The 10 Best Flavored Lubes For Better Oral

Oral with a hint of flavor – Who can argue with that? 

This guide looks into the best flavored lubes so that you can take your oral giving and receiving to the next level. 

We’ve looked at singular lubes and larger multipacks so that you can get the most bang for your buck, whilst staying away from those types of lubes that have a horrible, obvious artificial taste to them. 

Tried, tested and enjoyed in-house, let’s take a closer look at the lubes that will tantalite your taste buds and leave you with a grin on your face (and a lovely taste in your mouth)!

Best For Beginners

Lovehoney Cherry Flavored Lubricant 3.4 fl oz

Best Challenge

CG Lip Tease Electric Mint Flavored Kissable Stimulant 1.0 fl oz

Best Overall

Doc Johnson Good Head Flavored Lubricant (5 x 1.0 fl oz Pack)

My Ten Favourite Flavored Lubes For Better Oral

Get your five a day and turn that old banana or peach into a delicious treat you just can’t resist! This Doc Johnson Pack has five different fruity flavours to choose from that will set your mouth watering for more.

Add a juicy twist to your sex life no matter where you are. With compact sizing, you can have the sweet taste wherever you are in the world! The flavours include Wild Cherry, Mystical Mint, Green Apple, Watermelon and Sweet Strawberry.

Turn that jizz into a salted caramel syrup that will make you want to keep pumping for more! Unlike other lubricants, this salted caramel is 100% sweet but without that unwanted stickiness making for a smooth application and taste.

If you like having salted caramel in your coffee, you will love this on your lover’s body. Whether you prefer a cock, vagina or anus, you can get a caramel delight with every body part!

Get your cherry popped with this flavoured lubricant that will have your tastebuds tingling for more! You will be guaranteed to have a cherrific time if you decide to use this lube on your lover’s body. With an infectious flavour, you will want to lather it all over your partner’s cock and vagina!

Take this little cherry with you all over the world as well; with its compact sizing, you will be able to dribble cherry sweetness whether you are in Paris for a romantic cherry fest or Australia on an outback road trip with a very fruity twist.

Get transported to the tropics with a burst of sweet, refreshing mango that will make you experience the feeling of sex on the beach. One squirt of this lube on your liver’s vagina or cock will have you wanting to dive right in and not come up for air!

If you are looking for a good lube to have oral with that will combine well with any condom, then look no more because this explosion of mango can taste good with any kind of contraception and all kinds of play.

If you are looking for the ultimate birthday present to give your lover, get them a different type of birthday cake! A birthday blowjob with a sweet surprise, this birthday cake lube has an unbeatable flavour without the unpleasant stickiness.

So strip down to your birthday suits, take a bite out of your lover’s cake, enjoy the whole lip-smacking thing without gaining a single calorie, and give your lover a birthday to remember!

Get your Watermelon Sugar High from this sensual watermelon-flavoured lubricant. Get hydrated and the moorish feeling every time you apply it, and get ready to go all night long. Your lover will not only have the most intense orgasm, but you will have the most wonderful taste in your mouth at the same time!

This watermelon lube is an all-rounder and lets you enjoy that refreshing flavour whether you are doing oral, vaginal or anal sex. It is a tasty treat that is entirely vegan-friendly and guilt-free.

Blow your head off and create mind-blowing bubbles of ecstasy with the help of this bubblegum-flavoured lubricant! Smack those lips together and get your lover poppin’ off as you drizzle this over their cock or vagina and get to work on making the biggest bubble ever!

Slide into the best candy store you’ve ever been in, chew your favourite bubblegum flavour and get your sweet oral adventure started.

There is nothing vanilla about this powerful creamy-tasting vanilla lubricant! Just like licking a vanilla ice cream, you will have your lover melting all in your mouth as you stuff your face full of beautifully flavoured vanilla cock or vagina.

You will want to lick this vanilla lube off until your lover can’t take any more glorious orgasms. With the silky-smooth texture, this lube will make it possible for you to tease, play and fuck all night long without any dryness and lots of sweetness!

Having milk chocolate-flavoured oral sex sounds like a dirty Willy Wonka dream, but now it’s possible! With this chocolate-flavoured lube, you will feel like you have just got the golden ticket to the best-tasting chocolate bar you’ve ever encountered.

One dribble of this chocolate-covered sauce, and you’ll be transported to a chocolate-filled fantasy, and with the easy-to-use flip-top, you can dispense the cocoa river whenever and wherever you want!

If having a good-tasting lube is just not enough for you and your lover, then don’t worry; there’s a way to turn it up a notch! The Lip Tease electric Mint Lubricant will have both of your lips and your cock or vagina tingling and fizzing, ready to be teased and played with as you see fit!

The minty flavour isn’t only going to taste amazing in your mouth and on your lover’s body, but it also has stimulating properties that help boost circulation and enhances sensitivity leaving you both having a toe-curling experience.

How Do You Use Flavoured Lubes For Oral Sex? What’s the difference between ‘normal’ or unflavored lubes? 

Flavoured Lubes come in different shapes and sizes and tend to achieve different things, from oral to vaginal or anal play. Whatever it is for, flavoured lubes have you covered, literally! 

They can be used not just on your body but also on other things too. For example, you can use them on:

  • Condoms – to give extra lubricant for penetration but also to add a little extra taste to the boring texture of your condom.
  • Sex toys – flavouring up your sex toy is not weird and can even make the experience of using a toy more exciting and tastier!
  • Clothing – if you have any fetish clothing like restrictive pants or bodysuits, you may need lube to help get them on and off, but why not have a flavoured one on so not only will your clothes and skin smell nice during sex, but every part of you will be edible too! 


Prices vary depending on what sized lubricant and what they offer. For example, Doc Johnson Good Head Flavored Lubricant (5 x 1.0 fl oz Pack) is priced at $16.99. For that price, you are getting five separate different lubes that will all last a long time and can be packed for travelling. 

Compared with the Lovehoney Cherry Flavored Lubricant 3.4 fl oz, which is only $9.99, one bottle with 3.4fl oz is a reasonable price and will last a while and is easily affordable when you do need another one. 

You are also paying for the longevity of the lubricant product, so the bigger the bottle, the bigger the price, but the longer it will last.


Just make sure to keep your lubricant products clean of debris or dust, as this can contaminate the contents. If you are using a lubricant on your used toys, ensure you wipe the lubricant off so that you are not spreading any bacteria from one toy to another.


It is crucial with lubricant products to ensure you are storing them correctly. This storage includes:

  • Make sure the lid or seals are on perfectly,
  • The primary packaging isn’t damaged or has any holes,
  • Please keep them in a cool, dry place so they last longer,
  • Once opened, you use them before the Best Before Date.

Recommended For 

You can use Flavoured Lubes for oral sex for anyone of any size, age or sexual orientation that wants to add a little sweetness or extra tingle to their oral experience. These flavoured lubes are also great for sex and foreplay in general, helping with penetration and stretching! 

This is what Zach had to say to say about the System JO Gelato Salted Caramel Flavored Lubricant 1.0 fl oz. “This lube is great. You can put it on like any other lube but then going back to oral, it actually tastes good.”


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