The Ten Best Sex Swings For Beginners

What is a sex swing?

Well, aside from the obvious, a sex swing will allow you and your partner to work smarter. Sex swings give you access to your partner in new positions that you may have thought only the most nimble of swingers could enjoy. Sex swings provide you with genital access to your partner, flexing their hips allowing the passive partner to completely relax.

The sex swing essentially makes sex more exciting while taking some of that hard work out, giving you a chance to move more freely and take on more challenging positions. Sex swings can be used for vaginal and anal sex, while also providing some interesting positions for oral too. As mentioned, sex swings can be used for you couples that enjoy a bit of BDSM, as the partner sat in the swing will have little control, acting similarly to bondage. 

Sex swings are also ideal for people with physical impairments or disabilities looking to broaden their sexual positions. If you or your partner suffers from muscular weakness or arthritis, a sex swing can take the load off, giving you more time for pleasure. Sex swings are also perfect for individuals in wheelchairs, allowing you to be hoisted before the fun begins.

Of course, when embarking on a sex swing journey you are going to want to remain as safe you can (or want), after all, you are suspended above the ground.

What are sex swings used for?

There are many ways to spice up the bedroom and a sex swing is a popular option but what is a sex swing? The sex swing is essentially a harness, allowing you and your partner to enjoy sex, with one partner being suspended as the other moves freely. Designs vary from product to product, providing back or bum support, with stirrups for each leg. Think of the sex swing as your own personal assistant, providing passive access while supporting you in a comfortable, position. 

Sex swings are often quite basic in design, with materials ranging from nylon webbing, leather, heavy rubber, and steel. Aside from sex swings, the varied designs can come in the form of sex slings, door sex swings, and body sex swings.

Traditional sex swings are comprised of two straps and two stirrups, with handles and headrests being available on some models. There are even bondage swings out there for you BDSM lovers, so truly something for everyone. These types of sex swings can be installed using ceiling hooks, stands, or even the walls of a hallway. Your traditional sex swing can provide you and your partner with the most amount of varied sexual positions.

For those that want to start swinging a little sooner, door sex swings offer easy installation as they can literally be secured by the door frame. These types of swings can limit the number of sexual positions you can enjoy but are fairly popular thanks to their quick installation.

Novelty is great for the sex life, and nothing says novelty quite like a sex swing.

If you’re just here to find the best one in terms of what I recommend, then you can’t go wrong with a premium option that won’t snap or strain (or put any unnecessary load onto a weaker doorframe). 

For an overall winner of the best all-round sex swing, it has to be the Fetish Fantasy Door Swing over at Love Honey.

Best For Beginners

Fetish Fantasy Door Swing

Best Challenge

Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit

Best Overall

Purple Reins Sex Sling

My Top Ten Sex Swings for Beginners (Made for 2020)

If you have always wanted a sex swing but struggle to find the room at home then look no further than the Bondage Boutique door sex swing. This can be installed on any household door and is secured in place by simply closing the door. This over-the-door swing allows you to enjoy upright sex with your partner without needing the strength or skills. Your lover’s legs will be fully supported, allowing you to expend more energy on the thrill of stand up sex.

Vertical play has never been so simple and with the cushioned thigh support straps, it has never been more comfortable either. The thigh supports measure 31 inches in circumference and the swing itself can support a lover up to 140kg in weight. This sex swing also features handles towards the top, providing you extra balance and safety no matter how rough the fun gets. The straps are soft to the touch, with the strong nylon feeling great on your skin even during those extended sessions. The straps can adjust between 41 and 73 inches in length, allowing you and your partner to set this to the perfect height. Lastly, this swing features sturdy, rubber-tipped acrylic barbells to support you fully when the door is closed.

When you have finished, your swing is easy to pack away and does so in a compact manner for ease of storage and transportation, meaning you can take this on your next dirty getaway. The skin-friendly material is polychloroprene and for those with latex allergies don’t worry, this product is 100% latex-free.

While this may take a bit of getting used to at first, this is a great sex swing for beginner and experienced swingers alike. While this can support heavier weights, it is important to remain safe while using this product. Double-check the household door is sturdy and can take the load while being closed. 

