How To Make A Sex Toy – Guide For Men & Women

Some people are just DIY through and through, and this can also apply to sex toys! Naturally, buying a sex toy is going to be safer and less time consuming than making one, but that doesn’t mean that a bit of crafty time at home cannot yield the results you’re looking for (which I guess is a fancy way of saying you can certainly make a dildo at home…).

I’ve done a fair bit of research and expended admiration to many DIY’ers who have been able to make their own sex toy in the comfort of their home. So, whether you’re a couple looking for a kinky project together, or if you’re stuck at home for whatever reason and want an arts and crafts distraction, let’s take a look at the different types of sex toys you can make at home and how it can be done.


Homemade dildos are by far the most likely sex toys to be attempted with a bit of DIY. Luckily, a DIY dildo is also the most easiest to make as it can be done with household objects. Just be sure to thoroughly sterilise and use a condom with whichever of the following objects you have lying around the home:

  • Banana
  • Cucumber
  • Large Pens e.g. markers
  • Remotes & Controllers (depends how adventurous you’re feeling!)


You can also head over to Etsy where they have multiple sellers making their own homemade dildos from a wide variety of materials, so if you don’t have the means to completely craft one from scratch then this will certainly scratch the homemade itch!

Finally on this point, and one I’m sure you may have heard of, is the ‘Clone a Willy’ kit. Now, I’ve tried this with my girlfriend and not only was it easy to do, but I’ve heard it’s a lot like the real thing (comes in handy when I need to travel). The kit is relatively cheap and considering you’re getting a dildo that is as lifelike as it comes as a result, I’d say that it’s massively under-priced as the quality far exceeds what both me and my girlfriend were expecting.

It’s also easy, as a guy, to maintain an erection as the kit ‘sets’, so if that is what you’re worried about… don’t be! It’s certainly a bit of fun and still classed under that all-important, dildo DIY ethos.

Butt Plug

Now, with something a bit harder to replicate like a butt plug (and with sex toys in general) I’d always recommend purchasing a starter kit for beginners rather than making one yourself. But, I get that money and just simply discretion is not always favourable for many, therefore the DIY option is often the only way to go.

So, can you actually make a butt plug with household items, and is it safe? Let me be clear. If you’re putting anything in your ass for an extended period of time it needs to be as safe and sanitary as possible, which is why I would always recommend erring on the side of caution and buying from a reputable toy store.

However, when it comes to DIY options there are a few avenues you can explore:

  • Firm fruit & veg (again, make sure it is cleaned thoroughly)
  • Use anal beads a plug (again, they’re not exactly made for sustained wear but they’re much better than anything lying around in the home)


As a huge fan of fleshlights and the owner of several, I feel almost a bit rubbish writing recommendations for a homemade option as the real thing is just so mind-blowingly good.

But, in the interest of providing impartial advice and ensuring that you, dear reader, experiment with adult toys in the name of safety, I’ll provide you with an option I’ve attempted that actually worked out okay.

Okay, so whether you’re well-endowed or not, you’re going to want to opt for a container that is ample enough to take both your girth and length. And, what’s more important is that you need to still have enough room for when you’re sliding the receptacle up and down when you’re actually using the fleshlight! So, in true DIY fashion, I cleaned out a pringles container and it certainly did the job! I got a sponge from under sink, split it into two and put across a glove (latex) to create a material that wouldn’t disintegrate me down below.

Now, all I can say here it to apply a lot of lube, and just go in to not be overwhelmed with the results. This is why I’d recommend just buying the real thing as a pringles can soaked in lube is hardly a subtle toy to hide is it!


Last of all is the vibrator. And obviously I’m going to recommend you use the exterior of your toothbrush to its fullest extent.

Just promise me you’ll wash it thoroughly both before and after use. Many women also opt for the shower head along with the toothbrush to really utilise everything in their bathroom’s arsenal. But hey, the choice is yours!  

Please be advised that I am by no means giving professional advice. This is a post based on the DIY sex toy tips I’ve either tried or have heard worked for others. I only recommend you buy from reputable sex toy sellers and err on the side of caution rather than trying to make your own.


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