Lelo Hugo SenseMotion Remote Control Prostate Massager Review

Woah - so there's a remote control prostate massager now? How good is it?


Lelo are renowned for creating brilliant, feature-rich luxury sex toys, and this remote control prostate massager is no different. It’s operable via a remote, but not just any remote; rather than using buttons, it uses SenseMotion technology to detect the movement in your hand, and reflect that movement in the prostate massager!

This provides a unique experience, and means you can get a lot more involved than with buttons – it feels more intuitive and allows for utter concentration on the sensations, rather than focusing on the toy’s operation.

The massager itself is medium-sized and suitable for users of any experience, from beginner to pro. It can be used on its own, or during sex or masturbation for a more intense experience!

The shaft is curved, so as to perfectly target your P-spot with the slightly bulbed insertable end, and the other curved tip is shaped so as to lie perfectly on your perineum. It’s rechargeable, and a single charge will last you for 2 hours – ample for most requirements!


Build quality

As you’d expect from a brand like Lelo, the build quality is absolutely first-class. The toy itself is made from extremely high-quality silk-like silicone, which feels just incredible against the skin – when lubed up with a high-quality, water-based lubricant, it slips on in like a dream. It’s powered by not one but two motors, creating powerful vibrations which stimulate you to new highs. 

It’s submersible as well, so if you want, you can wear it in the bath or shower! As with everything from Lelo, it looks wonderful, the kind of thing you want to just leave on your table to admire whenever you can. 



Lelo toys aren’t known for being cheap, but with this toy currently at %70 off, you can grab an absolute bargain, for $88 instead of the usual $219!

For the quality and sheer luxurious feel of the toy, even $219 would be an acceptable price to pay; these kinds of toys don’t pretend to be cheap, and they’ll last you for life if looked after properly. 


  • The SenseMotion remote offers incredible control
  • The overall shape and design incredibly comfortable and well thought out
  • Very well priced at the current discount
  • Extremely powerful with the dual motors


  • Could have a longer battery life, but 2 hours should be enough for most people

  • If you haven’t tried a prostate massager before, you really should give it a go. It can be a wonderful experience for everyone, and opens up a whole new dimension to sexual pleasure.

    It’s a seriously nice product, and something a little different; if you’re looking to treat either yourself or a special partner, this may be a safe bet for something truly unique.  


A remote control prostate massager is exactly as cool as it sounds, and the Lelo Huge SenseMotion doesn’t disappoint. It doesn’t cost a fortune, is easy to store/hide, and is built to withstand the inevitable heavy usage that you’ll be throwing its way! 

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