The Best Tail Butt Plugs – A Buyers Guide

What exactly is a tail butt plug?

Well it’s…literally a butt plug with a ‘fluffy’ end, and naturally that ends takes on the form of a tail. Common animal tail types include fox, bunny, wolf and cat. Whether you’re looking to make your halloween costume ultra realistic or are looking to transform your feline kinks into a reality, tail plugs are an awesome way to take a step into the wild side. 

Best For Beginners

Happy Rabbit Small Rechargeable Vibrating Bunny Tail Butt Plug (4”)

Best Challenge

Happy Rabbit Large Rechargeable Vibrating Bunny Tail Butt Plug (5”)

Best Overall

DOMINIX Deluxe Glass Faux Fur Animal Tail Butt Plug

What are they used for?

The most common uses are for role play, and they’re often aligned with things like fantasy play where couples may like to dress as creatures, or even kinky cosplayers who want to really ‘get stuck in’ to their role. 

They are also not mutually exclusive with ‘furries’, as many individuals want to explore their role play fantasies and this is a very common place to start. 

The most common explanation is the term ‘fur fantasy’, or a love of fur and wanting that love to extend to sex toys. You’ll usually find that the butt plug sizes are not that wide, as this type of toy is more about adding to an overall experience or role play accessory, rather than the direct insertion of the toy itself. Which is quite the polar opposite when compared with large butt plugs

Is the tail made of real fur?

It’s more common to find ‘faux’ fur as naturally most people using these are more concerned with the overall look rather than ultimately how genuine they are in terms of exactly where the fur is sourced. 

My 8 favourite furry tail plugs

If you’re a newbie to the world of butt plugs, your first thought might not be “stainless steel” and “faux fox fur,” but wow, is this model a great addition to your butt plug collection.

Weighing a solid 14.8 ounces, this model will fit perfectly into your butt. It’s been designed with your pleasure in mind: from the broad bulb to the slim neck and the flared ending, it feels both safe and pleasurable.

The stainless stail plug is perfect for temperature play. Run it under cold or warm water to bring another exciting element to your next session of solo or couple play.


  •    Softy and fluffy tail ending
  • Comes in a soft and hygienic storage bag


  • The tail can kink easily so store it carefully

Have you ever thought to yourself how sexy it would be to have a bunny tail butt plug? This is one of the cutest and most durable plugs out there. The best feature is that it vibrates with an exciting 12 different speeds and vibration patterns to fire up your next play session.

The base of it is customisable, allowing you to choose between a bunny tail for roleplay sessions, and a sparkling diamond-like insert for other times.

Measuring a good 5 inches in insertable length with the same circumference, it’s more suitable for an experienced butt plug user.


  • The toy feels sturdy and comfortable
  • The vibration control is really enjoyable
  • Flared base for safety


  • Could be heavier than some people enjoy
  • A wireless remote for the vibration would be helpful

We love the description of this toy: “faux fur tail furry fetish fun.” The alliteration is highly intriguing! The stainless-steel plug weighs just 4.8 ounces, which is a perfect for users who enjoy the mid-weight butt plug experience.

The benefits of stainless steel are well known and will work for people who have sensitive skin issues. Of course, you also have the option for temperature play with stainless steel.

We usually recommend using anal lube with most sex toys, and it’s the same with this fox tail butt plug. Most anal lubricants should be compatible with this toy.


  • Gorgeous silver fox look
  • The faux fur doesn’t shed (even despite some rough tugging)
  • Tail length is a wonderfully long 16 inches


  • Make sure to measure it to see if it’s the right size for you

A wonderfully thick furry butt plug for your next anal play session. With a good 3.75 5 inches of insertable length, you can enjoy the full circumference width of 5 inches. At 14.8oz this plug also offers a substantive, filling sensation without being overly heavy.

With a stainless-steel insert, there is lots to enjoy about this toy. The material is non-porous and can easily be cleaned. Use a tap to cool down the temperature or warm it up to your own preference levels.

For the safety conscious, you can be secure in the knowledge that it has a flared base for stress-free sessions.


  • Perfect for more advanced furry play

  • Great weighty sensation

  •  Sensitive-skin friendly and appropriate for all lubricants


  • Great for beginners

  • Premium price point

This awesome rabbit butt plug is similar to the previous one we reviewed, but it’s one inch shorter, making it perfect for beginner butt plug users.

If you’re interested in a larger style, check out our complete guide to the best large butt plugs for stretch training.

It’s ideal for use with an anal lubricant and our best advice is to also lube up and use more than you think is necessary. A nice slender neck means that it’s comfy at the top, meaning you can leave it in long term.


  • A magnetic base with interchangeable bunny tail and a very elegant jewel

  • Insertable length of 4 inches and a circumference of 4 inches


  • So comfy you won’t want to take it out!

The beautiful pale white colour of this vibrating silicone butt plug is one of the best features of this toy. Made from synthetic fibres, this toy packs a serious punch.

It’s got a wonderfully smooth rounded tip which gradually opens up to a circumference of 4.5 inches – great for a fun anal play session. From the silicone tip to the end of the fluffy tail, it measures 20 inches in length, making it long enough for you to be able to insert and swish it around!

Batteries are included, and the vibration feature is fully optional, according to your preference.


  • A very stylish butt plug, with the smooth black silicone and soft white tail

  • A detachable bullet vibrator is attached to the toy, meaning that you can use the vibrator separately


  • Single vibration speed

Made from tough borosilicate glass, this jet-black animal tail butt plug is seriously entertaining. Easy to heat up and cool down, it’s the perfect toy for lovers of temperature play.

The reinforced and shatterproof glass is super safe for those with sensitive skin worries, and using any form of lube should be completely safe for use with this toy.

Measures a good 4 inches in insertable length and 4.5 inch circumference.


  •  Super sleek and polished finish

  • Cute addition to a butt plug fetishist’s collection


  • It is on the bigger side, so be sure if it’s right for you before purchase

This neon pink butt plug just screams for attention, and it’s certainly not been designed for the back of a closet! This small bunny tail toy is absolutely perfect for beginners who won’t be put off by the insertable length (2.5 inches).

The tapered bulb shape and the long neck mean that it’s ideal for the novice user and will be a safe and exciting entrance into the world of anal play.

It’s flexible too, giving the user control over the insertion and removal of the toy.


  • Can’t get brighter and more fun than bright pink!

  • Great price for newbies who want to test out if butt plugs are for them


  • None to report!


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