The 8 Best Double-Ended Dildos For Couples

A lot of readers landing on this guide may be assuming that double dildos are strictly for lesbian sex, but that’s just not true. Yes, they’re certainly more common in female-female couples, but that’s not to say that many heterosexual couples are stranger to the thrills that come with a double-ended dildo!

Double dildos offer a way to spice up the bedroom, and can provide many couples with a much needed in introduction of mutual pleasure that otherwise wouldn’t be accomplished with a singular toy.

So, without further ado, let’s have a quick look at some common questions that many couples may have, and jump into my 8 favourite double-ended dildos that I’ve either used, or have heard very positive things about.

Is a double-ended dildo complicated to use?

All a double-ended dildo really is, is an extra-long version of standard dildo. As long as you’re approaching playing with a double dildo with your safety in mind (and apply lube liberally) then it isn’t all too different from how you’d approach playing with a normal toy.

How do heterosexual couples use a double-ended dildo?

The fun with a double dildo is that twice the users means twice the ideas for fun! Personally, when I’ve used my double dildos (sigh…yes, that’s plural) with my partner, we opt for anal penetration for myself, and either anal or vaginal penetration for her.

Another fun way one of our friends have used their dildo is for one person to perform oral sex on one end, whilst the other person rides it. Whatever you choose, it’s already clear to see that double the length really does mean double the fun in this case!

Best For Beginners

“BASICS 12 Inch”

Best Challenge

Jelly 18-inch Double-Ender

Best Overall

“Doc Johnson Crystal Range”

My Favourite Double-Ended Dildos (easily the best!)

I’m a huge fan of Lifelike Lover as brand, both because they’re really fair with their pricing and the products are often just as lifelike as their name suggests. This 12-incher is also a dildo I’ve used with my partner before, so I can safely tell you that it packs a challenge, that pays off if you’re willing to work towards the reward!

What I really like about the Lifelike Lover 12 inch is that you feel the head and the veins as you slide down, so you really do get that lifelike feel. Also, at 6 inches per side (of you and your partner are meeting each other’s insertion length) it’s not too much of a struggle to, ahem, meet your partner in the middle!

It’s probably a bit intimidating for total beginners, but then again you may find that many of the two sided dildos in this guide aren’t exactly lacking in the girth department (the length takes care of itself).

Product Breakdown:

  • 5 inches of girth with a total of 12 inches insertable length
  • Realistic in tone, veins, and penis head
  • PVC construct, just as safe and slightly firmer than many of the silicone dildo options


  • Ideal for experienced partners looking to advance their toy collection with a double dildo that offers a challenge
  • Super lifelike and easy to clean


  • Based on the girth, I wouldn’t recommend this for total beginners (couples and single users)

Recommended For:

  • Couples who are already experienced with dildos and lifelike toys, and are looking to take their play to the next level

The Doublemaker offers the best of both worlds when it comes to mutual play. You and your partner get the pleasure of a double dildo, which also has the added benefit of vibration options to ramp-up pleasure to the max.

Doublemaker have packed 10 different vibrating functions into this double ended dildo, whilst also creating a ribbed head and bulge at each tip to give that lifelike feel (great for users who like to play with the head of a dildo prior to full insertion).

Due to central controls and buttons the actual insertable length is 12 inches, which is still plenty for you and your partner to get off on (and get back on again). You also get 4 vibration patterns along with three speeds that are incredibly easy to increase and decrease as required.

All in all, the Doublemaker provides that extra bit of buzz to an otherwise already pleasure-inducing toy.

Product Breakdown:

  • 15 inches total, with 12 inches of insertable length and a generous 5 inches of girth
  • Multiple speeds, vibrating functions and vibration patterns
  • Easy to clean and charge with a simple USB charging cable, and a full 60 minutes of sustained use once fully charged


  • If vibrators are your thing, you’ll instantly fall in love with this one
  • The soft silicone and lifelike head provide that extra touch of pleasure


  • Other than the head it isn’t incredibly lifelike, so unless you’re buying for the specific vibrator functionality then you might be better off with a dildo that is more lifelike from tip to base.

Recommended For:

  • This is great for female couples who want to engage in mutual clitoral stimulation (based on the amount of vibrating functions this is what you’ll end up focusing on!)

