10 Best Electro Sex Toys – Guide For Beginners

Some people just want to put a spark into their sex life – quite literally! For those who find electro sex toys a fun and exciting way to heat things up, this review offers a quick look at the 10 best electro sex toys out there, and also insider information on what beginners in particular need to be aware of prior to experimenting with Electro sex. 

What is Electrosex? 

Whilst it’s fairly obvious that it involves something to do with electricity, I wanted to provide a really clear definition just so you know exactly what it involves. Electro sex or E-Stim is the use of sex toys which have been specifically crafted to utilise an electric current as a method of providing stimulation for the user. 

This is commonly in replacement to a standard vibrating or pulsing output. The toys themselves are often similar to standard shapes or builds, with the added twist of the electric current as a primary output of stimulation. You’ll see examples throughout this guide, but you can expect to see popular types of toys such as: 

  • Dildos 
  • Lubes & Gels 

You’ll see Electro-specific toys like: 

  • Loops 
  • Pads 
  • Wands

You’ll see the types of toys I’m referring to within this guide. Speaking of which, let’s have a look at my top ten choices for beginners. 

Best Overall

ElectraStim EM60-M Flick Electrosex Stimulator Multipack Set

Best Challenge

ElectraStim Bi-Polar Electrosex Wave Metal Dildo 7 Inch

Best For Beginners

ElectraStim Uni-Polar Long ElectraPads (4 pack)

This cattle prod style e-stim wand is certainly exciting. With audible noises and visible sparks, this wand is safe and exciting to use.

It’s powered with 2 x AA batteries, which can be bought anywhere and means it doesn’t matter if you’ve forgotten to charge it. Just grab the insulated hand, press the button and the tip will charge, ready to zap upon contact with the skin.

Remember, while these toys are safe to use, they should only be used below the waist, and importantly never on the face, head, or chest.

These lube sachets kill two birds with one stone, making sex and ElectraStim play both more enjoyable and safer.

Liberally cover your toys with them before insertion, this lube both makes them slide in easily and sterilises them.

Using special ingredients that are utilised by medical professionals, this is a quality product that you know you can trust. Use it for a clean and enjoyable experience, with the knowledge that you won’t get any infections!

This dildo honestly looks like it’s come straight out of science fiction – seriously, it’s awesome. Made from polished steel, either use cold (never freezing!) for the cool feel of the metal or warm slightly in water to take the edge off.

It can be used either as a dildo or an electrosex toy, making it quite versatile! The wavy pattern on the shaft will certainly get you off whichever you decide. Plug it into the electric connectors for electric stimulation, while holding the rubber bands at the base so you don’t shock your hands.

This conductive gel will quite literally bring your other toys to life. It’s clear and water based, making it safe for use with all your toys, and will help you feel the true power of your ElectraStim collection. The 60 ml tube will last for ages, the lube is excellent and a little goes a long way.

A truly great lube, why not try it out if you’re looking for that little extra wow-factor! It’ll make a nice present for your partner or a simple treat for yourself.

This kit has literally everything you could need to get started.

With a 3 inch probe for anal or vaginal play, 2 adjustable cock loops for localised penis arousal, sticky pads to place where you like and explore sensations, a conductive lube, waterbased lube, storage bag AND 3 year warranty, it’s hard to know where to start!

If you’re new to electroplay, the EM60 Flick has 24 intensities, so you can start out low and work your way up over time. It has a whopping 7 patterns as well! Just don’t forget – never use over the chest or head – otherwise, just have fun!

This set from ElectraStim is awesome.

It comes with 4 uni-polar pads which can be used either on one person or as a couple to share the experience in real time. The control unit is motion activated, meaning that once you’ve chosen a setting, simply flick your wrist and a shock will be sent immediately – the more vigorous the flick, the bigger the shock.

It has an impressive 24 intensity levels and 7 stimulation functions, giving almost unending variety. The design is slick and modern, this is easy to pack away and totally viable as a travel option.

These pads, to be used with an ElectraStim power pack, are really something. They’re longer than the standard pads provided with power packs, making them ideally suited to genital application. Put one on yourself and one on your partner for oh-so-amazing stimulatory experiences.

They can fit pretty much any area, making them extremely versatile, and can be used several times if stored well. A nice plus is that the adhesive is hypoallergenic, making it suitable for people who are allergic to band aids!

The lovely thing about this dildo is that should you grow tired of elextrosex, you’ll never grow tired of the dildo itself! It has a perfect 6 inches of insertable length, and is compatible with any harness with a 1.5 inch O-ring. It doesn’t come with an ElectraStim stimulation unit, which needs to be bought separately, but when combined with one, wow it’s absolutely incredible.

The current stimulates your nerve endings internally, leading to absolutely awe inspiring orgasms, and the ridged shaft is perfect for both G and P-spot stimulation. An awesome toy!

This slick kegel exerciser makes the training process oh so pleasurable.

Through training with this toy, get both a stronger pelvic floor and enjoy the deep E-stim vibrations, all controlled via remote control.

It has 5 different levels of stimulation, which when combined with 7 vibration modes, is really quite something. For the uninitiated – kegel exercises give you stronger kegel muscles, longer orgasms, improved control of the bladder and a tighter vagina, what’s not to like?

These electric cock loops are something else. Adjustable from .25 to 1.75 inches in diameter, they’ll fit most penises, and they come equipped with insulated grips should you wish to find alternative uses.

You can either wear both at once or share them with your partner, leading to incredible experiences.

They don’t come with the necessary ElectraStim power unit, but if you already have one or are looking into buying one soon, these will make a wonderful accessory.

Electro Sex & E-Stim Beginners Advice 

As this is quite a specific niche in the wider world of BDSM, I thought it’d be best to provide some beginner information so that you can make an informed decision on whether these types of toys are right for you. 


Powerful or not, you should never use these toys for stimulation above the waist. They’re built for a specific purpose of stimulation, not as a legal torture device! 

Voltage & Pain Levels – Are these toys safe? 

The level of pain that a user feels from these types of toys is going to be subjective based on their own thresholds and the intensity of the individual toy. For example, a powerful wand toy which is built to emulate a cattle prod may be more powerful than a beginners-specific electro vibrator, made to emit a slight electrical pulse. 

Commonly, voltage and intensity levels will start quite low, so the ‘zaps’ or level of ‘shock’ is relative to a strong vibration… just providing another level of feeling entirely! 


You can expect to pay more for these types of toys compared to your standard ones, as they are more specialised. 

Power Unit

As these are not just simple vibrating toys, some (not all) may also require an additional power unit to allow for the electrical current to flow. 

Please be sure to do your research prior to purchasing to see whether your Electro toy of choice works fine via batteries or requires an external supporting unit, as they’re often not sold in conjunction with the toys. 


I’ve loved E-Stim toys for a while, and they’re the types of toys that grow on you as you get used to the often odd feeling (at least a first) that they provide. 

I’d advice caution and starting slowly with these ones, but if you’re looking for a change from a conventional toy then the world of Electro is definitely a good place to get started. 


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