How To Build A Home Sex Dungeon – Complete Guide

If you’re a fan of BDSM like me then you’ll understand that one of the ultimate goals is to have your very own dungeon. Even if you’ve already got some BDSM furniture, you’ll no doubt have loftier goals for your very own dedicated room at home put aside just for dungeon antics. Move over man cave, taka. back seat cinema room… it’s the turn of the dungeon. 

Whether your home sex dungeon will be a modified garage or dedicated part of the house (tucked away from prying eyes), or simply just an efficient way to modify your bedroom with more dungeon-esque attributes, the amount of kinky fun that can be had with your own chamber of sexual exploration is endless. 

What types of dungeons are there? 

I suppose the answer could just be ‘loads’, but that doesn’t exactly help you in making an informed decision about the right type of dungeon to build in your home. Let’s have a look at some of the more common types: 

  • BDSM dungeon – Exactly what most people think of, a special room reminiscent of Fifty Shades of Grey. These specialised rooms are incredible, and you can really go to town on the level of investment and time you put into making this as specific to your tastes as possible.
  • Torture Chamber – Essentially the same as a sex dungeon but with more specialised torture items for the heavier side of BDSM. I’ve explored some of the more common items throughout this guide, so if you want to introduce a bit of consensual pain play, this guide also has you covered.
  • The bedroom dungeon – Not everyone has room for a specific dungeon in their home. Most people still want to explore their kinky side but lack the space to do so with a fully-fledged part of the home, so instead get creative with modifying their bedroom into a sort of dungeon-come-chillout space.

For the sake of this guide, we’re going to explore two common themes of dungeon building – the first is how to transform an existing room into a dedicated BDSM-space, and the second is how you can get inventive with singular items or specific toys that will give that dungeon or kink feel without requiring your own dedicated room. 

Where to start with transforming a room in your home into a sex dungeon

Here’s a full breakdown of what you’ll require and the processes you’ll need to follow to create a dungeon that will have the rest of the BDSM community desperate for a try. 


Here are some of the more popular items that I’ve seen as part of my dungeon adventures (and from sourcing some for my own BDSM collection of toys and treats!): 


X-Cross/X-Frame/St Andrews Cross


Sex Swing 

Shop sex swings


Queening Chair 

Shop Queening Chairs




Shop Hoods/Masks



Shop Cuffs




Shop Rope




Shop Paddles



Wet Sheet 

Sex Bench & Furniture 

Shop Sex Furniture



Spreader Bars

Shop Spreader Bars



Considering where your dungeon will go 

There are a few things to consider when actually deciding on where your dungeon is going to ‘live’: 

  • Access to utilities – If you need running water or anything like that but are looking at building your dungeon in an outhouse or garage, have a think about whether you’ll need to install an external water source.
    The same goes more broadly with plumbing, heating and electricity in general – your dungeon will need to access to electricity at a bare minimum, so if you’re building it in a shell of an external building from your house or a part of the room that needs rewiring, consider getting it done sooner rather than later to ensure you don’t any problems related to utilities.
  • Noise – If you live in a terraced house or if you’re building a garage dungeon on the side of the house, is this something the neighbours will hear when your BDSM mode is turned-on (quite literally)? Do you have the means to soundproof your dungeon if so?
  • Size – If you’re looking to steadily grow your dungeon over the coming years, think about what place in your home will be best suited to accommodate this need. For example, do you have a room with an adjoining wall that could be knocked-through in the future if you want to expand access to kinky equipment?
  • Space for a dedicated dungeon – The last thing you want to do is pick a room, then later have to halve the size of your dungeon because you need the room for other things like storage or living. Think carefully about the room you choose whether that’s a basement, garage, spare room or separate new build on the property…. Can you afford to lose this space for good?
  • Practicality – A garage dungeon is an incredible thing, but if your garage is separate to your house, how are you going to sneak past the neighbours in your gimp suit before heading into your lair? The same thing goes with the temperature too. Does your room have adequate heating controls for playing in the winter, and ways to cool the room in the summer too?