Doc Johnson is another dildo brand that I love, and they carry their lifelike dildo creations over to the double dildo ranges too…yay!

Straight away, let’s address this material. It is in fact a very flexible PVC, and has that satisfying ‘jelly’ feel, whilst also being sturdy enough to not worry about being upon insertion.

The Crystal Jellies double dildo is very no-frills, and that is the main part of its appeal. With the clear jelly structure throughout, you and your partner will every inch the initial head, and the very realistic curves, veins and bulges as you slide down the super-lifelike material.

For avid readers of Adults Toy Guide it might come to no surprise that I also own this dildo too, and perhaps selfishly use it far more often on my own that I do with my partner. It just feels so good, it’s easy to store (and take with me on trips), and the PVC is bendable and easy to clean… What more can a dildo addict want for!

Product Breakdown:

  • Total 12 inches of insertable length
  • Just under 15 inches of incredibly lifelike girth
  • PVC construct with unique Jelly design


  • Great for use as a standard dildo alongside use as a couple
  • Lifelike and long, in typical Doc Johnson fashion


  • It’s very barebones, despite the realism. So, if you’re looking for a double-ended dildo with a bunch of added frills and features, this won’t cut the mustard for you

Recommended For:

  • Those looking for a double-ended dildo that they can also work with alone, and not have to worry about overly-awkward sizing (and also not have to worry about storage once playtime is over)

The BASICS range might conjure up thoughts of a discount collection, or perhaps even toys that aren’t made to a superior standard as some of the other ones in this guide. But, who would I be to recommend any adult toy that isn’t incredible quality that is built to last?

And, this is exactly what the BASICS double dildo from Love Honey offers.

With a whole 10.5 inches of insertable length, a quirky pink colouring, realistic veins and a chunky head, this double dildo is anything but as basic as the name suggests. They’re also very generous with girth; you’re looking at 5 inches of fun upon insertion.

Plus, when it comes to price, this is really where the BASICS range comes into its own (so it’s a greater double-ender to buy if you’re not planning to get your usage out of it).

Product Breakdown:

  • 12 inches total length with 10.5 inches of insertable length
  • Flexible PVC build
  • Realistic and lifelike, without the price tag of more premium dildo brands


  • It does everything you want a double-ended dildo to do, without a hefty price tag
  • Unique colouring and the PVC material makes it perfect for mutual and singular play


  • The minimalism may put more experienced users off who are looking for a premium toy

Recommended For:

  • Couples looking to experiment with a double-ended dildo, but do not want to spend too much money (simply want to buy to see what the fuss is about)

The Double Digger is too quirky to not include in this guide. From adult toy maestros Toy Joy, the Digger is an ideal double-ended dildo for anal penetration due to the ridged heads on both sides, and the simply orgasmic feel of each ribbed section at the tips (I’ve got this one and yeah, it feels as good as you’d imagine).

Whilst this is another double dildo in my collection I selfishly use for singular anal stretching (and haven’t used with my partner yet), it’s pretty clear based on the pleasure it’s given me that twice the people will mean twice the fun.

Despite the curve, it’s a PVC material meaning that you’ll be able to bend and position the curve at will, so don’t let the odd shape put you off.

Product Breakdown:

  • 3-beaded, double-headed dildo
  • Insertable length depends on how flexible you and your partner are!
  • PVC material, easy to bend and clean
  • Storage is simple due to the shape


  • The beads really give the Double Digger its primary appeal, and really bring pleasure to another level
  • Incredibly easy to store away, and hide if required


  • The shape will still be enough to put people off, especially if you’re looking for a double-ended dildo that is primarily a realistic one (standard shape, veins etc)

Recommended For:

  • Those of you looking for a double-ended dildo that is to be used primarily for anal use (fans of ridged dildos and beads will get where I’m coming from here. If not, heed my advice!)

You probably already know it by now, but if not, Doc Johnson are one of the best go-to dildo brands when it comes to realism that also offers a challenge. And, the classic double-ended dildo is certainly one to consider if it’s a lifelike, lengthy double dong you’re after!

