The 10 Best Ball Stretchers and Dividers For Men

What’s a ball stretcher or ball divider? 

As the name suggests, these toys are used to apply tension to or otherwise give the ‘separating’ sensation of force to the scrotum and testicles. 

Some of these are a little like a cock ring, in that they wrap around the base of the penis and the scrotum, whereas others, mostly the specific ball stretchers, literally do just sit on the scrotum between the penis base and the testicles. 

You can even get ones that double-up as anal beads… these toys are super inventive and don’t cost a fortune, so there isn’t a lot not to love! 

Are these safe to use? 

Yes! Like with any toy you need to listen to your body when using it, and with the testicles already being sensitive, you seriously need to take it slow. But other than that, if you love cock and ball fun then you’re really going to love these. Here are my ten favourites that will blow your mind! 

Best For Beginners

Oxballs Squeeze 2-Inch Ball Stretcher

Best Challenge

Lovehoney Silicone Ball Ring with Anal Beads

Best Overall

Oxballs TRI-SPORT Cock Ring and Ball Sling

My Ten Favourite Ball Stretchers & Dividers For Men

Do you like ball squeezing during sex? Well, maybe this might be the next step for you. This ball stretcher goes over your “two veg” and gives them a little tug and stretch, helping you not only climax harder but also last longer and who wouldn’t want that?

Made from soft, flexible plastic and 2 inches long, this ball stretcher can be placed around your balls, but be careful if you are a guy with some hair down there because they might get caught, which can put a right dampener on the mood! So give your nuts a good tug with the Oxballs ball stretcher!

The cock ring ball divider is the perfect addition to your bondage sex toy box. The straps are adjustable for the more intermediate bondage lovers, so you can get the ultimate squeeze and divide that you want. This T-Style Cock Ring gives the ultimate snug fit that suits your pleasure requirements and needs.

Made from faux leather and vegan-friendly, this is a top-quality cock ring ball divider for all your sexual desires. The ball divider is an excellent addition to the classic ball stretcher and will help you prolong your performance and makes the ending even more memorable.

So you want the sensation of your balls being tugged, but you don’t want the company to do it for you? This weighted ball stretcher is the best solution! The weights are 1.7oz each to give that perfect tug.

Made from premium leather, you know you will get deluxe quality. For people who don’t like the feeling of the bulky metal ball stretcher and dividers, this is a perfect solution. Fastened with pop studs so you can easily strap it around your balls without any uncomfortable squeezing, and it’s simpler to adjust to your comfort level.

Wanting to be stretched and fucked at the same time? Well, now you can. The three attached anal beads will give the best prostate stimulation, giving you a wild climax, but whilst that’s happening, your balls are getting the squeeze and stretch that they deserve!

Made from sleek, flexible silicone, you get the flexibility to get the ball ring in place but also the smoothness of the silicone inside you from the anal beads. Getting frisky has never been as easy, so whether you are getting it for yourself or your lover, it’s a great sex toy to own.

We all love a 3 in 1 product, and why be any different when it comes to sex toys? This is all one experience, from a ring, stretcher, and a ball sling. This toy will make all your ball-squeezing dreams come true. It can stretch you from 1.5 – 3.5 inches and give you the squeezing sensation you are looking for.

It is made from soft plastic so that you can apply it quickly and easily; just make sure to use plenty of lube so then you can apply and remove it with ease. This 3 in 1 is a perfect combo for prolonged climax and lasting longer in the bedroom!

We all love a good stretch, but this is tops when it comes to ball stretching! Simple is sometimes best, and this is definitely the case with this ball stretcher. This product is not recommended for beginners.

But for the more professional stretchers, this is perfect for you; it can squeeze your balls around 2.5 inches away from your manhood; not only that, but it offers two different sizes to choose from, as it has a set of three studs that you can tighten and loosen as you choose to.

Do you want to tease your partner? Or maybe you want to have a little BDSM time? This stretcher is perfect for that. The Bondage Boutique Silicone Ball Stretcher is excellent to delay you blowing your load. It also helps you satisfy your lover for longer and gives them the fun of teasing you.

This stretcher can tug your balls around 1.25 inches away from your body and is about 2.25 inches in diameter, so it makes it easier to get it over your balls comfortably. This stretcher is perfect for foreplay and during sex, making things way more intense and enjoyable.

This PVC ball stretcher is excellent for someone who doesn’t like too much stretch but is more of a slight-tug kind of person. This stretcher doesn’t tug as much; it only pulls about 1.5 inches from your body, so it’s not as intense as other stretchers.

It also offers two sizes to choose from, and this one has two studs to tighten and loosen as you want, as opposed to three studs with the previous product. These studs make it easy to apply and remove as you wish, giving you stronger ejaculation and longer sex.

Want a dick the size of an atomic bomb and have an explosion as big as one too? The atomic jock will do just that! Made from a TPR blend, this makes the sleeve extra flexible, allowing for bigger girths and balls to fit around the stretcher.

This sleeve is designed to push down on your ballsack to stretch out your balls and intensify the sensations and the ball bulge. The sleeve also wraps around the dick and squeezes it slightly at the base to improve your girth, making you look thicker and last longer.

Are you into football or stretching balls, or maybe even both? Well, either way, this Tri-Sport cock ring is perfect for you, no matter what sport you enjoy! The connected three rings wrap around your dick and balls to make a combined intense experience, and it has separation qualities to help you achieve ball dividing if you want that too.

Not only that, but it makes sure that you last longer when having sex; these rings help make your erection more prominent, which if that is something you struggle with, this product may help you.

How to Use These Toys Safely 

With these ball stretchers and dividers, they are all primarily made from silicone or PVC, which can be a pretty tough material, so it could potentially trap those precious pubic hairs if you have them! 

So when using these toys, just be aware of using a lot of lubricants to make getting the stretchers and dividers on and off as comfortable as possible.


The prices of these dividers and stretchers are not super unreasonable and average at around £20 per stretcher.

The cost varies when it comes to the materials it’s made from or the complexity of the product.

For example, the Oxballs Atomic Jock Stretchy Cock and Ball Sleeve is £24.99, but it is made from excellent materials and has dick enlarging qualities, which may be worth the extra money.   


Cleaning can differ depending on the materials these toys are made with, but the general rule for cleaning your toys is to do it thoroughly and often, especially after using them.

A quick tip with the stretchers made from TPR materials is that it is porous, meaning that it can be pretty challenging to sanitise thoroughly.

But if you make sure to be rigorous and soak them before, after and in between every use, that will help to keep them as sanitised as possible. 

Cleaning products you could use are:

  • Alcoholic wipes,
  • Sanitising tablets 
  • Just good old, warm freshwater.


Storing your sex toys is just as important as cleaning your sex toys. Many come in boxes that you can use for storage, but make sure it’s clean and put them not just in a box but also within a bag to keep any dust or debris off the toys themselves. 

Ensure that they are adequately dried; otherwise, the toys can start to deteriorate.

Recommended For: 

Many straight couples use ball stretchers and dividers to spice up the bedroom. Some men also deal with having smaller penises or premature ejaculation issues, and these toys have helped immensely. 

One review of the Oxballs Atomic Jock Stretchy Cock and Ball Sleeve said, “My wife bought this as I have a tight ball sack. It felt amazing and made me last a lot longer than the 5 minutes I usually do. My wife said my cock felt rock hard, which made me feel amazing since I’m only 3 inches erect”. 

So whether you are using these toys for more intense masturbation or want to take your sex life to the next level, ball dividers and stretchers are a serious consideration for you to try out.


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