The 15 Best OnlyFans Alternatives in 2022

OnlyFans is a paid, subscriber-only platform, so webcam models and celebrities can advertise their OnlyFans just like on Instagram or Twitter, but people have to buy a subscription to view your posts and feed. This is a great way to follow your favourite celeb or cam model and invest in their work and help them by paying for a subscription to see raunchy content. 

OnlyFans has also popularised earning your own money at home without going into the “normal” nine to five job and has revolutionised the idea of sex work and content creation of all levels – from sexy images to promoting your music and getting people to pay to see your content!


Why would you want to choose an alternative to OnlyFans?

In August 2021, OnlyFans changed their rules to be banning explicit content on their platform, which put a bad taste in all of the webcam models or sex workers mouths who use this platform to earn a living.

Although that decision has been suspended due to backlash, it has really put a lot of viewers and creators off using OnlyFans and are now looking for alternative places to watch or create their content. 

Also, there is only so much that you can do on OnlyFans, so finding an alternative site so you can explore more long-form videos or different commission rates is attractive to content creators.


Can You Put The Same Content on Other Sites If It’s Already On OnlyFans? 

There are so many places now where you can distribute your content. Because you are your own boss and you are your brand, you can use the same content over different sites and to diverse audiences. The market has expanded so much that you can easily find new viewers with the same interests. 

The only downside to that is, at some point, you may bore more loyal viewers if you are producing the same content over different sites, which could affect your income and your popularity. You need to keep up with the trends and what the more popular webcam creators are doing to stay relevant and earn big money!


What Content Can You Post? 

The best thing about these platforms is that you are in complete control over what you post, and creators can post as little as they want and include anything from eating different things to foot or hand images. If creators want to step it up a notch, you can even post pictures and videos of explicit and adult-themed content. 

You can post everything and anything you like and gain a popular following no matter what your niche is. As long as you are entertaining, have great quality content and have a positive attitude, you will go far!


15 OnlyFans Alternatives To Check Out


1. hiBeam

hiBeam is a brand new app that you can use on your android and IOS devices to talk and manage all kinds of messaging. Very much like OnlyFans, you can focus on managing your messaging, responding to your DMs, comments and requests all in one place, rather than trying to keep up with all your messages on separate platforms. 

It’s still very brand new, so jumping on this early could mean that you’re one of the first to use it, and you can become popular pretty quickly rather than trying to catch up to other people and their content.


2. Fanhouse

Fanhouse is the perfect SFW alternative to an OnlyFans. Fanhouse also does monthly subscriptions and allows your fans and viewers to request custom content from you and give direct tips to your account. There are amazing features like housechat and fanwall where you can really be one on one with your fans to provide them with that personal attention. 

This site is designed so you can do explicit content safely and has a large platform for other content so you can ultimately be yourself and have space to be creative. With them only taking 10% commission, it gives you the opportunity to be a big earner.


3. Spore

With paid membership options just like OnlyFans, on Spore, you can connect to your supportive viewers and fans, and they can pay you to entertain them. But Spore can provide you with more than OnlyFans because you can manage everything directly from your own Spore website. 

You can grow and interact with your community and develop your brand; whether that’s starting a podcast or sharing posts, the world is your oyster with what you want to create and the content you want to share.


4. TipSnaps

Whether you are a tiny creator fish or a giant content shark in the sea, you can join TipSnaps instead of OnlyFans because this platform is all about promoting and supporting you and your content, no matter your level of popularity.

With monthly subscriptions, payment per post and paid private messaging, there a opportunities to earn left, right and centre. TipSnaps doesn’t run any ads and only takes a small 10% commission fee giving you room to make a side gig or a full-time wage! 


5. Vanywhere

Like OnlyFans, Vanywhere is available on iOS and Android devices and lets you connect with your viewers with personal paid video calls, exclusive content and premium DMs. You can now connect on a whole new and personal level with Vanywhere. 

