Is Your Sex Toy Toxic? Here’s How To Tell

Your sex toys are meant to be intoxicating, but no one said they could be potentially toxic! I’m sure we have all heard of the risks of parabens and phthalates, but did you know these can be found in your bed shaking products? Condoms, sex toys and many lubes are all at risk, and when it comes to things going inside you, you need to be extra careful. We are not just talking about a bit of rash on your skin; these effects can be highly concerning. 

When it comes to your favourite sex toys, they are made up of particular materials like soft plastics and different types of rubber that may contain phthalates. These phthalates are called “endocrine-disrupting chemicals”. This means that they can stick to the same receptors as your estrogen, creating estrogen-like symptoms in your body. This endocrine-disrupting chemical is also found in many of your popular lubes and lubricated condoms called petrochemicals or parabens but has the same effect as phthalates. 

Other ingredients found in lubes and lubricated products can even change the way your vaginal tissue absorbs water, leading to drying out, irritation and a more significant risk for STIs. Natural lubes can often be a little safer too if you are worried about using a cheap lube (just to be on the safe side). 

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals can cause a whole host of problems, making your sex life anything but pleasurable; some of the biggest risks and dangers of these chemicals are that they can make noticeable changes to your hormonal cycles. Not only that but down the line, these ingredients can have a detrimental effect on your fertility and the possibility of having children, and to make things even worse, these chemicals, in some cases, have even led to cancer diagnoses.


How Can You Tell if Your Sex Toy is Safe?

There isn’t any definitive way to know if your sex toy is safe unless you want to send your toys off to a lab to get tested, which isn’t the most viable option. However, there are signs you can look out for that can indicate whether your toy is body-safe.



Strong plastic or chemical smells that come off your sex toy is never a good sign. This smell means that the toy is made with odd-gassing toxicants. Any safe toy out there should have no noticeable odour; the last thing you want is to be smelling like a barbie doll! Also, your sex toy could also be deemed hygienically toxic from a lack of cleaning. If you’re using your sex toy regularly, anal or otherwise, clean it! Please! 



Is your sex products feeling weird? Do they have a sticky or almost oily feel? Then this toy is most likely unsafe to put in or around your body. A safe sex product will not ooze out shit!



Doing a little lick test is important if you are suspicious of a sex toy. It sounds weird but doing this will allow you to see whether it has an odd taste or if the tip of your tongue goes numb, don’t put it up your bum! 

The best way to stay safe from these toxic toys is to make sure to do your research and go to a trustworthy sex toy or product retailer dedicated to making sure they keep you and your body safe. Stay vigilant, that glitter pink dildo may look great, but if it smells like a bin bag, you might want to avoid it!


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