Liberator Sex Position Wedge Review

How does the sex position wedge hold up in this review?

Sometimes, sex in a flat, normal bed can become a little uninspiring.

You’ve tried every position under the sun, and are still having a great time, but just want to shake things up a bit.

Maybe you’ve tried an exciting, different angle, but just can’t hold the position comfortably for long enough to really get into it. Maybe you’ve tried out sex swings but they’re just a little but too much of a nuisance to get the hang of. 

If these situations sound familiar, you might be able to benefit from using a sex position wedge! The below review goes into a bit more details about this nice example by liberator – read on to find out more.



The Liberator sex position wedge is a 27 degree angle wedge, with dimensions of 24 x 14 x 7 inches. You can tuck yourself into it to help lift your pelvis to just the right height, placing your body at the perfect angle for deeper penetration and more accurate clitoral contact. The way this simple change of position can increase the stimulatory nature of sex is simply phenomenal – it really can make the biggest difference.

This is just one position of many – you can play around with endless combinations, enabling you to try more intense positions for longer, focusing on yourself and your partner more rather than simply trying to hold yourself in a good pose.

The pink shade, which is exclusive to Lovehoney, can add a lovely bit of colour to the bedroom, and the wedge has uses aside from during sex – for example, it can be used as a back support while lounging back in bed watching a film!

The cover is removable with a handy zipper so that it can be washed separately, which I think is a very nice additional feature. The more it’s washed, the softer the fabric gets, adding to a lovely tactile experience.


Build quality

The wedge is certainly priced at a premium, and that shows in the build quality. From the density of the foam to the quality of the fabric, the experience is a nice one; the velvet fabric is soft and supple, adding a lovely feeling to the bedroom. 



At over $100 it’s not exactly cheap, but it doesn’t break the bank either. I think it would make a lovely present for a partner – it shows caring and will certainly add to the enjoyability of your sex life!


  • Great quality, well thought out angle and design.
  • Practical removable cover for easy washing.
  • Nice, exciting colour.


  • On the pricey side for some, but in my opinion justified by the high build quality.

Recommended For:

  • Any couples who are looking to spice things up a little. If you want to branch out a bit and try out some more stimulating positions, this very may well be the wedge for you. Also a great little helper for anyone who finds fun sexual positions a little sore for their back or muscles!


I’m a huge of fan of anything that allows new sex positions to be a bit easier on my body.

Years of achey joints and neck issues have meant that some of the more adventurous positions can be a strain, so using something like the liberator wedge can be… well, liberating! 


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