The 10 Best Penis Pumps For Beginners – A Guide

What is a penis pump?

I’m not trying to dodge the answer when I say it’s a pump for your penis, but that’s literally what it is! 

The ‘pump’ itself is essentially a suction device which creates a vacuum, designed to increase the flow of blood to your penis and create a firmer, longer-lasting erection. Commonly used as a method against erectile dysfunction, penis pumps offer both pleasure and genuine assistance to anyone who may be struggling with erection issues. 

Many of the pumps I’ve chosen in this guide have varying forms of suction, so that there’s no reason to worry about the safety or think that it’s going to feel like putting your prized member into a furious Dyson… 


What is the main use of a penis pump?

As briefly discussed in the intro, penis pumps are used both for pleasure and for legitimate assistance for anyone having issues with either obtaining or maintaining an erection. 

For the purpose of this guide, I’ve included pumps that are both highly rated from approved vendors in terms of their safety, their ease of use and consistent quality (so that you can explore uses for yourself). And if you’re wondering if penis pumps increase the size of your penis, the answer is yes; but only temporarily. The vacuum and increased blood flow can cause a swelling in your penis which can result in a temporarily increased size. However, please don’t abuse the pump as a method of growth. This can actually cause damage in the long-term if you’re overusing. 

Whatever reason you’re looking for a penis pump for, there’s no denying that they truly feel incredible. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at my favourites. 

Best For Beginners

BASICS Textured Pump

Best Challenge

Tracey Cox EDGE Pump

Best Overall

Tracey Cox Automatic Rechargeable Pump

The Ten Best Penis Pumps (my favourites)

If you’re going to choose a penis pump, trust one from a sex expert. Part of the Tracey Cox collection, the EDGE Automatic Suction Rechargeable Penis pump can help boost your stamina, improve blood flow and help you achieve a firmer erection. 

Rechargeable for convenience, it also offers 3 levels of suction and 2 interchangeable attachments, including one for pleasure for a satisfying experience. With this penis pump you can simply lie back and let the device do its thing. 

Used regularly, it could help you achieve a more reliable erection, giving you confidence in bed and beyond.


  • Built by an incredibly reputable and knowledgable company 
  • Comes with 3 suction levels and a variety of attachments 


  • May have too many features for a beginner looking for a simpler option 

The perfect penis pump for beginners, the Tracey Cox EDGE Ultimate Performance Stamina Penis Pump is user-friendly, with a slick design that’s sure to give you a thrill. It’s easy to operate, with a hand pump you control and a transparent cylinder so you can watch your penis grow. 

With this penis pump, you’re in charge, allowing you to choose your pressure and stop when you’re ready. There’s a quick-release valve for instant relief, and it’s easy to keep clean too. It’s waterproof and easy to clean for simple maintenance. A must for those wanting to explore penis pumps for the first time. You can also see my full detailed review here.


  • Simple construct and method of use 
  • Pump is easy to use and doesn’t get in the way 


  • The hand pump means that you cannot use the pump hands-free, which is an issue for some

Want to make a penis pump a part of your regular routine? That’s what the Bathmate HYDRO7 penis pump is designed for. 

Powered by hydraulics, it uses water instead of traditional air pressure to help you boost your penis size with a pleasing sensation. Used regularly as part of your daily routine in the shower or the bath, you could see results in as little as 6 weeks. 

This model is designed to suit penises 5-7 inches in size, and is simple to use for impressive results. You’re in control of the action, with a quick-release valve to provide instant pressure relief as needed.


  • Good sizing for average penises 

  •  Water pressure provides a unique sensation 


  • Some people may prefer the simpler air pressure pump alternative 

An upgrade to the Bathmate HYDRO7, the HYDROMAX7 penis pump provides 35% more suction using hydraulic technology to help you achieve incredible results. It’s simple to use with instant results. 

Use it in the bath or shower as part of your regular routine to help engorge your manhood and improve your confidence too. 

With all kinds of features to make for a more comfortable experience, this is not your average penis pump. Easy to fit into your routine, after 60 days of regular use, you could transform your sex life.

You can also see my complete Bathmate HYDRO7 review that expands on the positives and negatives a little more in-depth. 


  • A futuristic and incredibly well-built pump 


  • Can be a little intimidating for beginners 

If you’re looking for a penis pump that’s effective and straightforward, you can’t go wrong with the BASICS textured penis pump. Affordable, and easy to use, you’ll get to know how a penis pump works with some pleasing results that will be sure to have you hooked. 

Simply lube up, insert your penis and start pumping! Used daily, you could see some great results with increased erection size, improved stamina and heightened sensations, especially when you climax. Put the power in your hands and get to know this BASICS textured penis pump.


  • Very fairly priced and easy to use 


  • As with most of the simpler pumps, doesn’t offer a hands-free experience 

A daily workout can boost your fitness, but a daily workout for your penis can bring you all kinds of pleasure. The BASICS classic penis pump is a great value penis pump for beginners, helping to increase blood flow, which can help your penis appear larger, and help you last longer too. 

