The 10 Best Nipple Clamps For Beginners – A Complete Guide

Why you need to do your research when buying nipple clamps 

As you may already be aware, using nipple clamps is often associated with broader BDSM, and naturally you’re going to find clamps that come in all different sizes and levels of intensity. 

In this instance, I’m talking electro clamps, clamps combined with a ball gag, and even ones that combine as a clit clamp for complete coverage of pressure on your sensitive bits! 

For many beginners this can often be overwhelming (it was for me!!), so it makes sense to start slow and choose wisely. If that means you have to have a few different clamps in your collection, it’s not the end of the world… 

Best For Beginners

Lovehoney Tease Me Adjustable Nipple Clamps

Best Challenge

DOMINIX Deluxe Large Breathable Ball Gag with Nipple Clamps

Best Overall

Fifty Shades of Grey Play Nice Satin and Lace Collar and Nipple Clamps

My 10 favourite Nipple Clamps (tried & tested)

This set of rose gold nipple clamps look like they were designed for royalty. They’re nickel-free and don’t tarnish, as some cheaper clamps can, meaning you won’t get any residue on your skin, and they’ll last a fair bit longer.

The clips have PVC cushioning, and the finely adjustable screws offer customisable pinch pressure. The clamps are connected by two separate chains, the shorter of the two measuring at 11.5 inches, and the way they sway beneath your chest is nothing short of beautiful.

The slender tweezer style nipple clamps provided with this set really are something else. The precision afforded by their design allows for incredible clitoral or nipple stimulation, with the sliding fastener allowing for surprising amounts of adjustability.

Again, they’re PVC coated to make them safe – you want to feel them, not be permanently hurt. The metal chain connecting the two is simple and aesthetically pleasing; for such a low price, they’d make an excellent choice for beginners, but would also suit those looking to expand their collection!

This set of nipple clamps offers a step up in terms of kinkiness, and we love it. Connected to a safe, breathable ball gag, you can explore with control and sensory stimulation at the same time, in a neat and fun package!

The O-rings on the gag offer compatibility with many other bondage accessories, providing heaps of options for involving your other toys. The clamps are adjusted via little screw-pins, for complete personalisation, and the hypoallergenic strap and cushioning ensure safe and fun play for everyone.

Fancy a simple, almost earring style set of nipple clamps, without the hassle of a chain? These might be just perfect for you. They’re nickel-free, so no metal marks left on your skin, and the tips are coated in plush coverings of silicone, so that even when they’re clamped oh-so-tight, they won’t damage your skin.

The sliding tightener works really well on the tweezer style clamps, and as the clamps aren’t connected, you can just use one if you fancy – great if you have a sensitive nipple piercing or find just the one clamp stimulating enough.

The main thing that stands out on these clamps is the clamp design itself. For those who are bored of the usual screw and pin style clamps, these offer a nice change – an excellent way to expand your collection and feel some new sensations.

The clamps are intricately designed, with a satisfying release action, and each clamp end is covered with a gently bumped surface for added intensity. The clamps aren’t adjustable, which is wonderful if you want a really tight squeeze, but not so amazing if you have larger nipples or just don’t fancy going all the way to maximum pain levels.

While these are Fifty Shades of Grey inspired, they certainly aren’t just for fans of the franchise. The clamps themselves are well made, pin style with an easy to use sliding fastener, the tips coated in durable and safe silicone. Dangling from the clips are some nice little weights for added sensation, and a long metal chain.

The middle of the chain is attached to a sensational little soft satin collar, for subtle and comfortable restriction. This set offers an immensely pleasurable entrance to the world of nipple clamp play, suitable for beginners and experts alike!

If you want to combine nipple play with clitoral stimulation, then look no further – this set will be ideal for you. The three clips are connected by a long and durable metal chain, with two clamps for your nipples and one for your clitoris. The clamps are well made, with a tweezer style design and slidable fasteners.

There are mini O-ring connections on the end of each chain should you wish to add more weights or restraints, making these a good option for the slightly more expert BDSM enthusiasts looking for a little something extra.

All the clamps listed above are beautiful and shiny, but let’s face it, sometimes we need a little darkness in our lives. This set of nipple clamps with a collar and leash offers just that, all in black apart from some small metal details. The clamps are screw controlled, offering precise control and lots of power when you want it.

The collar looks great and is lined with a velvety fabric for comfort, and features a beautiful rose print overlay for an exquisite overall effect. The lead offers extra control, with an O-ring connector for extra personalisation – overall, a great kit for beginners and experts alike!

Sometimes, just a clamping sensation isn’t enough – a little more stimulation is required to get things to the next level. If this sounds familiar, let me introduce these awesome vibrating nipple clamps. The oversized peg style is simple to handle and the pink is easy to see in the dark, making these easy to control in the heat of the moment. They’re controlled by an intuitive single button which operates the vibrations. They’re fully waterproof should you wish to use them submerged, and they come with the required LR44 batteries.

Last but not least, we have this wonderful set of silicone vibrating nipple clamps from the Fifty Shades of Grey Collection. The fastening is a slide to fit silicone toggle, which can get a nice snug fit without actually pinching like all the other options on this list. If you have sensitive nipples, this might be a great option for you! They have detachable single speed bullet vibrators, which can be removed should you wish. All together, a great sensitive option for those seeking pure nipple stimulation!

Buying advice for beginners 

How to use

The nipple clamps listed above mostly come under two categories – pin or screw clamp. Each is fairly intuitive to use; with the pin you simply slide the fastener along until you reach the desired tightness, with the screw you turn it until it feels just right.

The pin style may not be as tight, but it’s easier to release, and perhaps safer. The screw design is great and provides high levels of control, but can become uncomfortably tight if you’re not careful! Either way, be aware of their power and do them up to whatever tightness gets you going.


Nipple clamps aren’t generally massively expensive, but there is of course a lot of range between the prices, as seen in those reviewed above. You can get a simple (but perfectly effective) set of clamps with a chain for just over $10, or a set with a collar, gag ball, and leash for closer to $50.

Vibrating options are also obviously slightly more expensive, but also by no means extortionate! How much you spend is entirely up to you, no matter what you get I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the results.


As with all sex toys, sanitation is important. Nearly all of the clamps have at least one metal component so a little care is needed when cleaning – make sure you don’t use any chemicals which could tarnish the finish, so you’re not left disappointed.

Hot water and appropriate disinfectants are usually a safe bet, and make sure that you wash off any residue chemicals after you’re done to be sure not to irritate any sensitive skin areas.


As a lot of the clamps are metal, it’s very important that they’re kept dry, especially if you’ve just washed them using water or a water based cleaning product.

To keep them dry and scratch free, it’s a good idea to get a nice storage bag which you just keep that individual clamp in; keeping too many metal toys in the same container means they can be more prone to scratching and even rusting. If you’re buying them as a gift for someone, a nice storage bag is a great way to give them!

How long should you leave nipple clamps on for? 

The standard advice is not leave nipple clamps on for any longer than 20 minutes. Having said that, I’d suggest trying for 2-3 minutes at a time for beginners just so that you’re used to the sensation, particularly if you’re using a clamp that also attaches to the clit.

Recommended for

We all have nipples (or at least the vast majority of us do) so honestly, anyone can use nipple clamps. Often it’s the case that women will find their nipples are more intensely erogenous, but guys should certainly explore with them as well, especially if they haven’t tried! They’re a fun and simple way to spice up your sex life and introduce other forms of sensory stimulation.

If you’re yet to give them a go, they’re hardly that much of a financial commitment – buy a pair and thank us later!


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