How To Make a Homemade Penis Pump (DIY Guide)

The bigger, the better is a phrase that comes to mind for anyone wanting to use a penis pump. We live in a world where people want the biggest and the fastest things available, and if you want a bigger cock fast, then a penis pump is something either you live by or desperately need to try out!


What is a Penis Pump? 

A traditional shop bought penis pump is technically called a Vaccum Constriction Device. It was basically invented so that men could keep an erection for longer, and making them look larger was just an added bonus. 

Penis pumps are made from a clear plastic tube that is placed over your cock and then pumped via the capabilities of air or water to create the suction, which then increases the sensation. Penis pumps are great for those that struggle with erectile dysfunction. It won’t say that it makes your cock bigger on the box, but because of the pressure and the enlargement of your cock to its total capacity, your penis will certainly look bigger! 

But what if you want a penis pump, but you can’t afford the shop versions? Is there another way to help make your cock look bigger? Well, yes, actually, there is. You can actually make your very own penis pump right from your sofa at home, and we are going to tell you how to do just that!


Making Your Own Homemade Penis Pump 

First off, making a penis pump is all about the suction; that is what drives these things to do what they do. So how do you create that suction from the comfort of your own four walls? Well, here are a few different ways that you can safely design a vacuum suction device for your penis: 

For your general Penis Pump shopping list, you will need:

  • Some sort of tape – sellotape will do, 
  • A Plastic bottle (that is big enough to fit your penis),
  • Cutting equipment (such as a knife or scissors),
  • Vacuum with a nozzle,
  • Cotton pads and some gauze.

Now that you have your tools to create your own homemade penis pump, you next have to decide whether you are going to have water operated one or a vacuum one. 


Creating a Homemade Water Penis Pump 

Water-based pumps are probably the most popular type of DIY penis pumps to create just because they are easy to make and are highly effective at a low cost. 

All you need to do is attach the plastic seal to the end of the container by screwing it on or making another seal. Then you fill your container with water. Once you get your penis erect and place it inside the container, press it against your body and then start to squeeze the tube to begin letting some of the air out. 

If done correctly, it should create a suction kind of pressure around your cock and just keep squeezing until you are happy with the hardness of your cock. Make sure to take care when using a homemade penis pump, as going too aggressively with the suction can lead to you injuring yourself.


Creating a Homemade Vacuum Penis Pump 

Making a vacuum penis pump, although still pretty easy and only taking roughly ten minutes to create, you will need some more supplies, most of which you will probably have in your home already, you will need:

  • A low to medium-powered vacuum, 
  • Sandpaper, 
  • Sports drink bottle,  
  • Sheet of neoprene,  
  • Glue or insulation tape.

Making the vacuum penis pump starts off by making a circle mark on the bottom of the sports bottle, then cutting along it. Then just smooth over those cut edges with the sandpaper. 

Place a round object over the neoprene sheet and trace around it to create a disc, and then cut a hole out of the middle. Attach this disc to the open side of the bottle you just made and glue or stick it down with the tape. 

Finally, put your vacuum end into the bottle lid end of the drinks bottle and begin to suck away! 

Both the water and vacuum pump have similar levels of suction, so it is up to you really which one you think is best for you and your penis.


Are Homemade Penis Pumps Safe? 

Like anything that involves your sensitive areas, just be careful and mindful of what you’re doing. If you are planning on creating a homemade penis pump, make sure to do the correct amount of research.

You can start by watching a bunch of YouTube videos, read blogs like this one and get the right amount of knowledge first before setting off and sticking your dick into anything around the house! 

Whilst you are pumping, just be sensible with the amount of squeezing you are doing. No one wants a bruised penis or to burst a blood vessel; that would not be good. Other issues, if you are not careful, can lead to painful ejaculations, red dots on your dick and all-around just plain discomfort. 

So, if you are going to make your very own DIY penis pump, please pump carefully and responsibly at all times. It is for your own pleasure and enjoyment, and trust us; you’ll thank us in the end! Happy pumping!

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