To start experiencing the thrill, insert your penis into the pump and start pumping. This pump is fantastic for those who are new to penis pumps and can help you see some great results over time.


  • Looks very modern and is built well 
  • See-through construct means you can clearly see the pump getting to work 


  • May be considered too basic for advanced users 

If you want to improve things in the bedroom, then the Lovehoney Solo Pleasure Male Sex Toy Kit is here to save the day. This 7-piece set features penis pumps, cock rings, and strokers, which could help give your erection a boost, and improve your stamina too. 

This excellent-value set is suitable for beginners to more experienced users, and is ideal for both solo play and for couples. With everything you need to give your penis a treat, this kit is worth the investment.


  • A very fairly-priced starter kit for beginners 


  • Experienced users may not need the additions e.g. cock rings (you’ll probably have your own collection)

Want to enjoy a superior penis pumping experience? Then it’s time to meet the Optimum Series Rechargeable Automatic Smart Penis Pump. A penis pump and masturbator in one, it can help boost your manhood, while also delivering an incredible sucking sensation. 

It has three different modes to deliver an impressive workout for your penis. You can use both features or remove the suction to use the pump on its own. With rechargeable power, it’s easy to use to help you make it a regular part of your routine. You’ll be hooked.


  • The different modes provide serious pleasure 
  • Looks super futuristic like putting your penis into an alien vacuum 


  • Might be too complex for a beginner who just wants a simple hand pump option 

Ideal for advanced users, the Bathmate HYDROXTREME7 Penis Pump is a kit that delivers a superior experience. Using hydraulic pressure that can help to enhance your erection and your stamina, it has swivel gaiter bellows that can provide 360° pivoting so you can pump in any position. 

Providing results in as little as 15 minutes, this provides mind-blowing results compared to other pumps on the market. Providing instant results, continued use will give you the confidence boost you need for a great time between the sheets.


  • The swivel function and hydraulic pressure makes this a premium pump 


  • Whilst it has a lot going for it, it’s still not a hands-free pump 

Using the BASICS Trigger Penis Pump is an easy to use model that will help you increase blood flow to the penis for a longer, stronger erection. A simple workout for your penis, you could see some impressive results with the possibility of a more intense climax and a wonderful feeling. A basic model that’s ideal for beginners, it’s a wonderful tool to get you started.

Whether you’re a beginner or you’re looking for a more advanced penis pump, our picks of the best penis pumps have something for everyone. Start your journey to an improved, more confident sex life with the help of the best penis pumps on the market.


  • Easy to use 
  • Small, compact and simple 


  • ‘Trigger’ style pump can be a bit fiddly when you’re trying to grab and pump in the moment 

Beginners guide to penis pumps 

Like with a lot of these guides, I like to provide a bit of a summary for anyone who is new to the sex toy world, and especially information specific to the product in question. With penis pumps, there are a number of things I want to address, from rumours and how to use them to get the maximum pleasure possible. 

Are penis pumps safe? 

Whilst yes, they are safe, it’s not advisable to use pumps for months on end, in succession. The thinking here is that prolonged use could actually cause bleeding and swelling (thanks to Healthline for this information) which could actually lead to further erection issues later down the line and damage the elasticity of the penis (leading to less firm erections according to Mayo Clinic). 

So, as with any sex toy, from large butt plugs to tight fleshlights, you have to listen to your body and go slow as a beginner. 

Can penis pumps actually help erectile dysfunction? 

Yes! Pumps are very commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction. Whilst they’re not a 100% fix for everyone, they can help by: 

  • Increasing the flow of blood to the penis
  • Providing intense pleasure inside the vacuum 

How to use a penis pump 

Like with a lot of toys, my recommendation is use plenty of lube to avoid even the slightest instances of slippages and damages. Pumps work exactly the same. You do not have to be erect to use the pump, in fact, they’re made to provide the erection, not simply prolong or enhance it (like a cock ring might be). 

Once your penis is inside the pump, you’ll either use the hand device or mechanical switch to remove any air left in tube, creating the vacuum effect which promotes an erection. 

Automatic vs Hand Pumps 

The main difference here is if you want a hands-off experience (or at least a comparably hands-off experience), or if you don’t mind manually pumping the device if you’re just wanting to use as a method of gaining a solid erection. 

Personally I don’t mind either. It’s a pump at the end of the day, I’m using it for erection purposes and whether it’s going to help me automatically or something I need to pump manually then I don’t really mind! 

Sizes & Materials 

You’ll usually see pumps in a splash-proof, medical grade silicone material. The internal length tends to be up to 8 inches, with an average width of 1-3 inches.

This can vary, but please if you’re either allergic or have an over-average sized penis then make sure you check the specific dimensions of the pump you’re looking for prior to purchasing. 

Closing Thoughts 

Penis pumps are not only a lot of fun, but have a legitimate use and can really help anyone out who is struggling with erection issues. 

Whether you want to test a basic hand pump out, or splash-out on an automatic option, you’re going to have a fantastic time. 



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