You are also able to set your own rates for the videos and voice calls, and with the monthly subscriptions, you can instantly start earning a wage. You can also have your own digital wallet where you can see how much you’ve made right away.


6. JustForFans

A perfect alternative to OnlyFans, if you are on the more adult-themed content side, then JustForFans is great because this platform allows you to focus on your adult content solely. 

With privacy policies to keep you safe as you entertain your fans via private chats, videos and calls, you can enjoy your performance and get paid for it. With their 15% commission rates for exclusive performers, it will become your goal to be one of the top creators on JustForFans.


7. AVN Stars 

If you are a fan of TikTok or Instagram and want an alternative to OnlyFans, then AVN Stars is excellent because you can share your content through different features like stories, clips, lives and many more! 

People can watch some of AVN Stars content for free, but after you go over a specific range, viewers then have to pay anything from $5 to watch your favourite content, giving the creator the inspiration to keep making exciting videos etc.


8. Loyalfans 

The OnlyFans alternative of your dreams, Loyalfans is the promising newbie site that has been named the Best Emerging Company in September 2021. Loyalfans gives creators the ability to share their unique content whilst earning extra income as you stream. 

Whether you are doing private, one on one content or explicit pictures and videos, you can share yourself with your Loyalfans at any time in any place on your own schedule.


9. Cameo

Whether you are a big celeb or a popular webcam model, Cameo is the perfect alternative site for you instead of OnlyFans. It allows your followers and fans to ask for specific, tailored videos straight from you. Whether they want you to wish them a happy birthday or maybe want something a little more explicit, you will get paid handsomely for it! 

The best thing is you can set your own rates, so as you become more popular and people are asking for more content, you can charge more to give your viewers the feeling they are getting quality personalised content every time, plus you also get 75% commission on anything you make! 


10. HeyWith

HeyWith is another site where you can make content and get money from it. Just like OnlyFans, you can decide what you want to create, whether that’s knowledge, advice or private videos or content that you can share amongst your viewers. 

To make your content even more personable, you can create unique videos directly to a follower, which will allow you to connect with your audience on a more personal level. With this platform, you are set to make yourself a decent amount of money with HeyWith only taking around 20% commission.


11. iFans

Like OnlyFans, iFans is a monthly subscription service, but what makes this one different is that people can sample some of your content for free, and if they like you, they can subscribe for more at a fee that you set. This 

means you know that people are watching and paying for your content because they genuinely like watching you, rather than just consuming content because it’s free. 

This platform promotes paying you per subscription and will only take away 20% leaving the 80% to do with as you wish.


12. Textme

If you have created a growing fanbase and want to stay in touch with them on a deeper level, Textme is an excellent alternative to OnlyFans as it allows you to set a price so that your fans can pay to text you personally. You have your own private phone number to use, so you don’t have to worry about people hacking your personal info. 

Not only that, but it allows you to organise your contacts, and you can decide whether to text back just one follower or many all at once, giving you a little extra money in your pocket.


13. Modelhub

Perfect for adult content, Modelhub was created as an alternative site to OnlyFans. It allows webcam models to sell their adult-friendly content without worrying that it may get taken down or be banned. 

Many people in the porn industry use Modelhub to advertise their porn pages and act as an extra side income on top of the porn they already sell.


14. MYM

“Oui, oui, oui!”. MYM is the first-ever French social media network site. Like OnlyFans, it helps its creators earn money by sharing exclusive content like photos and videos and building their platform with stories and live streams that have a paid subscription service to watch. 

MYM only takes around 17-30% of your commission, so you have 70% or more to bank and use however you want.



Lastly, again is awesome for those users who are looking to follow and talk to webcam models who promote adult content and a bit like OnlyFans. works by users that want to access the private content need to go through a paywall to view that kind of content. also is designed to allow you to talk to your favourite webcam model or creator directly, giving a personal connection. Frisk only takes around 20% commission, so it is a great site to build up money or side hustle.


Psst… If you want to learn more about these types of sites and the money you can earn, check out my OnlyFans Statistics guide – it will truly blow your mind! 


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