The 10 Best Oculus VR Sex Games

Where do you start with finding porn games on the Oculus Quest? 

One of the reasons why we’ve put this guide together is because most people won’t really know where to start when it comes to playing, buying or even finding porn games on the Oculus Quest in the first place. 

In this guide, we cover exactly where you can go to find these games, and also the exact VR headsets that they cover. Yes, for the purpose of this guide we’ve outlined games suited to the Oculus Quest 1 and 2, however where possible we’ve opted for games that are cross-headset compatible (so that if you really love a game and want to tell your friends who have a HTC Vive, you can!). 


Can these games be linked to sex toys? 

You may have heard of Teledildonic sex toys or the Vive tracker. Where possible, we’ve looked for games that have at least some sort of sex toy interactivity options – it’s not a 100% focus in this guide, but we have focused on games that do also have this option. 


Are the VR porn games in this list free? 

Like most things in the VR world (or metaverse), you’re going to have to part with your cash to get the full version of the games. However, if you’re wanting to try them out, then you’ll easily be able to get ahold of the demos for free. Don’t worry, we’ll link to the sites you need to go to in order to get the demo. 


Do you download these games from the Oculus Quest Store? 

As you may already be aware, these aren’t the types of games that are likely to pop up on the trending list in the Quest store any time soon. You won’t be able to download them from any commercial stores, so it is better to head to the sites directly to get ahold of them. 

Aside from direct download, you can also use SideQuest to find demos and unfinished games which will come up as an ‘Unknown Source’ in your game dropdown. Don’t worry, there’s nothing to worry about here in terms of legality or hacking, it’s simply that they’re games still in development mode, so they’re not coming direct from the traditional Quest store. 

Before attempting to download these games, make sure you look at the below guides to ensure that a) you’re setup ready to go and b) you’ve got the appropriate updates/version to be able to run these games once downloaded from SideQuest or 3rd-party sources:



Okay, we’ve set the scene – here are 10 of the best VR porn games that you can currently play on the Oculus Quest:

Kicking off this list is ‘Captain Hardcore’, a cyberpunk-styled game which is part story, part sexual escapes. This is number one in the list because, even though it’s in development, the game itself is really well put together and we think that the game will actually be awesome once complete. 

Oh, and not to mention what you can get up to when it comes to sex…  You can invite specific NPCs back to your space laboratory, customize them, and really get to live-out your fantasies. You’ll be taking the meaning of ‘deep space’ to the next level…

Sticking with the cyberpunk theme in terms of styling alone, Holodexxx is a futuristic, and ultimately very realistic, game which sees the main character in a space-esque room, able to pose and interact with real pornstars. 

Yes, you heard that right! With photogrammetry, real pornstars such as Riley Reid have been scanned, mapped and uploaded into the game for your viewing (and playing) pleasure. Thi truly is the future of porn in the metaverse, and if this is what the future holds, we’re certainly not complaining. 

Note that with Holodexxx, like with a lot of these games, you’ll need to download the virtual desktop to be able to access it. Is it a bit more of a faff? Yeah, sure. Is it worth it? Oh yes!

For all of the fans of BDSM out there, here’s the game you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you want to strap a ball gag on before you don your headset, or you simply want to explore a sex dungeon without the possbility of actually being whipped in real life, the Dominatric Simulator is an incredible way to dip your toes into the kinky waters. 

With a story based around you as a submissive in a fantasy environment, there’s plenty here to keep you coming back (and wanting to stick around for specific dungeon interactions). We don’t really want to say too much here as it’s worth going into it blind. And no, we don’t mean with an eyeless gimp mask on (well, then again, it does fit with the theme of the game).

This is probably more the type of game you’re thinking of when you’re looking for a simpler Oculus porn/sex game. This is essentially a sex simulator with ‘jiggle’ physics – there’s not much of a story here, it’s more about experimenting with a more-than-realistic in-game partner. 

You can sign up to the Patreon to get updates, access, and to follow along with developer NeoRealism VR’s progress.

It sounds a bit obvious saying that these are POV games, however VR Jenny is purely a POV game in terms of it doesn’t deviate from a POV-style game as its intent. You’re not interacting with other characters, you’re not running around in a made-up land before the sex scenes happen. You’re immediately thrust (literally) into getting down to business with Jenny. 

If you’re looking for a more of a POV experience than a game with a store, then VR Jenny won’t disappoint!

One of the more well-known hentai VR sex games, Money Bath VR sees you as the main character who is filthy rich, looking to get…well… filthy. 

You’re surrounded by money, gold and opulence.. Oh, and naked women. Here, you can do the types of things that you’d expect, within a wealth-soaked world with amazing graphics. 

It’s a bit surreal in all honesty, but if you’re looking for a game that steps outside of the norm, then it won’t disappoint. 

Part game, part video, but full-on sexual attack on the sense, Dezyred is an 8k porn game where you choose what happens. It’s literally as realistic as the VR sex game world gets, with full 360 degree movements and ongoing storylines (not that you’ll need them to stay hooked). 

The game involves you commanding ‘characters’ (in this case, real-life pornstars), so that you can choose positions, character interactions, and even navigate between different smaller game types from within the main ‘campaign’. 

It’s essentially a choose-your-own story book, but blasted into the 21st century with as much sordid action as you could possibly want. 

It’s also fairly innovative in how you spend – you essentially buy credits rather than paying for the game outright. As there are so many scenes and ‘paths’ to choose, you pay for your progress in credits, which we think is quite cool considering that you’re then not wasting a load of money upfront for scenes or interactions that you don’t plan on using.

This is another that doesn’t take a ton of time, upfront costs, or have any frills such as a campaign or ‘choose your fate’. SexMate is what it says on the tin – your VR SexMate who is yours to play with as you wish. It’s that simple, and yes, it is THAT good. 

This game truly is one-of-a-kind. Actually, thinking about it, it’s probably not even best described as a VR sex game in the tradiitonal sense. It’s a virtual sandbox that gives you complete control over your environment. Choose characters from scratch, modify your environments, and more importantly, edit the adult bits as you please. 

The main selling point here is definitely the physics and the realism. Yes the game takes a bit more customizing to get things to how you want them to be (e.g. your characters are there to be modified down to the finest points), but it’s certainly worth the time investment.

Another more traditional sex game in that you control multiple different characters across different locations – however, the game very cleverly uses AI to adapt the characters to your ongoing choices. 

With SinVR, you’re navigating around an ever-expanding world, and you can even buy additional characters from their website. It’s a complete fantasy world, and one that you should definitely be a part of.


Hopefully this guide has given you an insight into the world of VR sex games, specifically for the Oculus Quest. This world of sex games is truly eye-opening, and with this guide we’ve really only scratched the surface. 

If you have any specific games you’d like us to review, by all means leave a comment and we can look to get it added to the list. Alternatively if you’re a VR sex game developer, we’d love to feature your game after in-depth testing!


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