The 10 Best Hollow & Tunnel Butt Plugs

What’s a hollow butt plug used for? 

You might look at them and think they look strange and, let’s be honest, you wouldn’t be wrong. And there’s obviously something totally different to the standard large butt plug – the hollow inside or ‘tunnel’ construct. 

So, what can you actually use one for? Some of the more popular uses I’ve tried (and loved) include: 

  • Have a peek inside – Hollow plugs are often used in the same way as a speculum for stretching and allowing for a peek into your partner’s anus (or your own if you’re handy with a mirror)
  • Adding another plug or dildo – Some of the smaller tunnel plugs are literally created to create a tunnel in the anus to then insert a longer dildo. Think of tunneling into a cave then putting your cart tracks down prior to going mining… maybe that euphemism doesn’t work but you get my point! 
  • Use alongside fingering or masturbation – The sensation of having your anus fingered whilst a hollow butt plug is inside is at first peculiar, and then quickly incredible
  • Stretching like a standard plug – Some people just enjoy the design of a hollow plug better than a standard one, so you can always just use it for stretching over prolonged periods of that’s what you fancy 

When it comes to knowing which ones to buy, like with any anal toy, you’ve got to remember to start small and use plenty of anal lube. Some of these plugs are quite the challenge, so if you’re a complete beginner then you might be best starting with something smaller like a tail plug and then working your way up.

Then again, there’s nothing to say that you can’t dive into the deep end if you’re willing to take things slow… 

Best For Beginners

TitanMen The Hollow Butt Plug 3.9 inches

Best Challenge

Oxballs Pig Hole Deep Hollow Butt Plug 5 inches or 6.5 inches

Best Overall

Oxballs Butt-Hole Hollow Butt Plug

My Ten Favourite Hollw & Tunnel Butt Plugs For Anal Exploration!

Kicking things off with a wonderful creation by Oxballs, this hollow butt plug really is quite something. It has wonderfully stimulating ridges on both the inside of the hole and the outside,  for pleasure all round (literally.) 

It’s made from phthalate free high quality silicone, so it should be safe for even the more sensitive among us! 

The ergonomic shape means that it’ll stay inside you and won’t just pop out; it may feel a little chilly at first, but will soon warm up to match your body temperature, and you can gently warm it in water first if you prefer!

Lots of butt plugs lack imagination; they can often be wonderful, but quite smooth and homogenous in their shaping. 

That’s not the case with this one – a wonderfully swirling and twirling swollen dog knot butt plug, this thing really is shaped to please. It also comes with an insertable plunger, which can be inserted and taken out to make the plug swell and retract while inside of you! 

It also has balls and a little tail, which can tickle your own balls or butt crack in turn!

This hollow butt plug really takes things up to the next level. It’s big – a massive 12.5 inches in circumference, which is enough to make even the bravest of us wince a little! 

The outside is smooth, which is probably for the best given how big it is, but the inside canal is beautifully ribbed for maximum pleasure. It’s tapered, and has a wide flared base for safety – you wouldn’t want this getting lost up there! It’s made from platinum silicone, which is really the elite level sex toy material; this thing is a lot to handle, but if you rise to the challenge, you’ll be incredibly rewarded.

This bore butt plug is a great introduction to the sex toy scene; instead of circular rings, the ribs on the outside are spiralled, like a drill, giving for incredible sensations at it slips on in! 

It’s made from platinum silicone, so it feels absolutely amazing, and can be warmed or cooled slightly for added sensations. It also comes with a stopper plug in case you’re concerned about anything exiting that you don’t want to come out. Just lube up and plunge away!

Here we have something a little more on the affordable side of things. A product from the wonderful team at Doc Johnson, this thing is pretty incredible – the 1-inch opening can be used to insert lube, fingers, a vibrator, or anything else that will fit! It’s made from a high quality PVC, and is both safe and free of irritants. 

The rounded tip should glide on up when sufficiently lubed, and the flared base is enough to ensure that it doesn’t get sucked up and lost forever.

With a wide diamond base, there’s no worrying that this thing will slide up inside you never to be seen again. 

