The 20 Best Sex Dolls & Torsos For Men

Why use a sex doll (or a smaller torso version)?

Sex dolls and even smaller, more compact torsos have exploded in popularity in recent years. 

As you can imagine, over lockdown (and with online dating being the primary method of meeting, and ‘interacting’ with new people) and due to the pandemic, the needs of people have not gone away. Where a dance down at the local club with the hopes of pulling were once something to look forward to on a Friday, the pandemic suddenly made this a thing of the past. 

With countries slowly opening up, sex dolls and torsos show no signs of losing any of their lockdown surge in popularity. From men looking for their first experience with a customised doll, to the male who is stuck for time and wants to improve upon their fleshlight, these sexual pleasure toys are on a lot of peoples wish list. 

And, they were on mine for a while too. Luckily, I’ve already added a few to my collection prior to them selling out in a lot of places, so I know what to look for and more importantly, what to recommend to you. These dolls and torsos are expensive, so it helps to read the advice in this guide to understand what you need to look for in the perfect doll for you. 

Should I buy a larger doll or a smaller torso? Which is better?

It really comes down to budget and preference. Naturally, you’re going to be paying more for a doll purely based on its size. How much you want to customise your doll also comes into the price, as does how natural the feel is. 

Torsos are much smaller and easier to store, however they do not provide as much of a ‘real’ experience when compared to a doll that is, in most cases, very accurately life-sized and in proportion. 

And that’s the main point I want to get across here. You really do get what you pay for here. If you’re looking to go cheap, then you may as well stick with a premium fleshlight or even a blowjob machine

Wise advice aside, let’s get into my ten favourites!

Top 10 Sex Dolls For Men - Reviews & Thoughts

Best For Beginners

THRUST Pro Xtra Brianna Realistic Inflatable Sex Doll 127oz

Best Challenge

THRUST Pro Elite Natalia Lifesize Realistic Sex Doll 1587oz

Best Overall

THRUST Pro Elite Roxy Lifesize Realistic Sex Doll 1587oz

Once you experience a high-quality sex doll, it’s impossible to go back to using poor quality alternatives.

The Natalia doll comes with all the functionality you need from a lifelike sex doll. It’s got oral, vaginal, and anal entrances as well as large, realistic breasts (size 30DD).

It is fully posable, meaning that you can place the doll in a variety of positions for lengthy sex sessions.


  • Vaginal canal measures 6.5 inches and the anal canal measures 5.5 inches in length
  • Comes with renewer powder and douche to keep it fresh


  • Quite heavy, weighing almost 45kg, meaning two people will likely need to lift and move the box

This beautiful and hyper realistic doll will give you endless hours of solo pleasure. With delicate facial features and long brunette hair, it’s built to last.

The doll is weighted heavily to give the user a strong simulation of a sexual experience. The skin texture is surprisingly realistic, and the breast tissue is squeezable and moves as if on a real human body.

The doll is likely to need two people to lift the box (weighing just under 45kg), but is fully posable in lots of different positions.


  • Vaginal, anal, and oral cavities are a snug fit but not too tight – check the measurements for your exact size


  • Can be tricky to move it into position

Inflatable sex dolls have significantly improved in terms of quality build in recent years and the Brianna model is no exception.

With real-feel head, breasts, hands, and feet, it’s designed to give you a powerful and intimate experience.

With vaginal and anal entrances, you can choose a variety of sexy positions. It comes with a foot pump so that you can quickly get the doll inflated and ready to go for your private sexual enjoyment.


  • Super small waist for you to grip during use
  • Silky brown hair that looks very realistic


  • Some users might prefer a more textured, veined model

Although this sex doll seems simple, it’s deceptively packed full of brilliant features that will quickly make it one of your favourite toys.

It’s got a realistic dildo penis, anal entrance, and a powerfully stimulating vibrating tongue for plenty of sexual exploration.

The doll will quickly become your new best friend after pumping it up and preparing it for play time.


  • The insertable length of the dildo is 7 inches

  • Can be used easily for double penetration play


  • The vibrating tongue requires three AA batteries that are not included

This beautiful doll has real-feel features in the key areas: head, breasts, hands, and feet. The breasts are made from soft, easy-grip plastic to enhance your play time.

With the possibility of oral, anal, and vaginal play, you are guaranteed for several hours of fun with this model.

It also comes with vibrating mechanisms in the vaginal and anal areas, giving you an additional level of sexy fun.


  •  The doll’s face is carefully designed and will please any user with her gorgeous looks and delicate hair

  • The entrances should fit well – not too tight and not too loose – for the majority of users


  • Always check that the size is right for your body

This incredibly realistic doll has an incredible figure, from the large breasts to the tiny waist, and perfectly proportioned genital area, which is sure to give every user an exceptional experienced.

The level of customisation means that you can easily create a fun sexual experience to your exact specifications.


  • Incredibly lifelike and flexible breasts with erect nipples for fun play sessions


  • The doll’s height is 165cm which may be too tall for some user’s preference

The Anita doll is truly extraordinary, giving users an intense sexual experience for a very reasonable price for such a high-quality sex doll.

Using TPE plastic, this doll has super realistic breasts, skin texture, and facial features. These all combine to allow the user to create multiple sexual fantasies.


  • The vaginal entrance has a deep cavity of up to 17cm


  • Weighs 36kg which may be difficult for some users to move around and position

This cute and sexy doll has wonderfully realistic curly blonde hair to make you believe that the experience is 100% genuine.

With delicate and carefully designed facial features, it’s easy to imagine that this doll is real. You can customise the proportions of the body to your specifications.

The doll is weighted heavily to allow you to have vigorous sessions without fear of damaging the doll.


