8 Ways to Make Money on Pornhub in 2022

Porn has never been so easy to access wherever you want, whether you are just feeling a little horny and need some alone time or you want to spice up your sex life and get some inspiration. Pornhub has become the place to go for quick, free thrills online. 

Years ago, pornography or even being in the porn industry was something to be ashamed of, to watch in secret and was a taboo subject around the dinner table. But for the last few years, porn has been seen as a legitimate way to make money and is something that we all know about and accept in today’s world. 

Whether you are a trained, professional pornstar who works in porn as a full-time job or an amateur looking to make some extra money on the side, porn is accessible and profitable for everyone.


For anyone completely new to this world – what is Pornhub and why is it so popular? 

Before we go any further and discuss how to make money on Pornhub, we might need to explain what Pornhub is, but we’re guessing most of you may already have some idea by now. 

Pornhub.com was created back in 2007 and was seen as the YouTube for the adult-entertainment industry; from soft to hardcore porn, you can access any sort of kink or fantasy you want. 

Viewers could even watch and wank for free! Making it one of the largest pornographic video-sharing platforms in the whole world.


How much does Pornhub pay, and what can I expect to earn?

It’s not uncommon for creators to make 6 figures a year, and live off their Pornhub profile. However, like with most things, this often the exception and not the rule. I surveyed 53 Pornhub creators, and the average monthly earnings were $463. Certainly not bad for a side gig! 

And, don’t forget, this is just on Pornhub too. Many creators work across multiple platforms, so it’s easy to see how earnings can grow quite quickly once you’ve established an audience. 


Does Pornhub pay for video views, and if so, how much? Are you paid for every view of your video? 

For your own content being viewed, Pornhub works in a very similar way to most streaming services in terms of how its creators are paid. The rate is calculated based on RPM, or revenue per thousand page views. The latest data shows that this was just under o.7 cents in 2020, so I’d expect this to now be higher in 2022. 


Safety On Pornhub – How do you stay safe as a creator, and what safeguards are in place on the platform? 

So are you considering making content on Pornhub for money? That’s great! But the first thing before you start your Pornhub journey is to consider your safety whilst on there. You are about to put a lot of yourself out there, but that doesn’t mean you have to open up everything. 

Personal details like your real name or where you live, or even the area approximate to where you live are all details you don’t want to reveal online because strangers are watching you at the end of the day, and you don’t know who is behind the screen. 

Also, when you start to set up your Pornhub account, make sure to create a brand new email address that you use solely for Pornhub business and socials because the last thing you want is to be hacked and lose everything you’ve worked so hard for.


Making Money on Pornhub – Where do you even start? 

You are ready to make your mark on the Pornhub world, but how do you actually make an income from it? Well, the first thing to note is you don’t have to pay a joining fee; uploading your content onto Pornhub is entirely 100% free!

So you can create an account whenever you like without the worry of having to commit to a fee to do so. 

Next, if you feel like doing actual porn scenes with a partner or a co-star is too much pressure, don’t worry! You can still make money on Pornhub all by yourself, perhaps through self-pleasure or dirty talk videos. 

Whatever you are comfortable sharing with others, you can upload it and start making money from it as long people like it, regardless of its content. Remember, there is a kink out there for everybody!

Now there are different ways in which you can make money on Pornhub, and they are very similar to how you make money on content sites like YouTube.


8 Different Ways to Make Money on Pornhub

1. Ad Revenue 

You may think you just need to upload a video, and voila! You are making money. But it’s unfortunately not that simple. Once you have uploaded your video, you need to get people to see it, and with over 3 billion visitors to Pornhub every month, you should have plenty of eyes to choose from. 

But to help you catch the eyes of so many people and make money from it, you can use Ad Revenue. This is where you put an ad in your video either before it starts or at the end, and you then get paid by people watching your content or clicking on the ad in your video. 

On Pornhub, with Ad Revenue set up, you can look to make approximately 50p per 1000 views if your content is free to watch. 

2. Video Sales

Pornhub does have a sister, and she’s called Modelhub. Now on Modelhub, you can actually sell your videos. What we mean by this is someone has to pay to download your video before they even see it, and you instantly get money from that transaction. 

On Modelhub, you can look to earn around 80% commission on any video sales that you make, but just remember, if you have the same video on your Pornhub site, people can just watch that for free instead of paying to download it. So it’s worth keeping the downloaded content separate and unique from your Pornhub free to watch content.

