The 10 Best Nipple Suckers and Pumps

Why use nipple suckers or nipple pumps? 

If you’re a fan of nipple play, then it’s logical to want to experiment with these incredible toys. Suckers or pumps provide sensation to the aforementioned area by emulating the ‘sucking’ motion of a real mouth, but without the accidental teeth grazing that often occurs when your partner gets a bit too excited! 

As part of this guide, you’ll find the classic suckers you may already be aware of, and more modern incarnations such as auto suckers and toys with multiple attachments of various sizes. 


Are they safe to use? 

Absolutely! So long as you don’t force things and, especially for beginners, take things slowly, you’ll be fine. 

Below you’ll find a selection of these toys for first-timers and experienced users. Get stuck in! 

Best For Beginners

Lovehoney Colorplay Color-Changing Silicone Nipple Suckers

Best Challenge

DOMINIX Deluxe Nipple and Clit Triple Sucker Set

Best Overall

Lovehoney Swell Time Clitoris and Nipple Pump

My Ten Favourite Nipple Suckers and Pumps

You will be such a sucker for these colour changing nipple pumps! With soft silicone moulded into individual suckers for you or your lover’s nipples, these pumps are great for gentle sucking fun, and with hands-free qualities, you can stick them on and let them do all the work.

Not only do these suckers get your nipples tingling, but as they do their job, you get to enjoy a colour changing light show. As you get more turned on, the suckers get charged up and explode with different colours to brighten your night up even more.

Pop your cork with this corkscrew-style triple sucker set! With this transparent chambered set, you can get any part of your body sucking mad but get extra in the mood when you place them on your nipples and clitoris. Twist the cork and say cheers as you customise the amount of squeeze that you want!

As there isn’t a quick release option, you need to take care and time to take the pressure off, so these suckers are for our more experienced BDSM lovers out there.

There is no discrimination when it comes to this nipple pump set. No matter the age, size or gender of your nipples, with four different nipple rings, there are plenty of sizes for your needs! The two pumps included also means you can decide where and when you get sucked.

Suitable for beginners or pros, you can really get creative with the placement of these suckers. Depending on your experience level, you can get down and freaky or tentative and gentle.

With this auto-suction pumper, you will be screaming “Swell, Yeah!” as your nipples get sucked into sensitivity overload. Place your nips into the suckers and watch them grow with excitement! With the remote control and several modes of suction, you can control how much squeeze you want on your nipples.

Whether you are a beginner looking for a little extra stimulation or a BDSM lover looking for a wildly intoxicating night, these are the nipple pumps for you!

Have you got shy nipples that just want to come out and say hello! Hi-Beam Vibrating Pumps are the solution for you. Harder and perkier are the main results from using this sucker; along with the highly sensitive sensations that will course through your veins, you are in for an extreme night of pleasure.

If the sucking and pumping aren’t enough, turn everything up a notch with the vibrating bullets. These will get your nipples racing with multiple speeds to choose from; you can enjoy every spark and tingle.

For double trouble, your nipples will surrender to the ultimate pressure from this vibrating silicone nipple and clit teaser. They may be small, but they pack a hell of a punch. Each cup has small nubs inside to stimulate, tease and tickle every part of your body whilst also giving you that loving squeeze at the same time.

Silent but deadly satisfying, the motor is designed to give out multiple amazing vibrations in a discreet manner so you can be sucked and tugged anywhere.

“HONK, HONK!” These pumps may look like innocent horns, but you would be mistaken! Designed to grip onto any of your erogenous zones, you can use the rubber bulbs to honk this horn until you can’t take it anymore! If placed on your nipples, this horn makes your nipples instantly respond to the pressure making them harder, perkier and more sensitive.

This pump is excellent for giving foreplay a whole new meaning, and once you’re all teased and engorged, you can remove the pumps so you can enjoy even more pleasure by using your tongue, toys and gentle touch to send your body through the roof!

You will be a sucker for this automatic vibrating pump! Send your nipple-tastic feelings on an all-time high by using the small, transparent cups that can go on your breasts, clitoris, body – basically anywhere you want to feel the kinky pressure. You can alternate the squeeze with the motor whether you want a full pinch or a gentle tickle.

With several vibrating options, you can start slow and tease your way to oblivion or go right in for the kill with rough tugs and pulls to kinky heaven!

Silicone with a glowing twist! Have you ever wanted glow-in-the-dark nipples? Now you can thank your lucky stars for this twinkling set! The soft, velvet silicone wrapping around your nipples will make you howl at the moon as it gently tightens around them, making them sensitive and hard.

For any gender, these nipple suckers are perfect for beginners looking to spice things up and get their nips sparkling. Having a little glow and shine as you get sent to the stars is everything you want.

“Girl, pump it up!” Get into the pump and grind with these swelling cylinders. You will increase your blood flow to your pumped-up areas, heightening your sensitivity, making foreplay even more exciting. With three long cylinders to choose from, you can place them anywhere to really have a swelling time, and with plenty of space for your desired areas to swell, there will be no discomfort.

The small, easy to use pumping bulb is perfect for getting the exact pressure you are looking for and is completely controlled by you.

How to Use Nipple Suckers and Pumps Safely 

Having your nipples pumped and sucked is an excellent addition to your toy box and has the potential of giving everyone involved an incredible time. But using different suckers and pumping machines needs to be done with the utmost care and attention as you don’t want to leave anyone hurt. 

At the end of the day, you are increasing blood flow and swelling different, sometimes sensitive parts of your body, so make sure not to leave them on for too long. Please don’t use them in places you shouldn’t, and cleaning and maintaining them correctly is so important.



Prices for nipple suckers and pumps vary depending on what is included and the quality of the product. Most range between $10 to $20 as they are hands-free or just easy to use bulb pumps, so they don’t need loads of instruction or are too complicated.

But there are ones like the Lovehoney Swell Yeah Auto-Suction Nipple Pumps priced at $74.99, and that’s due to the technology and remote control qualities that can alternate different pressures on different areas.



When cleaning these pumping and sucker play toys, you need to be careful when dismantling and cleaning the electrical part of the equipment. For example, with the Lovehoney Swell Yeah Auto-Suction Nipple Pumps, you need to ensure the pump is turned off and removed from charging before you start cleaning; not doing so could ruin the electronics. 

You can use different cleaning methods to clean the suckers themselves correctly; these could be:

  • Alcoholic wipes,
  • Sanitising tablets,
  • Good old, warm, freshwater.



Storing your suckers and pumps correctly is just as important as cleaning them; this is to ensure they last a long time, and you can get complete gratification with them with every use. With certain toys, such as the Electro Spanking Paddle, ensuring it is turned off and put away safely is essential to ensure it is kept in top condition and won’t be faulty or cause serious injury.


Recommended For

If you have nipples and want them squeezed, these are for you. Whether you want a light tickle or a hard and rough pump, there is a sucker for everyone. Especially if you are looking to get into more kinky play or BDSM, this is a great stepping stone. 

As Double E. said about the Hi-Beam Vibrating Nipple Pumps, “The suction on this is great, can move around, and it doesn’t fall off! It makes my nipples extra sensitive, and I love how big my nipples get, and so does my husband!”

If you want more guides like this, then check out: 


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