OnlyFans Statistics 2022 – The data you need to know about!

Let’s be honest here. If you’ve been onto this site before, chances are that you know what OnlyFans is, and the significant impact it has had on not just the adult industry, but even the wider world of remote work and self-employment in recent years. 

From how the platform aligns with the great resignation, to specific data about growth, usage stats and interesting insights along the way, we’ve put together the complete 2022 guide on everything you need to know about OnlyFans statistics. Let’s take a peek behind the curtain and uncover that data. 

OnlyFans Overview

$2.5 billion reported net revenue

(Axios, 2022)

It took the company just 5 years to reach a valuation of $1 billion

(Bloomberg, 2021)

$3.2 Billion paid out to creators since the start of the platform

(Axios, 2022)

75% increase in users between March-April 2020 (start of the pandemic)

(International Small Business Journal, 2020)

7+ Million users spend money on a recurring monthly basis on the platform

(Axios, 2022)

Over $200 million is paid-out to creators each month

(Bloomberg, 2021)

OnlyFans Traffic Data

0 %

of traffic comes from direct visits to the site (SEMrush, 2021)
0 m

users signed up to the platform (The Small Business Blog, 2021)
0 m+

content creators on the platform (The Small Business Blog, 2021)
0 k

average number of users who join the site everyday (famemass, 2021)
0 m+

the number of estimated visitors coming to the site every day (Axios, 2022)
0 %

the fee taken by OnlyFans from creators for each transaction (BBC News, 2021)
0 k

Number of other websites linking-out to OnlyFans

Estimated monthly search volume of the keyword 'OnlyFans' in the USA (Ahrefs, 2022)


The Domain Rating of OnlyFans (Ahrefs, 2022)

Unusual Data & Stats About OnlyFans

You've seen all the usual revenue and traffic data, but what about the types of stats that really make your eye bulge (or ones you just wouldn't expect to see). Let's take a gander. 

  • 3 children were expelled from school because their mother had an OnlyFans account which was uncovered (People, 2021)


  • Top stars on OnlyFans make an average of 270 times more than the average salaried worker (New York Post, 2021)

  • The platform is not just for nudity and porn. Popular non-nudity-related creators include Jane Kim Fitness, Lily Mercer, Sidewinder, Georgia Hirst and Ria Parker 

OnlyFans Top Ten Most Successful Creators

We know from tracking the platform for a while that not everyone makes a full-time living off the site, or even enough where it'd be considered a real side hustle. 

But, on the other end of the spectrum, there are certain creators who make a very pretty penny from their profiles each month, So, to answer the question of who are the most popular and successful OnlyFans creators, let's take a look (data taken from OnlyFans & Venturer, 2022):    

Top Monthly Earnings

1. Blac Chyna – $20 million earnings – 16m+ followers

2. Bella Thorne – $11 million earnings – 24m+ followers

3. Cardi B – $9 million earnings – 81m+ followers

4. Tyga – $8 million earnings – 21m+ followers

5. Mia Khalifa – $6.5 million earnings – 22.5m+ followers

6. Erica Mena – $4.5 million earnings – 5.3m+ followers

7. Pia Mia – $2 million earnings – 6.2m+ followers

8. Safaree Samuels – $2 million earnings – 3.2m+ followers

9. Mila Mondell – $1.9 million earnings – 87.9k+ followers

10. Belle Delphine – $1.2 million earnings

Common OnlyFans Data Questions You Need Answers To

What percentage does OnlyFans take from its creators as of 2022 (and does it increase the more you earn)? 

As stated at the start of this data guide, OnlyFans take 20% (or creators take 80%, however you want to view it). At the time of writing, this does not increase based on your number of fans. So whether you have one or one million, the platform will be taking the same amount. 

What is the average amount that the creators on OnlyFans earn? 

Looking at an average of the latest top 10 data, earnings between the ten averaged-out at a whopping $8 million per year. 


What is the average income of OnlyFans top 10 creators? 

The average creator actually averages a lot lower than you may expect at $200 per month. Still, not bad for what many of the creators deem to be a side hustle! 

How many women are on OnlyFans? And how many men? What is the gender split? 

At the time of writing (February, 2022), a huge 87% of users on the platform are male. This is next to much smaller 10% of users being female, and then an even smaller 3% where gender information has not been specified. 


Who has the most subscribers on OnlyFans in 2022?

As of February 2022, Cardi B currently has the most subscribers at a whopping 81m+ followers. 

What are examples of popular celebrities and influencers with OnlyFans profiles? 

Influencers and creators you may have heard of on the platform include: 

– Cardi B 

– Blac Chyna 

– Kerry Katona 

– Tyga 

– DJ Khaled 

– Katie Price 

– Chris Brown 

– Try Songz 

– Fat Joe

OnlyFans Competitors & The Wider Sector

You'll no doubt have seen the website in the news recently due to its announcement that it was banning adult content, and then a rapid backtrack (investor tension can lead to a quick U-turn). 

But, who are the actual competitors to OnlyFans... are they in a league of their own? Or are any others platforms starting to gain traction? 

And, what does the history look like for the adult content subscription sector as a whole? 

OnlyFans Safety & Security

  • Content that is shared by users is watermarked when screenshotted, adding to the security on resale for the creator (OnlyFans, 2022)

  • Payments are secure, but still show on your bank statement as a variation of ‘OnlyFans’ or ‘OF’

  • Verification is required by a front-facing photo with the creator also holding a form of identification as further proof that, ultimately, they are who they say they are 

  •  Logins are subject to two-step verification for added security (Village Voice, 2021)

  • If you think your content has been stolen, OnlyFans has a dedicated DMCA team to handle with copyright or stolen content requests 

What does the data suggest for the future of the platform

  •  The growth of OnlyFans are the amateur creator market shows no signs of slowing down 

  • Whilst OnlyFans is largely thought of as a porn platform, non-porn related creators also continue to grow 

  • OnlyFans has cemented itself as the creator platform and is embedded in popular culture, with references from popstars and in modern songs 

  • Cited as a prime go-to platform following the ‘big resignation’, OnlyFans and related websites are allowing creators to leave their jobs and seek a self-employed career as a viable alternative 


We absolutely love writing about statistics. Make sure you check back in to this page often as we’re going to be updating it regularly as new data comes-through. 


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