The 10 Best Cheap Fleshlights Under $80

Are cheaper Fleshlights just as good as the expensive ones? 

The more expensive options will have extra additions like sucking functions or vibrating functionality, but largely you’re still doing with the same toy in its original incarnation. But yes, the cheaper ones are certainly still as good as the ones that might take a bit of saving up for. 


What to know about buying your first cheap Fleshlight 

I’ve put an emphasis here on ‘cheap’ because there are some minor differences in the build quality, but not enough where you’ll necessary notice much of a difference. Any more obvious differences I’ve listed in my ten selections below. But, ultimately, what you need to know is that regardless of price, there are several core types of Fleshlights to choose from. 

These include: 

If you really want to you can even build one at home, and I’ve done a guide for that too. From a money-saving perspective, a homemade one is the true money saving option! But you’re not here for that, and I’ve listed my favorites that won’t cost you a fortune. 

Best For Beginners

Fleshlight Go Stamina Training Unit STU

Best Challenge

Fleshlight Butt Eva Lovia Spice Texture

Best Overall

Fleshlight Go Surge Realistic Vagina Masturbator

My Ten Favourite cheap fleshlights under $80

Take control of your sexual flight with this Flight Commander Male Masturbator! There’s no turbulence when it comes to this fleshlight. With a soft plastic, clear casing, you can observe every thrust and tug as you pump yourself into this turbo tube! The sensually ribbed internal rings help you feel as though you are in an actual vagina as it rubs along as it would in reality.

Small and lightweight, it’s perfect for taking away with you on your travels so you can masturbate like a true captain wherever you end up! This toy is even better because it has SuperSkin, meaning you can warm it up and have the most realistic experience possible.

So you have a date with a girl coming up, and you’ve never had sex before, well, no need to worry with this Go Stamina Fleshlight. You can train your best friend not to let you down when you need him! With a realistic vagina labia and clitoris, you can prepare yourself for the real-life thing before being up close and personal with a real one.

Then as you slip inside, you will feel bumps and stimulating ridges to give your cock the closest experience to the real thing and train yourself for the big day to last longer and ejaculate harder.

For any lone travellers out there, this Go Surge Fleshlight could be the one for you. So your girlfriend can’t come on your big holiday to Bali with you, no worries! Get this fleshlight, and you won’t have to miss top-quality masturbation whilst you are on your travels.

With a realistic vagina front, you can guide your member inside and be as authentic as physically possible. All of the insides are covered in bumps and textured silicone so the fleshlight can thoroughly rub you all along your whole length until you are completely satisfied.

Do you want to try anal without the pressure of getting it right the first time? This Butt Stamina Fleshlight will help you with that! This tight, gender-neutral butthole will help you with the realistic struggles of trying anal sex. The realistic butthole helps guide your cock into the fleshlight. It has close together bumps to stimulate your member to help you last longer, have stronger erections and bigger ejaculations.

Using this training fleshlight often will help you with your performance and stamina, ready for your wild anal sex-filled night!

You need to bash one out quickly but don’t want to do it the old fashioned way? Well, this Pink Lady Fleshlight will help! With its realistic-looking vagina fleshlight, you can fit your cock through the labia and clitoris and fuck the inside until you finish with pure joy on your face!

With SuperSkin material, this fleshlight is excellent for temperature play; as you warm it up, it will become more realistic, giving you that real vagina feel as you masturbate.

Your amazing fleshlight but with a crystal twist! This very fancy fleshlight will have you feeling expensive as you have your member inside this fleshlight! This Ice Lady Fleshlight has a realistic-looking labia and clitoris but with a crystally twist. As you enter inside this fleshlight, you rub against textured and supple SuperSkin material that will caress your cock amazingly.

The SuperSkin material is a top-quality product that can become temperature-sensitive, meaning you can warm this up, and it feels more like a vagina with every stroke.

Blowjobs are hard to come by, so with this Turbo Thrust Blowjob Fleshlight, you no longer have to wait for one! With the expertly designed insides that mimic the inside of a mouth, complete with a tongue, mouth and throat, you can watch your cock slip inside and out with the transparent plastic.

This spine-tingling masturbator is perfect for the best blowjob fleshlight, and with 9 inches of insertable length, you will be able to deep throat this wondrous toy.

Eva Lovia is a gorgeous pornstar; why wouldn’t you want to have a butt fleshlight moulded around her anus? The lifelike opening and realistic material will help you fall into the fantasy of fucking Eva Lovia will be even more intense!

The long textured SuperSkin chamber is lined with different nubs and ridges that you can change with temperature to be warmer, so it feels more authentic for both you and your penis.

The perfect Dillion Harper is great onscreen and even greater on a fleshlight. Designed around how her vagina feels, you can fall into the fantasy of having sex with her and her vagina! A realistic mould of her outer vaginal lips and clitoris gives you an area to tease yourself before you enter inside the glorious chamber!

As you enter the chamber, there are different parts to it like the nubs, ridges, nodules and grooves to massage your penis so you can train your cock to last longer and have even stronger ejaculations.

Have you ever wanted the well-known pornstar Brandi Love around your cock? Well, now you can! This textured fleshlight is designed and moulded around Brandi’s actual vagina to make your sexual fantasy even more real. The vagina lips and clitoris are created around her real vagina, so when you slip inside the fleshlight, you are sliding into her!

As you enter, you will feel the exclusive “Heartthrob” textured canal that has twisted nodules to tease and rub on your member with maximum satisfaction.

Is using a cheaper Fleshlight different to an expensive one? 

Fleshlights are designed to pleasure your penis and to live out your wildest dreams without the hassle of dating and finding someone to do it for you. Fleshlights are all differently designed inside so you can be pleasured precisely how you see fit and whenever you like. 

Using a fleshlight is simple and has maximum satisfaction. Just clean out all of the SuperSkin material properly and store it correctly, so it doesn’t deteriorate.



All these fleshlights are priced under $80, so we have found you the best deal when it comes to fleshlights and not compromising on quality. But remember, the higher the price, the better the quality of the material and the longer the fleshlight as a whole will last, as long as they are cleaned and stored correctly.



Cleaning your sex toys is extremely important; making sure that you wash them before and after use is also critical, and the general rule is if it goes inside you, clean it. It’s common sense, really, but just don’t get lazy and make sure to put as much effort into cleaning your toys as you would yourself.

Cleaning products you could use include:

  • Alcoholic wipes,
  • Sanitizing tablets,
  • Warm freshwater.



Storing your sex toys is just as important as cleaning your sex toys. Many fleshlights come in boxes that you can use for storage, but make sure it’s clean and put them not just in a box but also in a bag to keep any dust or debris off them. Also, ensure that they are adequately dried; otherwise, the toys can deteriorate.


Recommended For

Men who are either not in a relationship or need a little extra spice to their masturbation time, or maybe you and your partner are looking to change things up in the bedroom all get great enjoyment from fleshlights. Men have needs, and these fleshlights are an excellent outlet for frustration, sexual fantasies or a quick release. These fleshlights are a perfect addition to any man’s home. 

As Happy B. says this about the Fleshlight Brandi Love Heartthrob Texture, “It’s so soft, when did they make toys like this. WOW! So damn realistic. The first time you slide in, you really do think back to late-night porn watching and imagining you are sliding into Brandi. Close your eyes, and WOW, you really are getting it on with a porn star.”

Also, if you’re looking to dive deeper into the world of Fleshlights just to ensure you’re making an informed purchase, then be sure to check out our related content across the site: 


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