  • Sexy face and overall features


  • The doll is quite tall which may not suit some users

One common complaint about sex dolls is that they might not provide a realistic level of temperature. This model, however, comes with warming functionality to give you an intense sexual experience that feels as real as possible.

It’s fully customisable, letting you choose the eye colour, skin colour, hair colour, hair type, breast size, length of pubic hair, vaginal opening (removable or built-in) and standing features.


  • The customisations include eye colour, skin colour, breast size, and standing or non-standing, giving you plenty of options


  • It’s easy to get addicted to playing with these sex dolls!

This doll is flexible and shockproof, giving you plenty of capability to play with it as hard as you wish. The smooth texture is very realistic and worth the investment – it’s built to last.

The doll can retain heat and temperature to give you the sensation of a real human being.


  • Fully customisable to your specifications, allowing you to create a bespoke sexual experience

  • Made with high-quality TPE plastic


  • The facial features might not be as realistic as some other models.

Top 10 Sex Torsos & Half Body Dolls For Men - Reviews & Thoughts

Best For Beginners

Small Sex Doll 68cm Lifelike Torso Body

Best Challenge

Lifelike Legs Torso Sex Doll Men Sex Toys

Best Overall

Half Body Sex Doll 90cm Lifelike Torso

An incredibly realistic sex doll, this model is weighted for even the most strenuous of play. As a two-in-one toy, it comes with vaginal and anal capabilities for multipurpose fun.

The inner walls are made from a soft and flexible material, with internal raised textures to increase stimulation. The inner cavities have been structured to provide a sucking sensation with a 3D spiral texture that is incredibly realistic.


  • Receptive to temperature during use, so will feel hyper realistic

  • Fully compatible with lube


  • The clean-up process can take quite a long time

This sex doll has an incredibly lifelike torso and vaginal and anal entrances. The lower part of the abdomen looks very realistic, for users who like to finish up a session on a partner’s stomach.

The inner tunnels are made from a high quality TPE plastic and have perfectly placed textures. There is a good realistic difference between vaginal and anal sex with the doll.


  • Weighs over 17 pounds which will allow you to play with the doll as strongly as you wish


  • Long folds at the entrance of the vagina which might not suit everyone’s taste

This toy is modelled on an adult woman’s body and brings a high level of realism to the experience. It’s made from high-grade TPE plastic and is phthalate free.

The ass is voluptuous and gives the user plenty of material to grip onto during use. With both vaginal and anal openings, the inner texture is completely different depending on which entrance you use.

The texture of the ass is made from soft and flexible material, with realistic skin folds.


  • Weighs 10kg which makes it easy to play with for extended periods


  • The stomach area is less realistic-looking than some other models

This half-body sex doll comes complete with all the best parts – with face, breasts, and genital area. The doll can be customised to your specifications, giving you numerous combinations.

You can choose the skin colour of the doll, eye colour, wig colour, and wig type. Weighing 25kg, it is incredibly lifelike in its feeling.

The advantage of the half-body torso is that you can use the mouth, vaginal, anal, and breasts for lots of solo fun.


  • The model looks fantastic and will definitely be a fantasy for many users, with tons of great features


  • The face is less realistic than the rest of the body

This is a great affordable model which can be a good way to get started with sex torsos, especially if you are a complete newbie.

It’s got both vaginal and anal entrances for dual fun, and the texture of the skin is very lifelike. Use it with your favourite lubricant to enjoy endless hours of sexual pleasure.

The frame is made from articulated metal and the joints are spherical, giving you a realistic and flexible joint movement.


  • Very soft feeling with lifelike genital area


  • Weighs just under 7kg, which may be too light for some vigorous activities

One of the more unique-looking torso sex toys, this model is built for lovers of big breasts, vaginas, and women’s mouths!

It looks a little unnatural, but for the price, it’s got a lot going for it. The breasts are hyper-realistic (36D size) while the mouth is perfect for masturbation use.

Perfect for lovers of oral, breast, and vaginal play, this interesting sex toy is bound to have many fans.


  •  Impossible to become bored with this toy – its triple functions will keep you entertained for hours


  • Weighs just over 3kg, meaning that it’s quite light and may not be able to take strenuous activity

This highly realistic torso sex doll is great for people who wish to have vaginal-only enjoyment with a sex doll.

It’s got high quality body makeup, which will truly make you believe you are having sex with a real person.

It’s got a stimulating inner canal with lots of texture in the vaginal wall for extremely pleasurable sex sessions.


  • Great experience for the price


  • No anal entrance for people who like the dual functions

This incredibly realistic butt torso sex doll brings lots of enjoyment and stimulation. The inner tunnel of the vagina and anus widen to comfortable allow you to have sex with the doll.

The inner textures have been specially designed to stimulate you with each movement inside. Weighing almost 13 pounds, it can withstand even vigorous play sessions.


  • The vaginal folds are hyper realistic, and the internal structure is full of pleasurable sensations


  •  Can take a long time to clean up after use

This is a great lifelike torso that comes fully customisable to your exact preference. You can choose the skin colour, eye colour, head and wig to give you a really personalised experience.

The material is made from high-quality TPE plastic and can be used with lingerie or clothes to make the experience even more realistic.


  • Realistic genital area with a deep internal tunnel


  • The skin texture is somewhat less realistic than other models reviewed here

For people who love playing with legs or feet, this model is perfect. It’s got entrances for vaginal and anal entrances for exciting sex sessions.

It also comes with a vaginal heating rod to heat up the internal canal of the doll before sex.


  • Incredibly soft textures to make you feel like this is a real experience


  • Can be a little tricky to store.


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