3. Custom Videos

Custom videos are one of the biggest ways to earn good money on Pornhub, and that’s because you can set your fee for whatever that viewer is requesting. Fulling these requests can have you looking to make around 65% commission on any custom video that you produce. 

The other bonus of making custom content for your fanbase is that you will gain more loyal viewers because you have satisfied that fan’s fantasy meaning you have got their attention and respect. This should mean that they’re likely to come back and ask you to make more custom videos for them too. 

4. Tips and Fan Clubs

Making money on Pornhub and Modelhub is by gaining a following. The more popular you get, the more likely you are to get more money from custom requests and people downloading your videos. In addition, having a loyal following also means that you can get tipped by your fans for your content. 

Also, on Modelhub, you can have a feature called a Fan Club, which, when you have become a verified model, you can keep around 80% commission on any tips that you make from your fans. Much like with your video content on the free side pf things, you can also then export your content on OnlyFans and its alternatives. Get your content out there! 

5. Referrals 

Word of mouth is a vital tool in any career, and the same goes for pornstars. By referring another model to join Pornhub, you can earn an easy £35 just for getting them on there. 

Then when you become a verified user yourself, you get given a referral code that you can use to share on any platform to reach others, maybe even influence fans to come to join Pornhub, and you get paid every single time for that!

6. Pornhub Premium 

This is the ad-free, subscription premium on Pornhub, which is great for fans because they can consume your content without adverts, but don’t worry, you still get paid, and you get paid a hell of a lot better. When you upload your paid videos to Pornhub Premium, you can add a box saying “viewable on premium”. 

When people do this, you can expect to make approximately £35-£40 per 1000 views, which if you remember from the free version Ad Revenue, you were only receiving 50p, so that is a huge pay rise for you as a content creator!

7. Contest Prizes 

Who doesn’t love a good prize? Well, with Pornhub, you can enter monthly prize draws and contests that are themed differently every month, and you can win big money. In some contests, you can win around £140k, if not more! 

Contest Prizes are a great way to win some extra money and get your fans involved as some are rating-based, so having your fans interact with you during these contests will help your overall popularity and earnings on Pornhub.

8. Export your videos to partner sites 

You may want to still earn extra money and not just through Pornhub. With Export to Partners, you can add the same content you’re doing on Pornhub to other porn sites like Redtube or Youporn. 

By turning on your Auto-Exports feature on Pornhub, you can instantly export all your videos to these partner sites, which give you even more pounds per video, and who doesn’t like having more money?

Promoting your Pornhub Profile – Which type of content is best to promote? 

Another way to make money on Pornhub isn’t actually on Pornhub itself. Promoting yourself and your brand over all social platforms is the best way to get you and your content out there to the masses and to earn some serious money. 

Using platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook and Twitter cleverly so that you’re not going to get blocked or shadowbanned is critical. For example, you could try creating a lingerie page where you can do some modelling and show off different adult brands to get brand deals, which can lead you to some serious contracts with big names like Lovehoney or maybe even Ann Summers.

How to Stand Out on Pornhub As A Creator 

There are millions of creators on Pornhub, from 5-star pornstars to newbies with a shaky camcorder, all looking to make their mark and earn some cash. But how do you stand out from all of that competition? 

The secret is to be different, find a niche style of porn or a look that may not have been tried before and sell that; there are always gaps in the market; you just have to find them. 

Finding a kink that is popular with a particular fanbase but isn’t as easy to find or isn’t too obvious will help you build your own fanbase. This cult following of loyal fans will want to keep coming back to your content because yours is one of a few that fulfils their kink, and you can gain real traction this way.

How Can You Get Paid on Pornhub? 

Before you can take money out, you have to have earned at least £100 before you are eligible for a payout from Pornhub. But once you have done that, there are different payment methods that Pornhub accept:

  1. Direct deposit,
  2. Cosmo,
  3. CryptoCurrency,
  4. Paxum,
  5. Paper Cheque.

There are so many different payment methods that you will never have to worry about not getting paid for your hard work!

Final Thoughts

So if you think that you want to start your new venture into the world of porn, then maybe consider Pornhub as a starting point. With its security features to keep you safe and its trustworthy payment system, Pornhub is a well-oiled machine when it comes to looking after its content creators! 

But remember, the porn industry isn’t for everyone. If you decide that it’s not for you, then that is completely okay too; it is a lifestyle, and just like any content creator, whether that’s on Pornhub or YouTube, making content takes time, effort and money. So make sure to look through all your options, do your research and decide whether the Pornhub life is for you.


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