The ergonomic shape means it will go in without too much of an issue, but be sure to lube up, this thing isn’t small! It’s made from very good quality PVC, and will flex and bend to suit the shape of your opening. 

The PVC also contains Doc Johnson’s Sil-A-Gel, which means that it’s extra body safe and antibacterial, making it easier to keep clean!

This piece of kit really is considerably large! Whether you go for the 5 or the 6.5 inch version, this butt plug will test your limits, bringing you all sorts of sensations you didn’t know existed. It’s big, but it’s also been designed for easy insertion – it’s there to stretch you, but be pleasurable while it does so.

 It’s made from the highest quality platinum silicone, making it safe and flexible; it’ll flex enough to fit inside you, but remain rigid enough to keep you wide open.

Metal sex toys offer something that silicone and plastic ones just can’t quite reach. There’s a sense of quality, of seriousness that the cold slap of metal in your palm brings to life. This butt plug is made from CNC milled aluminium, and feels just incredible. 

It obviously has none of the give that silicone toys have, but it’s incredibly smooth, and when lubed up, should slot right into place. You can also get a plug to fill in the hole, should you be concerned about anything popping out!

Shaped almost like a vase, this butt plug is sophisticated and fancy, enough to wow any anal adventurers it meets. Made from TPE, it’s body safe and comfortable, the tapered tip allowing for easy insertion. 

The outside is incredibly smooth, however the internal canal provides a different kind of stimulation for those who want to enter. Pliable, yet rigid enough to stay open upon insertion, this thing really does incentivise you to get creative!

Last but certainly not least, we have this fine anal stretcher from Meo. It comes in three different sizes, depending on how experienced you are, or if you’re feeling committed you could get all of them, and work your way up! 

It has a tapered base and a flared tip for safe and comfortable insertion, and has been designed so that it can be left in all day. It really is an impressive piece of kit, and is made from very high quality silicone, for safe and comfortable use throughout the day. 

Lube up, insert it, and go about your business – it can remain your little secret!

How to use these types of butt plugs 

The key to having an enjoyable experience with any sort of butt plug is to use lots of lube. The anal cavity is a delicate space, and you don’t want scrape or irritate it with any dry sex toys – that’s not the fun or safe way to stretch it! 

If you’re new to anal play, you’ll want to take things slowly – don’t run before you can walk, you’ve got all your life to get to the big sizes; start small, and in no time at all you’ll have things up there you didn’t imagine would possibly fit!



As with most sex toys, there’s a wide range in pricing for hollow butt plugs. While they’re all quite simple designs, some definitely have a little more thought put into them, and it’s often the case that premium materials will hike the price up. 

Platinum silicone or example normally comes at a slight premium, but remember, you get what you pay for! You may want to start off cheap to see if you like it, but if you’re going to be using your butt plug regularly, you’ll want something you enjoy having up there.



Keeping any sex toy clean is very important for your sexual health, and that’s especially the case when it comes to hollow butt plugs. 

You can clean out your anus as much as you like before you insert it, but there’s always going to be some residue when you’re done playing. 

Be sure to wash them thoroughly after each use, using lots of soap and getting right up inside the canal. When you’re done, be sure to wash off any excess soap, as it might not be so kind on your skin when you next use it!



An essential aspect of keeping your butt plugs clean is not letting them get dirty in between use. Ideally, you want them to have a dedicated storage pouch, and then keep that pouch in a cool and dry environment – often a sock drawer will be just perfect! 

Sometimes sex toys come with storage containers, but if they don’t, make sure you buy one. A nice little velvet bag with a drawstring would be perfect, and you can pick them up for next to nothing online. It’ll also make your toys last much longer!


Recommended for

Hollow butt plugs can honestly provide heaps of fun to anyone with an anus and a heart for adventure! Some of the bigger options might be more suited to the more initiated among us, but the smaller ones can be used by anyone.

 They’re a great way to explore the joys of anal play, and really encourage creativity! They make it easier to insert lube, or really anything else that takes your fancy. If you’re on the fence, go for it – you won’t be disappointed!


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