How to anal douche without an enema kit (homemade alternatives)

First of all - What is douching and can you do it without an enema kit?

Anal sex can be heaps of fun, but it can sometimes require a little bit of preparation to make it enjoyable, for both parties.

Anal douches are a great way of cleaning your rectum, especially before, but also post anal sex. It’s more thorough than simply taking a long shower or bath (neither of which are necessarily penetrative enough to get right up there) and can be a quick and simple solution.

An easy way to do it is with an enema kit, but let’s face it – even if you do have one at home, it’s easy to get caught out and about without one, so it’s a good idea to have some tricks up your sleeve. This article looks at some top tips on douching and then at some homemade alternatives to enema kits, which will leave your rectum clean as a whistle.


What is anal douching?

When having anal sex, it can be hard to forget that the rectum is primarily a place when bodily waste is excreted from. For both members involved, this has the potential to make things a little mentally uncomfortable, but luckily there’s an easy solution.

With anal douching, water is injected into the rectum, in order to remove anything that’s not wanted during sex. The liquid both loosens up any remaining stool, and stimulates lower bowel movement. The end result can be an incredibly clean rectum, giving peace of mind before things get intimate.


When is it appropriate?

First of all, while anal douching may make anal sex a more comfortable experience for some people, it is by no means a necessity, and some people may wish to avoid it. If you’re pregnant, anal douching can potentially bring on contractions.

If you have an anal disease, whether fissures, haemorrhoids, an infection, or inflammation, you also may want to avoid it, but if this is the case, the chances that you’re comfortable having anal sex are also considerably lower.

Douching is potentially a good idea if you’re prone to conditions such as constipation or IBS, as in these cases it’s more likely that there are residual stool remnants lining the lower rectum. At the end of the day, you know your body the best, and it’s between you and your partner to decide what you feel comfortable with.

It can be pleasant to feel fresh and clean up there before the intimacy starts, but equally if you find it an invasive and uncomfortable experience, it’s not a medical necessity.

In terms of timing, if you’re just starting to get into anal douching, it’s good to start the process with a fair amount of time before you’re planning to have sex. It can be a little tricky to get the hang of it, what with the awkward angles and new sensations, so it’s a good idea to get some practice in.

It’s also often the case that water will remain trapped up there for an hour or two, and inserting something in your anus is a sure way to release it; to be sure, at least for the first few tries, start the process a few hours before you plan to have sex and stay near a bathroom in case there are any surprises.


How do you douche? 

If you’ve never anal douched before, it might also be the case that you haven’t yet had anal sex, meaning that any objects entering in to your rectum will be an entirely foreign experience.

This being the case, you’ll want to slowly introduce objects, whether a finger or something else, to test the waters, and see how your body reacts – like when being tickled, you don’t know how you’ll react, but you’ll also be able to control those reactions with time.

Take things slowly, and don’t be worried if on your first touch the thought of pumping water up there becomes an impossibility – it may take a little time, but you’ll get used to it, and in turn start to enjoy it. 

Once your rectum has become used to the sensation of having something put inside it, you’re ready to anal douche. You’ve prepared your body, now it’s time to prepare your instrument, the various options available to be discussed later in this article.

As with anything that’s going to be inserted into you, you’ll want it to be completely sanitary, and if you have any doubts as to that fact, be sure to give it a thorough cleaning before use. A surefire way to make things go smoothly and comfortably is to use lots of lube.

Add it to both your rectum as the insertable end of the anal douche, better too much than too little, you can always wash the excess off.


Get comfy

Now that you’re ready, it’s time to get into a comfortable position. There’s no right or wrong way to do this – we’re all flexible to different degrees, and we all find different positions work better or worse than they do for others.

Whether you want to get on all fours on the floor or hike one leg up above the toilet, find whatever’s comfy for you, and you’re ready to get going. 


You’re ready to douche

First of all, fill your chosen receptacle with water. Cold water may be a bit of a shock, but you also definitely don’t want it hot – your rectum is sensitive, and won’t appreciate getting burnt at all. Go for lukewarm, remembering that the water will feel a lot hotter up inside you than on the finger you use to test it with. 

Slowly insert the correct end of your device, and squeeze all of the water into your rectum. Hold it up there for around 10 seconds, and then let it back out into the toilet.

Look into the toilet, and see how clean the liquid was that came out. If it has poop in it, you might want to repeat the process again. If it comes out crystal clear, you should be good to go! It’s entirely up to you how far you want to go with it, but generally, two flushes will achieve a very good result.

Now that you’re clean, clean your device – straight away if possible, I don’t need to mention the dangers of letting it dry dirty.


Homemade Enema Ideas

Now that we’ve gone over how to anal douche, it’s time to introduce some homemade options:

Water bottle

One of the most practical and simple homemade anal douche is without doubt the water bottle.

Even if you somehow don’t have one in the house you’re in, there isn’t really anything easier to buy in this day and age than a bottle of water. The best option will be one with a nozzle, rather than a screw top; screw tops are less accurate, larger, and less comfortable to work with, although they will work if you have no other options. 

Fill the water bottle with lukewarm water, lube up the nozzle and your anus, and insert. Squeeze the liquid in, hold it for a few moments, and release it into the toilet. Repeat the process as you see fit.

While water bottles make a wonderful anal douche, they’re not made to last and shouldn’t be used repeatedly. Not only are they hard to clean, the plastic will start to degrade over time, causing potentially harmful contaminants to enter your delicate rectum. They’ll absolutely be fine for one or two uses, but make sure you get a new one long before you start to have concerns about its state of cleanliness.

Make sure you use a new water bottle, without any possible contaminants. If you don’t know where it’s been, don’t use it. Also make sure that it hasn’t had anything other than water inside it. If you have any doubts, just buy a new one – it’s cheap, easy, and safe.

Shower Hose

Another popular solution to homemade anal douching is to use a shower hose. Most shower heads are large and won’t reach your rectum without some serious spreading, although you can always give it a go if you’re curious.

A better option is to take the shower head off, and place it against your anus. Unlike a bottle, you won’t be aiming to insert it – the edges will likely be metal and quite sharp, and with the added pressure of running water, it’s simply not necessary, potentially even unsafe.

Place the nozzle gently against your anus, and carefully open the water flow, trying to remain loose so the water can enter.

The problem with this method is that shower water temperatures can be somewhat unpredictable, and as a result there is a risk of burning your rectum. Test the water temperature before you release it inside you, with the water kept on for a few minutes to make sure it won’t change.

Also be careful about pressure – you don’t want to force water up there, if you do it’s a possibility that you’ll burst something, or at least cause serious harm. Whatever you do, don’t push yourself, listen to your body if it says no!


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