The 10 Best Cheap Sex Toys for Men under $20

Male sex toys don’t have to cost a fortune!

Ever been looking at the latest Pornstar Fleshlight or blowjob machine and considered getting a second mortgage out to pay for it? Okay, so prices aren’t that bad, but some of the more ‘premium’ toys often have an eye-watering price tag. 

And, I fully empathise with you. When beginning on my sexual exploration journey, my piggybank and wallet were getting raided more than my orifices. Below, I’ve put together ten types of sex toys for men that won’t cost you a fortune, but will still leave you with a massive grin on your face. 

I’ve gone for a wide selection of the types of toys I’ve tested, so expect to prostate massagers, strokers, thrusters, sleeves and loads more. Let’s get into it. 

Best For Beginners

Doc Johnson TitanMen Stretch-to-Fit Cock Ring Cage

Best Challenge

Lovehoney Booty Buddy Silicone Butt Plug

Best Overall

THRUST Pro Mini Andi Super Ribbed Pocket Ass 7.2oz

My Ten Favourite Cheap Sex Toys for Men under $20

Give your wank an upgrade with this Clear Textured Stroker. This is the perfect addition to your toybox without breaking the bank! With see-through soft plastic so you can watch as your member is pleasured and the rows of nodules that roll up and down your length will have you rolling your eyes back with satisfaction.

Whether you are having a solo session or want to spice up your bedroom with your partner, you can get your lover involved by having them use this brand new wank toy!

Surf the waves of masturbation with this Egg Male Masturbator, similar to the woman’s love egg, you can have all over your eggs in one basket! This egg is designed with internal textured waves that will ripple over your whole cock as it stretches over 12 inches of length comfortably.

This Egg 2 is affordable, too, so it won’t put a hole in your pocket, and you can enjoy added fun to your usual wank sesh with the peace of mind you haven’t skinted yourself on an expensive toy.

Have ejaculations as intense as a titan with this Stretch-to-Fit Cock Ring Cage! Tame your beast with this transparent cage as it wraps around tightly, giving you some restrictive but enjoyable sensations. Going down to the base of your cock slows down the blood flow to your member, which helps your already big cock look even larger!

Not only will this cost-effective cage help with the look of your length this Cock Ring Cage also has textured ridges that are designed down the whole cage to roll against the base of your shaft, giving you extra stimulation as you are having sex and also helping you last longer in the sheets.

Sleeve or no sleeve? Is that even a question? This Enhancer Penis Sleeve is an excellent addition to the cock ring family with its full sleeve design. Able to comfortably fit around your cock without any struggle, this sleeve wraps around your whole length and hooks around the base of your cock and balls to give added restriction.

The row of ridges is perfect for stimulating not only the wearer but the receiver as well, giving you both even more intense orgasms all night long! This sleeve is an absolute bargain and made from top-quality material, so it will last you a long time too.

You will never have to miss having a blow-job again with this Good Head Stroker! Designed specifically for our deep-throat lovers, this soft and fleshy kind of material is meant to give a realistic adaptation of the inside of a wet and ready mouth. With added small bumps that course along the whole inside of this toy, you will be given the tight, textured deep throat feeling you have been craving.

This toy is also great for couples who might not be the biggest lovers of actually being the receiver of deep-throating. Your partner can blow-job you as usual and then add this toy afterwards for that deeper feeling penetration. Not super expensive but high benefits, what’s not to like?

Two is better than one, always! So why should it be any different when it comes to your cock rings? This cock ring set is like no other, with two different sized, thick and stretchy cock rings that gives you the option to have the tighter, more gratifying option, or have two on at the same time for mind-blowing results.

Try out having one around your balls and one around your shaft to reap the benefits of this set. Not only can you have the intoxicating squeeze feeling wrapping around your cock, but you can also last longer in the bedroom, ejaculate harder, and look bigger all around!

