The 10 Best Sex Toy Cleaners For Sanitisation

Are sex toy cleaners necessary? 

In a word, yes. It’s not often the type of thing occasional sex toy users think to buy, but even if your dildo sees the light of day once in a blue moon, it’s still very highly recommended that you get your hands on a specific sex toy cleaner. 


How many sex toy cleaners do you need? One for each toy? 

Many toy cleaners are incredible for use across all toys. Some toys such as custom ones or those with very specific materials may require a specialised cleaner, however 99% of toys can be cleaned with the same wipe or spray. 

I’ve purposefully chosen ones in this guide that are as multi-functional across toy types/matrerials as possible. 

Best For Beginners

Lovehoney Fresh Toy Cleaner 8.5 fl.oz

Best Wipes

Lovehoney Fresh Biodegradable Sex Toy & Body Wipes (25 Count)

Best Overall

Sliquid Shine Organic Intimate Toy Cleaner 8.9 fl.oz

My Ten Favourite Sex Toy Cleaners (For Deep-Cleaning In Particular)

Feel funky fresh with the Lovehoney Toy Cleaner! This spray will keep all your favourite toys, no matter the material, clean, safe and ready to use time and time again! With a spray before and after usage alongside your regular cleaning routine, you are guaranteed to have toys that will be ready for action every single time.

With this large 8.5 fl. oz bottle, you can have fun with the peace of mind that you won’t run out of toy cleaner for a long time, and with a pleasant fresh smell, you can have funky fresh fun without the funky smell!

This spray will give your fleshlights and other realistic toys a good flesh wash! With antibacterial properties, this cleaner provides a deep clean into all the nooks and crannies and makes your masturbation or sex toys safe to use every time!

This spray is easy to use. All you need to do is spray it on, wipe your toy clean and then leave it to dry, and that’s it! You’re ready and raring to go over and over!

Thrust your way to cleanliness with this fantastic sex toy renewer powder! Do your toys feel different compared to when you first bought them? Are they not as soft? Are they no longer as realistic? Well, don’t worry any longer; with a bit of magic sprinkle of this renewer powder, your toys will be feeling as good as new!

The renewer powder will not only make your toys feel as good as they did when you first bought them, but they will give your special toys that little extra TLC that they deserve.

Keep yourself, and your toys clean one wipe at a time with these biodegradable sex toy and body wipes! We have all been there, wanting to have more than one round, but you don’t have anything to hand to dry yourself with. Well, with the Lovehoney Fresh Biodegradable Body Wipes, you will always be able to clean yourself thoroughly!

These wipes are not only for you or your lover but can be used to clean your sex toys as well. Giving them a quick wipe will ensure they are kept nice and clean and ready for use over and over again. The use of these wipes on your sex toys should not replace your regular cleaning routine, but they are helpful between sessions.

The last thing you want is a dirty fleshlight, so keep it nice and clean with this fleshlight renewer powder. Not only will it keep your fleshlight fresh, but it will keep the delicate sleeves that give it that realistic feel supple and soft.

This renewer powder can be shaken over all of your realistic toys after your usual cleaning routine and then left to air dry; doing so leaves them ready to be used whenever you want!

Get your foam on with this very effective foam based cleaner! Suitable for all sex toy materials to give a deep clean in all of the hard to get places. Once sprayed, the foam will expand on contact to spread all over the toy and to provide full coverage!

The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree with this cleaner; with a fresh green apple scent, you can tempt your Adam or Eve with your clean apple-scented toys.

“Oh, Lelo!” This cleaner will definitely catch your eye while simultaneously not drawing anyone else’s attention to the bottle! With very discreet packaging, this Lelo cleaning spray has subtle messaging on the bottle, reading “Premium Cleaning Spray” so no one will ever know what it is for!

This spray is pH balance safe, meaning you can use it on all your sex toy types and is suitable for all body types as well. With just a few sprays of this cleaner along with your regular cleaning routine, your sex toys will always be as clean as a whistle!

Get in touch with your inner feng shui with this organic toy cleaner! This cleaner doesn’t get much more organic than this, made up of natural antibacterial and antifungal ingredients, such as tea tree and castor oils. Your toys will not only be super squeaky clean but will help the planet as well!

So instead of using harsh chemicals to clean your toys, enjoy the gentle aroma of Tea Tree after cleansing your toys with the Sliquid Shine Organic Intimate Toy Cleaner.

Keep your toys desirable with this swiss navy toy and body cleanser. Keeping your toys and your body refreshed is so important, and with this cleaner, you can achieve that easily! You can use this before and after sex to ensure that your toys are kept in tip-top condition and keep your body nice and fresh.

Just spray onto your toys and along with your regular cleaning routine to make sure your toys and you are kept clean and safe.

“Get the Vac out!” If you have any Vac-U-Lock plugs and attachments that need a little TLC, then this is the powder for you! Not only will this white powder help clean your attachments, but this powder can also help you attach and remove your accessories with a bit more ease.

Travel-sized and packaged with a sprinkler design for easy application, this odourless powder is the best for all of your plugs, suction cups and other toys.

How to Use Sex Toy Cleaners

There are a variety of cleaners out there that are all designed to clean various sex toys and accessories.

Many of these are great for keeping your toys clean, but they shouldn’t replace your regular cleaning routine and should always be used alongside that regime – not instead of it.



Prices differ depending on what type or size cleaner you want. For example, the Vac-U-Lock Powder 1oz costs $8.99, which is a steal because you don’t need to use a lot of it, and you only need it for your plugs and accessories, so you won’t need to use it all of the time.

You are also paying for the longevity of the cleaning product, so the bigger the bottle, the bigger the price, but the longer it will last.



Just make sure to keep your cleaning products clean of any debris or dust, as this can contaminate the contents inside. If you are using a cleaner that touches your used toys, make sure to wipe the cleaner off too so that you are not spreading any bacteria.


It is crucial with cleaning products to make sure you are storing them correctly. This storage includes:

  • Make sure the lid or seals are on correctly,
  • The main packaging isn’t damaged or has any holes, 
  • Keep them in a cool, dry place so they last longer.


Recommended For 

These sex toy cleaners are for literally anyone who is using a toy of some design. Whether it’s a dildo to a butt plug, there is a cleaner for you. It’s just a matter of being aware of what cleaner is suitable for your toy and using them accurately. 

Like SexyFoxyRedhead says about the Lelo Premium Cleaning Spray, “This toy cleanser is not cheap..but you get what you pay for. Smells great, does the job, and because it’s Lelo branded, you know it’ll keep your Lelo toys in fab condition. Spent the money because I’d like to keep my Lelo toys in good condition.”


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