Pamela Anderson Sex Tape Statistics – Searches Up By 180%

Following the launch of the much-awaited show ‘Pam And Tommy’ which came to Disney+ in the UK on the 2nd of February, Google searches for ‘Pamela Anderson Sex Tape’ increased by 180% over a 48 hour period -from the 2nd to the 4th of February.
I’ve analysed Google Trends and keyword data to dive into this a little further – just take a look at the huge spike in searches when looking at a 12 month overview of the search term:
Over the same 48 hour period, the following searches also experienced a dramatic increase:
  • ‘Pamela Anderson’ up by 160%
  • ‘Tommy Lee Jones’ up by 196%
  • ‘Motley Crue’ up to 133%



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