How To Make A Homemade Butt Plug (DIY Guide)

Where do you start with making a butt plug?

Making sex toys at home is a great way to experiment, save money, and get a little bit freaky. There are a whole host of sex toys that you can make, from fleshlights to dildos, and a popular one to try to conjure up yourself is a butt plug!

In this article, we go into some of the details of how you might make one, to help inspire you on the increase sexual desire next step of your homemade sex toy journey.

Are homemade butt plugs safe?

In short, not entirely – it is very difficult to ensure that your homemade butt plug will be completely safe for use.
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Those made by manufacturers go through a very long testing process to ensure that the materials are safe for human use, that they won’t disintegrate inside you, that they’re non-toxic. No one has those facilities for testing in their own home, so it will never be as safe as a good quality bought option.

This article can’t promise that any of the options we go through below will be completely safe, you should take every precaution before you use them, and make sure that you’re happy with the risk!

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That being said, if you’re careful, you can make a butt plug that is relatively safe. That is to say that while it won’t be quite as risk free as a bought option, it will still be unlikely to cause serious injury, provided that you take the appropriate precautions outlined below.

We can’t promise that nothing bad will happen, but with a bit of common sense and a heart for adventure, you should be fine.


One of the most important concerns surrounding the making of a butt plug is hygiene. This is the same with any sex toy really, but it’s far easier to ensure that a bought butt plug made from silicone or steel is clean than it is with say, a cucumber or piece of wood.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure that what you’re putting inside your body is clean is to put a condom over it!

condom image

We recommend this for all the options below not only as it’s safer, but it will probably be more comfortable; condoms are designed for pretty much exactly that purpose after all!

Sharp edges

The other concern apart from hygiene is putting anything inside of you that has potentially harmful sharp edges.

Vegetables should be relatively safe in this regard – a cucumber is soft enough that even if there is an edge, it won’t do much harm to your body. With a wooden butt plug however, it’s a different story; if you’ve cut it in such a way that has left any edges, it could very easily tear your anus – which is not something you want to try to explain at the hospital!

In short, carefully check anything you’re about to stick up there for any sharp corners, it’ll only take a minute and could save you hours or days of pain.

5 ways of making a butt plug at home

1. Vegetables

Perhaps the simplest way of making a butt plug is by using a vegetable which is already of an appropriate shape. If you need inspiration, you can either google some pictures, or even better, go to your local grocery store and wander the isles.

Vegetables come in all shapes and sizes, so you’re pretty sure to find one that’s the shape and consistency you desire! Some good options can be carrots, cucumbers, and sweet potatoes – each has its own merits, so you can decide which suits you the best.

Vegetables are also incredibly easy to carve. If you want to change it drastically, you can take a kitchen knife to it and get creative. Vegetables are of course very cheap, so it really doesn’t matter if things get a little out of hand – just grab another and start again! For the finer details, you can get your peeler out and shave it down, to make the finer adjustments.

Once you have a shape and size that you think you’re happy with, roll a condom over it (much as you’d put one on a penis,) lube up with plenty of lubricant and you’re ready to go! Make sure you leave enough length on the plug so that you don’t lose it up there – a common but very annoying mistake to make!

2. Wood

Making a butt plug from wood is slightly more of a serious undertaking, but the results can be incredible. Some of the first sex toys ever made were from wood, and for good reason! You can make pretty much any shape, and it’ll be durable – if cared for properly, this won’t be a one-use wonder like some vegetable options, it could be something you have for a little while! As a result of the comparable durability of wood, it is far trickier than carving a vegetable, and may require some more specialist tools.

First of all, choose what wood you want to use. While a hardwood like oak may last very slightly longer than some softwoods, it’ll be brittle and very tricky to carve. You may want to explore with soft wood options first, as they’ll be far easier to carve. You can either try using a chisel, or just a pen knife.

You can also buy special wood carving knives for not too much at all, and who knows, you may gain a new hobby out of it! Once you’ve carved the block or stick into the rough shape you want, it’s a good idea to sand it smooth – remember what we said about sharp edges! This may take a little while, but it’s important to get it just perfect.

3. Clay

Clay is another very artsy way to make a butt plug, which can yield some just incredible results! You don’t need a whole host of studio equipment and a kiln to fire the end piece – you can buy clay which can be fired in an oven at home for next to nothing! Likewise, you don’t need a turning wheel; while it might be nice, and could certainly help you make some perfect butt plugs, it isn’t a necessity.

One way of making things from clay without a turning wheel is by using the coiling technique. You’ll roll your clay into thin rolls, then coil those rolls into the desired shape! If you want to do it in an even simpler way, just take your ball of clay and form it into the desired butt plug shape by hand – there’s really no wrong way to do it.

There are two things to be careful of though: one, make sure that you don’t leave any sharp edges – when clay hardens, it really does get very hard, and could easily cut you! Two, leave a big, flared base, otherwise you risk it getting sucked up inside of you.

4. Wax

Wax is similar in some ways to clay, in that you can make it malleable, and then set it again. There are several levels of commitment to the wax butt plug method. If you want an easy, quick method, you can just take a big candle, and go from that. If this is your chosen method, you’ll want to boil some water, and place the candle in it for a few seconds.

When you take it out, it should be soft – you don’t want it to be too soft, or it’ll start dripping! Get it just right, and you’ll be able to shape it with your fingers and thumbs, until it hardens again. Repeat the process until you have the desired shape!

If you want to get more creative, you can buy beeswax pellets, melt them down, and pour them into a mold. This is more complex than the aforementioned technique, and making your mold will be an art in itself – if you like working with wax though, it might make a nice day of arts and crafts!

5. Your hand

If you want something that requires very little (but still some) preparation, and will always be with you, try using your hand! Fingering and even fisting yourself can be amazing, and produce similar, potentially even more pleasurable results than a butt plug! The thing about your hand is that unlike a butt plug, you can adjust it as you go to hit all the good spots, and avoid any of the painful ones.

Before you start, you do need to prep your hands. Start by cutting your nails, making sure to leave no sharp edges at all – once you’ve cut them, give them a little file, treat it as an excuse for a quick manicure! Once the nails are short, make sure you completely clean your hands; even once they’re cleaned, you may want to wear a rubber glove, or a condom over the fingers you intend on using.

You can start off with one finger, and slowly work your way up to a fist as you get more comfortable with it! The only limitation might be the flexibility of your wrist and indeed your whole body – we’re all different, so only you will know how easy it is to reach round and up there.

If you like this you’ll also like the broader guide to making a sex toy, and even the large butt plugs for stretching run-down.


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