Everybody needs a booty buddy by their side to ensure that they are well looked after and have a good time! This is precisely what this Silicone Booty Buddy Butt Plug will do for you! Made from smooth, sleek silicone, this toy is created at the exact right angle to not only reach your prostrate but to gently rub against it as you are having sex. Try using it while masturbating for incredible sensations that run through your entire body!

The T-bar shape helps you have risk-free fun without being worried about your anal getting stretched too much or even getting your toy lost into the abyss. Small and compact, perfect for travelling, meaning you can have your P-spot pleasured wherever you are in the world!

Your partner is a girth lover, but unfortunately, nature has let you down on the width side of things; no need to worry! With this Textured Girth Sleeve Set, you can not only have the added girth your lover is looking for but look stylish whilst wearing it too! With two different sized sleeves, you can choose how much girth you want to add on, and both have different textures to spice up your night!

With one that has tiny, soft spikes and the other that has rounded balls texturing the whole girth sleeve, you can give your lover an orgasm to remember as this rubs along inside them and rubs against you so that both wearer and receiver are having a great time.

We all love bubble wrap, right? That popping sensation is like no other! But have you ever thought about how that would feel around your cock? Well, now you can! This Bubble Textured Stroker is made from soft plastic and integrated bubble bumps to add an unbelievable sensation.

You will be blowing bubbles as your whole length is massaged back and forth over these purposely angled and designed bumps to give your wank the upgrade it is in desperate need of!

“I’ve got an ass in my pocket, dear Lila, dear Lila!”. Have anal fun wherever you go with this pocket-sized Super Ribbed Mini Ass. This is an excellent addition so you can practice your performance, and with the ribbed design, you can have the realistic feel of a tight ass wrapped around your cock wherever you want to go!

This pocket ass is also great for couples looking to increase and improve their sex life. You can masturbate in front of your partner or make it even kinkier and have them masturbate you with this fleshlight to have an incredible orgasm.

What you need to know about using cheap male sex toys 

There are many different kinds of men’s sex toys to choose from, but they all have one thing in common: not to be afraid to use some lube to get things rolling. The last thing you want is to get stuck putting on a cock ring or have the wrong kind of rubbing from your fleshlight. Water-based lubricant is the best option, giving you plenty of protection from any uncomfortable or painful experiences. 

Making sure to keep every toy clean and stored correctly will make using your toys easier and help them last longer too.



These prices are picked out specifically for anyone looking for a great sex toy under $20. For example, the Lovehoney Super Bubble Textured Stroker is only at a bargain price of $9.99 and considering you get all of that pleasure for such a small price; it makes your orgasms even more worth it!

You can have great, long-lasting sex toys without hurting the purse. You just need to do your research and make sure to look after them by cleaning and storing them correctly so you can use them to their full potential.



Cleaning your sex toys is extremely important; ensuring that you wash them before and after use is also critical. The general rule is if it goes inside you, clean it. It’s common sense, really, but just don’t get lazy with it and make sure to put as much effort into cleaning your toys as you would yourself.

Cleaning products you could use include:

  • Alcoholic wipes,
  • Sanitising tablets,
  • Good old, warm freshwater.



Storing your sex toys is just as important as cleaning your sex toys. Many sex toys come in boxes that you can use for storage. Make sure they’re clean and put them not just in a box but consider a bag to put them in too to keep any dust or debris off the toys themselves. Also, ensure that they are adequately dried; otherwise, the toys can deteriorate.


Recommended For 

These sex toys are recommended for any men looking for a great deal, as well as a sex toy that will turn up the volume on their masturbation or sex life. Great for couples looking to upgrade their penetration or give their blow-job a new lease of life! Whatever your sex toy needs are, these toys provide you with plenty of options without the high price ticket. 

As N3wbie00 says about the BASICS Clear Textured Stroke, “The BASICS Clear Textured Stroker is as simple as it gets when it comes to masturbators. A single unit with none of the bells and whistles you might get with other toys, and yet it works surprisingly well in giving a good orgasm!”

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