Desire Luxury Remote Control Love Egg Review

Is the Desire Love Egg Vibrator all it's cracked up to be?

If I had to sum up the Desire Love Egg in one word, it would be fun. Its cute size and appearance, along with the whole host of settings, and the wireless remote, means it really can spice up your love life – both on your own or with a partner. Of course, sex toys are a deeply personal thing, and everyone has different preferences, but I have to say, there really is a lot to love about this egg, and not a lot to hate. 



One place where the love egg certainly isn’t lacking is its range of features. If anything, it might have too many – but its simplistic and intuitive design should make working it all out quite easy, for even the least tech savvy of us. It has 8 modes of vibration, each a different pattern, and each of the 8 modes has 12 different speeds of intensity. No matter the mood, there’ll almost definitely be a setting to get you going.

The 8-metre range on the remote opens up a whole host of roleplay and foreplay options with a partner, and also means that with self-use, you can have a truly hands-free experience – for some people, this may be more intensely erotic than hands on. The quoted range of 8 metres is within line of site – if the remote is used in another room, that may drop a lot, or not work at all, but that’s to be expected. It’s rated as waterproof as well, opening up the opportunities for use, and indicative of its high build quality! 

Due to its small size, it’s obviously not the most powerful, but I think that’s to be expected. If you need a lot to climax, don’t consider this a one trick wonder. It does however pack a surprising amount of power in a small package! In addition to that, if you struggle with penetration and larger vibrators, its slender size and tapered end may be perfect for you. 

The discreet travel case and travel lock means it won’t be turning on unexpected while your baggage is being checked – many a sex toy owners’ worst nightmare – which is just another little endearing feature of this great toy!


Build quality

Both the design and quality of this little toy are top notch. The charge lasts long enough for almost everyone, and the additional features like the travel case and lock show the thought that have gone into the design. 



At $89.99, I reckon this toy is well worth having. It’s compact but surprisingly versatile, and has a lot of uses, both alone and with a partner. If you find this sort of thing suits you, you’ll get a whole lot of pleasure from it!


  • Lots of settings
  • Slick design
  • Long battery
  • Great for travel


  • Some find it lacks power

Recommended For:

  • People looking for a toy that is easy to hide, travel with and use both on your own or as a couple. Essentially, if you’re fan of vibrators but sick of wasting money on AA batteries then you can’t go wrong with this rechargeable option! 


Whilst it might not boast anywhere near the insertable length or sheer size as something like the Happy Rabbit vibrator, the Love Egg is still a legend in its own field. 

With Love Eggs sitting in their own category anyway, Desire have blown my mind with what is a rechargeable and improved-upon version of an already well-respected and much-loved today. 

Compliments aside, it’s a sturdy toy that is especially great as a vibrator for couples who just want a simple and discreet option for a bit of vibrating fun. 


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