Where will you store your items that aren’t fixed? 

I say this because when I built my dungeon I got seriously excited and started buying all sorts of different items. The problem then was that I was running out of places to store them, so would have to find places in ‘standard’ rooms in the home to start hiding them. Not ideal when the inlaws come round and start snooping.

I would recommend looking at items with dual purpose when it comes to storage – for example, you could get a cage and cover it with a cloth when it’s not in use. Once covered, there’s then tons of room inside for you to store your smaller, kinky items. 


Whilst I can’t give you specific dimensions in terms of how things will fit in your room, it will still be useful for you to know the dimensions of some of the more common and often larger items that make up a dungeon. You can then get an idea on average sizings and how much room you actually need to spare for the must-haves. 

Note that these are also average dimensions, so make sure you cross-reference with the actual items you’re buying 

Cage Dimensions 

  • Height – 85cm
  • Width – 55cm
  • Depth – 95cm

X-Cross Dimensions

  • 2.1m x 1.2m

Queening Chair Dimensions

  • Height – 40cm
  • Width – 40cm
  • Depth – 35cm

Free-Standing Sex Swing Dimensions

  • Height – 5.6ft
  • Width – 3.3ft
  • Depth – 7ft

Bondage Stocks Dimensions

  • Height – 12cm
  • Width – 411cm


This is another one of those aspects that I didn’t think of until the build was complete. Nothing worse than getting a brand new latex outfit to go with your dungeon, only then to have an exposed bulb glare off your shiny gimp-suited head…quite the mood killer. 

I highly recommend looking into Hue bulbs for overhead lighting, and then also the Hue bulb strips for further mood lighting within the room e.g. underneath fixed items and along the base of a supporting wall. They’re not exactly cheap, but considering how customisable they are I’d say they’re definitely worth the money. 

Safety & Practicality 

This is a very important point, especially if you’re into having others from the BDSM community into your dungeon. The last thing you want to do is get sued because your swing swung too vigorously and sent your sub headfirst out of a window. 

Consider aspects such as: 

  • Where your sex swing will go, and ensuring that you have ample room to actually swing in it. I recommend thinking of dramatic swing arcs, and even though your play will never reach even half of that arc, you at least know that there’s enough room to do so, and to do it safely 
  • Supporting walls – With heavier items that need to bear the load of a person e.g. a St Andrews Cross, are you installing it onto a wall that is built to support that amount of weight? 

Keeping everything clean & sanitary 

Remember that you need to keep things clean, regardless of whether it’s a couple playing or several… keep things clean and tidy! Invest in sex toy cleaners, sex sheets for if you’re expecting vigorous play or love things like watersports, and if you’re building your dungeon in a room that already has flooring such as carpets then buy a deep carpet cleaner and use it regularly!!

Creating a half bedroom, half dungeon (woo, twice the activities!)

One of the best ways to create a ‘half and half’ room is to get creative with items that can double-up as both practically in a bedroom sense, and in a dungeon sense. One of these best options is a sex bed. This is usually a king-sized bed that has stocks at the end, and a cage underneath….what’s not to love? 

Most beds can be quite large due to the fact that there are stocks at the foot of the bed and a cage underneath. Average dimensions are 77.25in width x 87.5in length x 80in height. 

You can also do what I’ve seen in other people’s dungeons (yup, I love BDSM a LOT)… buy a pair of stocks, use them for a month then have them turn into a clothes rack! Only joking, but you get my point on this part of implementing these items into a room that already has a purpose… it can get crowded very quickly unless you’re savvy with space, or simply use things like a fold-away sex sling that gives the dungeon vibe but can be put away and easily stored afterward. 


And there you have it. This guide is by no means definitive, and as myself and my partner continue to build our home dungeon we’ll no doubt be revisiting and adding to this guide with aspects such as pain points, further dimensions, and anything we think would be worth you knowing priority to getting started with your home dungeon project. 

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