I’ll be the first to say that it looks a little intimidating, but such a fair price it’s certainly something you should consider if you’re wanting to invest in a double dildo that will offer a challenge for both you and your partner.

The veins and the head are utterly brilliant, and fully justifies the ‘classic’ title (meaning essentially the more standard type of dildo that many are used to, just longer and girthier).

You’d be forgiven for also thinking that it’s as sturdy as the real thing, but in fact it’s incredibly easy to bend for both use on your own or with your partner.

Product Breakdown:

  • A whopping 18 inches of insertable length – it’s a race to the bottom with this one!
  • Classic black colouring with realistic veins and heads
  • PVC material makes it easy to bend and clean


  • Certainly offers a challenge, but a rewarding one
  • For many, this will be the only double-ended dildo they’ll ever need based on its realism and length


  • Size alone is enough to put beginners off, and that’s completely understandable

Recommended For:

  • Couples looking for a double-ended dildo that will consistently offer a challenge (well, a whole 18 inches of a challenge!)

Okay, I keep mentioning how the majority of these dildos don’t just have to be for couples, and many can also be used alone. But, here we’ve got a double dildo that will bring the pleasure to no end for singular use.

This is easily one of the best dildos ever made for those who have dreams of double penetration, but might be intimated by the prospect of it occurring in real life. And, that’s the fun with adult toys… You’re trying out your fantasies at a pace that is safe and completely to how you envision it to be.

From the bulging penis heads, to the popping veins, Lifelike Lover have really earned their sterling reputation with this one.

What’s more, you can get an O-ring and strap this one to harness for use with your partner, or slap it to the wall in the bathroom via the suction cup and make your showers last 5 times longer. Your water bill will hate you, but your orifices certainly will not!

Product Breakdown:

  • 6 inches of insertable length for the larger dildo, 5 inches for the smaller
  • 2.25 inches of girth average between both
  • Suction cup as standard


  • It’s a double-donged dildo for singular use with a suction cup… what’s better than that?


  • Not one for the faint of hearts or beginners just wanting a singular dildo to work with

Recommended For:

  • Experienced users looking for a replacement to their current suction cup dildo, with that whole load extra

The final choice in this list is something simpler that appeals to the majority. A slightly more cut-price version of the Doc Johnson 18-incher in the guide, this is the Jelly double ended dildo from Love Honey.

Let’s keep this short so you can make your choice. It has the veins, the heads and the girth you’d be expecting in a double-ender, whilst also remaining flexible enough to spin around for double penetration.

All in all, it’s a solid end to this list, and offers stiff (pun intended) competition to some of the more expensive double-enders in this guide.

Product Breakdown:

  • Total inches of insertable length
  • Incredibly lifelike with raised veins and bulbous head
  • Soft plastic justifying the slightly cheaper price in comparison to others in this guide – still incredibly easy to clean and bend


  • Cheap, and offers more than enough of a challenge for either singular use or for a couple
  • The soft plastic makes the perfect flexible material for double penetration with a super long dildo!


  • Some people may want to opt for the more expensive PVC or Silicone dildo options

Recommended For:

  • Beginners wanting a challenging but low-cost double dildo to experiment with

What beginners and couples need to know before buying a double-ended dildo


The same rules apply for buying double-ended dildos than they would if you were going to buy a larger adult toy. It’s all about knowing your limits, and playing things safely. Also, if you’re wanting to go for double penetration with a double-ender then opt for something like soft plastic or PVC, as it will be easier to bend.

Then again, you may want a double-ender that stays as stiff as the real thing, so do your research beforehand from reputable toy sellers (their descriptions should be telling you things like how flexible the toys are anyway).

With any large toy, be sure to take your time if you’re new to stretching, especially when playing anally. Be very, very liberal with lube on both the toy and its destination… remember, there’s no such thing as too much lube!


Many double dildos are made from flexible materials, meaning that they’re easy to store as they can be bent or folded for storage in either a bedside cabinet or your place of choice.

Naturally, if you’re strapped for space, then an extra-long double-ender might not be the best choice!


This guide has been based on my favourite double-enders, what I consider to be the best for both singular use, for couples, and generally those that come recommended that don’t cost a fortune.

If you liked this post and are interested in adult toys on the larger side, then take a look at my large dildo guide.


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