insertable length of 6 inches).

It uses ULTRASKYN material for the most realistic dildo sensation you could possibly get from a soft plastic model. It also has a dual density feature for an even more sensual experience, and comes with lifelike balls on the flared base.


  • Works great with water-based lubes

  • Lightly textured from the tip to the base for extra pleasure


  • Some users might prefer a more textured, veined model

Not a model for the faint of heart, this specialist dildo is a treat for anyone brave enough to take advantage of it.

Moulded in the form of porn star Black Thunder, it’s long, girthy, and curvy for an incredibly textile-rich experience. It’s a unique dildo which gives you the ability to enjoy oral, vaginal, or anal play in multiple ways.


  • This is a super sturdy model that will give you a powerful experience with every use

  • If you find more conventional dildos don’t quite hit you right, this model will give you plenty of opportunities to discover your sensitive spots


  • Not advisable for very first novice first time users due to its (very) unyielding length

There’s lots to love about this satisfying and delightful vibrator. Shaped like a traditional dildo, it’s deceptively full of clever features designed to give you the sexiest and most fun experience you’ve ever had.

Extremely girthy and thick, it gives you that gloriously full feeling that you don’t get with every type of dildo or vibrator. There are 10 different vibration speed settings to keep you or a partner guessing about what’s coming next (pun intended!)


  • Gives a perfectly balanced stretch when using for vaginal or anal play

  • Suction cup base for hands-free enjoyment


  • The vibrator is connected via a cord which could get in the way of some fun

If you love your dildos but you’re looking for the next big thing, this is what you’ve been waiting for. Not for the faint hearted, this monster dildo takes some serious training before use, but when you start, you will never look back!

With a whopping 8-inch circumference and 8-inch insertable length, it’s strongly, strongly recommended to use a water-based lube for your safety and pleasure.


  • Realistic balls and an extra strong suction cup for the full experience – solo or with a partner

  • Compatible with harnesses for strap-on fun (good luck!)


  •  For experienced users only – not for dildo novices, and will take lots of getting used to when first using it

You would be forgiven for mistaking this stunning dildo for the real thing. The ULTRASKYN material has made the structure of this model incredibly lifelike and realistic, from the veins to the soft skin folds.

The magic of a dual density dildo is that it has a firm inner core, and a softer outer layer which, when blindfolded, makes it very difficult to tell it’s actually made from soft plastic.


  • Super strong suction cup which won’t let you down when you need it most


  • Circumference width is 6.25 inches, making it ideal for experienced users, but less so for newbies

This dildo is the type of one that makes you raise your eyebrows and think “oh wow!” when you first see it. For users who love feeling as full as possible, you won’t need to search anywhere else.

This model has an eye-watering 10-inch circumference, making it perfect for users who know their limits and how far they can stretch them.


  • If the width wasn’t enough, the lifelike texture will bring you incredible pleasure

  • Perfect for vaginal, anal, or oral use – depending on how far you can push yourself!


  • Note that it contains latex, which might be unsuitable for some users

There can sometimes be too many examples of straight/ upright dildos, although many users love the sensation of a curved model.

This 9-inch realistic toy is long and flexible, giving you full control over the experience with its extra strong suction cup base.

Another example of a toy using the glorious ULTRASKYN material, you won’t be disappointed with any aspect of the experience of this toy.


  •  Fully compatible with water-based lubes

  • Feels delightfully firm to hold, push, pull – whatever takes your fancy!

  • Has a circumference of 7 inches


  • Deceptively thick and girthy – make sure to check the reviews if you’re unsure of the size

Another great example of a curved dildo which has been designed to evoke pleasure in all the right places. A lengthy 8 inches, it’s ideal for users who want a less girthy feel.

That doesn’t mean that it’s overly skinny – at 5.5 inches, it’s a perfect width for a wide range of play uses. The authentic and realistic colouring makes the experience even more enjoyable.

It’s fine to use in water – so attach it to your shower wall and let loose – just remember to play safely!


  •  Wonderfully textile PVC material

  • Pronounced veined and raised textures to give you a incredibly hot experience


  • Again, its photos can be a bit misleading – make no mistake, you get a great amount of toy for the price

Suction Dildo Advice For Beginners 

You need to bear in mind that these dildos are built to be durable and are therefore generally quite lengthy with plenty of girth. That’s not to say that you won’t be able to find shorter ones too, but as you’ll see in my top ten list it’s quite clear that size just tends to be of the essence with these toys. 

There are also a few questions you may have, and I certainly asked these too, so let’s get into them! 

Do I need to clean the dildo if I’m using it in the shower already? 

Yes! Don’t scrimp on cleaning just because of a splash of water. You should also avoid using the same shower gel or soap to clean your toy, as this can irritate wherever your favoured placement of the dildo happens to be. I’d recommend getting your hands on a dedicated sex toy cleaning substance such as the Lelo Premium Cleaning Spray to use both thoroughly after you’ve finished playing. 

How does the dildo stay stuck to a surface? 

This is the first question I asked, and it’s certainly not an uncommon one! The vast majority of the dildos in this list are constructed from a flexible PVC, meaning that it is both durable and the suction concave is able to attach itself to a surface, essentially ‘locking’ into place which ensures safety. It’s the same reason why you’ll see these suction dildos use with strap-on harnesses too – the natural locking function is simply fantastic. 

Will I need to use lube if I’m in the shower with this toy? 

Yes, you can’t be too careful and should be using lube liberally with all of your sex toy play. A water-based lubricant will work just fine (and I repeat do not use shower gel or soap!). 


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