Is Oral Sex Bad For Your Teeth and Gums?

So you’re planning on surprising your lover with oral sex, but first, you do a little once over. Deodorant? – check! Sexy outfit? – check! Brush your teeth? – NO, WAIT! There are new studies showing that dentists have discovered that brushing or flossing your teeth and gums before and after oral sex could be bad for you and your partner! 

When you brush your teeth and gums, you may notice that they sometimes bleed, which means you have cut or grazed your gum whilst cleaning. Although that is entirely normal, it can be dangerous when you decide to do that before oral sex.


It Can Be Harmful to Brush your Teeth Before Oral Sex

After you brush your teeth, you make yourself susceptible to contracting any STI’s. This is because any cuts, broken skin or abrasions can become the perfect home for infections, increasing your risk of getting sick and damaging your immune system. 

The same goes for, after oral sex, you may think, “That was fun, but I don’t really want to go to work with this taste in my mouth!” Well, you may have to wait a little bit before you brush, because again, if you brush your teeth and then cut your gum, the sexual bacteria that has come from your lover’s penis or vagina can still get into your gums and potentially affect your oral health.  

DON’T WORRY! We’re not saying that you can’t clean your teeth or gums before or after getting freaky with your lover. It is recommended to floss extremely gently if you still want to floss and use lighter strokes when brushing your teeth to make sure you don’t cut any of your gums. 

If you feel nervous about brushing your teeth, using any water-based floss or mouth wash will clean your mouth efficiently without any risk of cutting your gums or mouth.


Keeping Your Teeth and Guns Healthy During Oral Sex

So, when you are doing your self-check before going in the bedroom to have some fun, make a mouth check part of that routine.

Look for any sores, wounds, gum disease, cuts or herpes, because this could be a sign of you having an STI or increase your risk of getting an STI. So, we suggest, if you still want to give oral sex, use protection, for example, a flavoured condom or a dental dam. 

So can oral sex be harmful to your teeth and gums? Well, it depends, but the general rule is not to brush just before or after your oral fun. If you want minty breath, use mouthwash and if you are concerned about anything discussed above, skip going under and get yourself to a doctor instead!

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