How To Make A Fleshlight At Home

Where do you start when making a fleshlight yourself? 

There are plenty of sex toys that you can make at home, but one of the best to get creative with is the fleshlight.

There are plenty of reasons you might want to do it! Whether you’re just looking for a DIY project in general, you’re home alone and want to use one in the next couple of minutes, or you just want to save some money, there’s bound to be some inspiration for you in the advice given below.


Here are my favourite fleshlights if you read this guide and don’t want to make one at home! 

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What you need to know about making a home sex toy 

Lube, lube, and more lube

The most important element of making a successful fleshlight is using plenty of lube. You can buy the most expensive fleshlight on the market, made using the fanciest materials, and it will still feel uncomfortable if it’s not adequately lubricated.

Make sure that you use a suitable lube with the components of your homemade fleshlight; if you have a condom or glove in it, it’s probably safest to use water-based lubes to ensure that any latex parts don’t break down. 


Keeping it clean

It’s very important to keep your fleshlight clean. Lots of the options we’ll go through could be used once, then deconstructed and washed – this is certainly a good idea, as it’s very important for your sexual health that everything is washed out properly after each use.

If you’re using latex gloves or condoms, it’s best to replace them after each go – they’re not designed for multiple uses, and will start to break down and rip reasonably quickly. Latex gloves are so cheap, it’s worth buying them in bulk if you’re serious about your fleshlight journey, so you don’t run out for a while! 


Recommended for

Honestly, fleshlights can be incredibly stimulating and pleasurable for anyone with a penis. I can’t recommend them enough – they don’t have to be complex, just something to offer a softer, more interesting alternative to your hand, and let’s face it, after so many years, your hand can get a little boring.

Loads of people use them, so if you think there’s any stigma, seriously don’t – you’re missing out on so much, it’s just not worth it!



As you’re about to see below, there are so many ways of making fleshlights at home, most of them incredibly easy, that you really don’t have an excuse not to experiment and play about with various methods. Each one will create a slightly different sensation, and you won’t find which one is your favourite until you’ve tried them all!  

If the first one you try doesn’t quite feel right, don’t be put off – you’re almost certain to find one that gets you going in just the right ways.

This is your time to shine creatively, so while you should certainly try the methods listed in this how-to, use them for inspiration, and make your own iterations and designs which you can then share with the world! 


10 ways to make a functioning fleshlight alternative at home 

1. Glove and a towel

This is one of the more popular ways of making a fleshlight at home, and it really couldn’t be much easier. Take a towel – it can be any size but a smaller one might be more manageable.

Fold it in half or thirds, so that in its narrower dimension it’s around 8-10 inches wide, and place a condom or latex glove at one end. Next, you simply roll up the towel, and hold it all together with some elastic bands.

You can change how tight the hole is by how tightly you roll up the towel, and also how tight the elastic bands are! If you really want to make it tight, you can try to find some tighter elastic, or just place more and more elastic bands on until you get to your desired strength.


2. Banana

This one is extremely simple, and the only requirement is that you have a banana of the desired circumference! Simply cut off one of the ends, and squeeze/spoon all of the fruit from inside of it. Don’t be too fussed about washing all of the fruit out – anything that remains will be nice fruity lube.  

By now, it should look pretty self-explanatory – just get inside the banana and get going! You can also put a condom inside the banana if it doesn’t look appealing, but honestly, just enjoy it – it’s nice to get messy sometimes. 


3. Tube and two sponges

This is another classic, and for good reason – it works really, really well! The outer container will be a tube, something like a pringles can or a tennis ball container, with a wide entrance and pretty similar in diameter all the way down.

Inside that container, you’ll place two slightly wet sponges – a lot of people use washing up sponges, but honestly, any sponge will do! Into the gap between these sponges you’ll insert a latex glove or condom, pulling it over the edges of the tube to make it stay in place. Simply lube up, stick it in, and enjoy!


4. Cushion + bed

This one is great for if you’re pretty desperate, but can be good fun no matter how horny you are! Simply get on your knees, put your penis between your mattress and a cushion, press down with your hand, and pump away.

It’s a pretty good idea to wear a condom or pump into a latex glove, otherwise you’ll leave a considerable mess. A condom or glove will also make it more comfortable, and allow you to lube up a little! 


5. Pool noodle + soft sweets

This one requires a little more specialist equipment (not everyone has a pool noodle just hanging around,) but if you can pull it off, the results are pretty amazing! You’ll want to cut a section off the pool noodle, around 8-10 inches, or just a couple of inches longer than your penis when erect. 

Then you’ll want to cut slots in the internal walls of the noodle section, so that you can place the soft sweets in them. Gummy bears work well, but anything of that nature is suitable, and a variety will add to the sensations it creates. Just put a condom or latex glove inside, lube up, and you’re ready to get pumping! 


6. Cucumber

This is a similar idea to the banana creation really, just slightly trickier to pull off. You want to pick a big one that’s not too ripe, and then after cutting the end off, try to scoop out the middle.

You may find that it’s too firm – if this is the case, cut it lengthwise into two pieces, carve it out, and then tape it back into one piece when you’re finished! Cucumbers are mostly water, and don’t need much lube, but you can always add some if you like! 


7. Roll of toilet paper

This is another absolute classic, and is incredibly cheap and easy to set up. Get a roll of toilet paper, pull out the cardboard centerpiece, and squish it down.

Put a condom or rubber glove through the middle, lube up, and you’re ready to go! It doesn’t feel quite as good as the other options on this list, but it’s cheap, and almost everyone has spare toilet paper at home. 


8. Water and cornstarch

While this method takes a little more effort to carry out, apart from the fruit and veg options, it’s the only one that doesn’t involve some sort of latex or rubber component. If you’re allergic to latex, that could throw up some issues, so in the name of accessibility, here we go! 

Get a big glass such as a pint glass, into which you’ll put 100g of cornstarch with 100g of water. Mix, and place in the microwave for a minute. Take it out, make a hole of the desired size, then microwave again for half a minute until it’s of the desired consistency, et voila! You’re ready to go.


9. Soft toy

This one does involve desecrating a soft toy, but if you’re in the mood, you might just think that it’s worth it!

Take a soft toy, and make a small hole in it. If you want it to be usable more than just the once, it’s a good idea to wear a condom or rubber glove. Other than that, it’s pretty self-explanatory – place your member in the condom or glove, put it in the hole, and get pumping! You can get soft toys very cheap, from almost anywhere, so it should be easy to source one.


10. Socks and a glove

Last but not least, we have another great method, using three socks and a rubber glove. Lay two of the socks on top of one another, with the latex glove or condom in between. Roll the edges of the glove or condom back over the socks slightly, to help hold it all together.

Then, over the other end you’ll roll your third sock, so that both ends are structurally sound! Lube up, and enjoy – at least this time you’ll know exactly where your socks have gone missing.

Also if you’re making these at home and need to hide them for whatever reason, take a look at the other guide I’ve written on where to hide a sex toy at home (so that you don’t have to worry about anyone finding your hand-crafted contraption!). You can also see my guide to the best tight fleshlights too!


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