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When it comes to homemade sex toys, the sky really is the limit. You may have started with simpler toys, like pocket pussies and butt plugs, but soon, you may be wanting to push your DIY skills a little further, to create something with a little more oomph. Making a sex machine certainly ticks those boxes!

It can be quite the undertaking, as many of them will have moving parts and wiring to consider, none of which is entirely easy to sort out. If you feel like a challenge though, and don’t mind the possibility of failure, it will make a great project, and if you succeed, the results can be stunning.


What is a sex machine?

First of what, what exactly is a sex machine? A sex machine is a device which, unlike most sex toys like dildos and fleshlights, has a moving element.

They can either be penetrative or extractive, depending on the attachment on the end – if it has a dildo, it can anally or vaginally penetrate, if it has a pocket pussy or similar device, it can be used on a penis.

It generally involves an electric motor which spins, and the device turns that rotational motion into a back and forth movement. 


Why build a sex machine at home?

Aside from the aforementioned point of it being a great DIY project, a sex machine can bring you a lot of pleasure!

If you’re newly single, or have been single for a while, and don’t want to have to rely on a partner or one-night stands to provide you with sexual stimulation, then it could be great for you!

They’re suitable for any gender, for anyone who’s willing to explore a little.



Sex machines are just that, machines, and we can’t guarantee your safety. You should use every precaution to make it a less dangerous experience – don’t use too powerful a motor, and make sure that the dildo is both strong and attached in a very secure manner.

There have been some accidents over the years with homemade sex machines, and you don’t want to be the next. If you’re careful, the chances are you’ll be fine, just be aware of the risk and act accordingly!


Simple option

Before we go into the more complex option, we’ll introduce a simpler solution, for those who aren’t comfortable working with motors and wiring.

The simplest way of making a hands-free sex toy is to take a stool or cushion of some sort, attach a dildo to it securely (with an O-ring or suction cup), and simply ride it. It isn’t as satisfying as a mechanical sex machine and still requires movement on your part, but it can still be a worthwhile experience, and less committing a project than the alternatives.

How to build a sex machine (including the materials you’ll need)


1. Find a plan or use your own design

First of all, decide if you’re going to use your own design, or use a plan that you find online.

There are plenty of free plans out there, and you don’t have to follow them exactly. Some will come as a kit, with all the parts required, and all you’ll need to do is put them all together.

If you don’t want to go through the whole hassle of sourcing the parts, this may be a good option, a compromise between making one yourself from scratch and buying one that’s ready-made!


2. Gather your materials

Whether you’re following a plan or doing it all alone, the next step is to research and buy the materials you’ll need:

  • Base: You’ll want some sort of base, something that keeps it stable; the simplest way of achieving this might be with a flat piece of wood – a thick piece of plywood perhaps. 


  • Motor: To power the motion, you’ll need a motor. There are heaps of options online, just make sure that whatever you get is an appropriate power. 


  • Power: The chances are that your motor will be DC, and if you want to power it from the mains, you’ll need an AC to DC rectifier. Make sure that the one you get is suitable for pairing with your motor. 


  • Rod: You’ll need a rod to attach the dildo to the motor; a steel rod is probably best, but you can get creative and switch out parts as you see fit!


  • Controller: In order to operate it, you’ll want a controller to change the speed. A knob-operated one should be fairly cheap, but don’t get one that’s bad quality – you don’t want it misfiring as you’re using it!


  • Miscellaneous bits: To attach everything together, you’ll need a lot of screws, bolts, joints, and other parts. Exactly what you’ll need will depend on what design you choose, but you should be able to get all of the parts either at a hardware store or online.


3. Build your sex machine

For perhaps obvious reasons, the assembling of the parts will be the most difficult step to making your sex machine.

Essentially, the motor will need to be fixed to the base. A flywheel will need to be fixed to the motor, so that when it spins, it can transfer that motion into the lateral movement of a rod. That rod in turn will be connected to the dildo holding rod, which will be guided at two points so as to ensure it only moves back and forth.

The details of the assembly may turn out to be slightly complex, however through trial and error and a good dose of YouTube tutorials, you’ll get there in the end.


Build Tips & Advice 

There are a couple of things to keep in mind to ensure your sex machine experience is a positive one.

First of all, make sure that the dildo or pocket pussy is of high quality – it’ll be getting a lot of action, and you don’t want it breaking mid-session.

Second, and perhaps most importantly, make sure that you use a lot of lube! Sex machine sessions can be quite hardcore, and without enough appropriate lubricant, you may end up in quite a painful state, which no one wants.

Other than those two tips, it’s up to you to explore and, most importantly, to have fun!



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