Bathmate HYDROMAX7 Penis Pump Review

Will you be feeling 'pumped up' about the HYDROMAX7 after this review?

It’s always nice to be able to increase your size a bit as a guy – both for your own confidence, and for the pleasure of your partner. 

Finding a method that actually works however, is tricky business, so much so that a lot of us don’t even start the search. The HYDROMAX 7 takes away this problem – simply put, it works, and is quite powerful, blowing away a lot of the competition! If you’ve never given penis pumps a chance before, give this one a go – you might be pleasantly surprised.



The main thing to comment on is its power, which is enabled through its use of water over air. It’s 250 times more powerful than your average air pump, and 37% more powerful than the HYDRO7 model – about as much power as you reasonably need! A really nice additional feature is that it has measurement markings on the side, allowing you to track progress without having to whip the ruler out.

You’ll probably find that its use of water means it’s much easier to fit into your routine. If you leave it in the shower and just put it on whenever you wash, it won’t take any time out of your day.

For the best results, it’s advised that it’s used for 3 x 5-minute sessions per day, at least 5 days per week. True, not many people shower 3 times a day, but if you start, you’ll feel extra clean as an added bonus! Used like this, visible results can be seen in 60 days, which isn’t long at all. 

It’s best suited for use on those who are 5-7 inches when erect, with a girth of under 6.5 inches. That means it’s extremely versatile, as the majority of us fit that bracket! It’s comfortable as well – it has a removable pad at the base to both avoid irritation and increase the strength of the seal. 

Of course, results may vary – we’re all built differently, but if you’re on the lookout for a good penis pump, I reckon this may tick all your boxes.  


Build quality

As you’d expect from Bathmate, the quality is good. It needs to be as well, to withstand the suction power it creates. If for some reason there is a fault however, you’re covered by the 2-year warranty, which for the price adds a little peace of mind.



At $159.99, while it’s not exactly cheap, but then I really don’t think that a penis pump is an area you want to scrimp and save in. I personally wouldn’t use anything but the best quality penis pumps, it’s not really something you want going wrong. Therefore, I think the price is good, and shouldn’t make you shy away at all.



  • Power
  • Build quality
  • Measurements on side



  • Honestly – None that I can see!

Recommended For:

  • From beginners to experience pump users, this is a serious all-rounder. There’s a reason why this brand i so respected and the HYDROMAX7 is a top-seller on the sites you can purchase it from. Let the pumping commence! 


With these premium toys I would usually summarise by saying that they’re expensive but worth the price, But in this instance, I wouldn’t even say the pump is expensive given both how it’s made and the features it boasts. Not to mention the end results on your pump-up member…. 

I’ve linked to my wider guide on penis pumps at the starts of this article, but if you’re just wanting to spend a good amount and get one of the best pumps on the market then you seriously can’t go wrong here. 


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