There you have it, no more aching or contorting, with the Bondage Boutique soft over-the-door sex swing you can lift your partner into the perfect exposed position and focus more on that toe-curling penetration.

Product Breakdown:

  • Over-the-door installation helping you and your partner achieve vertical sex with ease
  • Strong nylon fabric brings extra durability, without compromising on comfort
  • Soft to the touch, cushioned straps help keep this sex swing comfortable at all times
  • Acrylic barbells are sturdy and a reliable way to support your partner while using any capable household door
  • Easy to use, adjustable straps can be set between 41 and 73 inches, providing the perfect height for you and your partner
  • Thigh supports measure 31 inches in circumference, providing balance and safety for a wide variety of users


  • Strong and supportive, while still feeling comfortable
  • Easy to install and use
  • Provides a great position for stand up sex in a controlled space
  • A very durable sex swing for an affordable price
  • Compact and easy to store away


  • Takes a bit of getting used to at first
  • Would have been nice to see padding on the handles, they can dig in sometimes
  • Requires a small amount of planning and a bit of arm/ upper body strength

Recommended For:

This discrete sex swing is a fun and easy way for beginners to hit that spot and enjoy standing positions around the home.

For the kinkier couples out there that lack the room for a more extravagant sex swing set up, the Sportsheets Sex Door Jam Kit could be the way to go. This is yet another easy to use door sex swing that can simply be popped over any household door and is secured when the door is shut. With all door sex swings, you should weight test the door before installing, as you don’t want to damage any doorways in your house. This type of sex swing makes any type of full suspended positions easier and will allow you and your partner to fully explore upright sex.

Sex swings are now incredibly accessible thanks to the introduction of the door sex swing, no longer do you need some intricate swing with load-bearing wooden beams or ceiling hooks. This swing takes comfort to the next level, with an included cushioned neoprene seat, for extra support and comfort for the passive partner. The majority of this swing consists of strong sturdy nylon, a very durable and lightweight material. This model also comes with acrylic hand grips, giving your partner something to hold on to for balance while you go to town. There are also two stirrup loops for foot support, giving you even more possible positions to play with. Unfortunately, the stirrups aren’t padded but they are comfortable enough thanks to the included seat.

This sex swing couldn’t be easier to use, you simply slide the acrylic barbells over the door and close! This model is suitable with weights up to 147 kg and won’t feel as uncomfortable for those heavier lovers as some models do thanks to the cushioned seat. This can be adjusted from both sides, meaning you and your partner can get this to the perfect height regardless of how small you are. This sex swing door jam kit is great for beginners looking to experiment, it is as easy to pack away as it is to set up, with no permanent fixtures.

Product Breakdown:

  • Easy over-the-door installation, with the acrylic barbells securing this in place once the door is shut
  • Comfy and reliable support while in upright sexual positions thanks to the padded seat, stirrups and included handles.
  • Strong Nylon and cushioned neoprene handles the weight and supports you during even the most intense sessions
  • Easy to use, pack down, and is suitable for individuals up to 147 kg


  • Easy to setup allowing you to spice up your sex life with any capable door
  • Very sturdy, giving you confidence in those upright positions
  • Great for beginners new to this kinky bit of play and the more experienced out there too
  • Padded seat provides a lot of comfort and takes the load off your arms and upper body
  • Upright intimacy at a fair price


  • Could get a sore back from banging against the door, oh wait, that may be a pro

Recommended For:

This is a great bit of kit for any newcomers looking to expand on their sexual positions in the home without needing anything more than a door. Easily hoist your partner up and let the kinky fun commence

Taking a look at the second sex swing on the list to feature from Bondage Boutique – the Deluxe Fetish Sex Swing. This sturdy swing is ideal for getting you and your partner performing those near impossible sexual positions with ease. This sex swing can be hung from any ceiling or, of course, works just fine with a sex swing frame. For those looking to hook this up to the ceiling, Bondage Boutique has been kind enough to include a ring bolt that you can safely secure your swing to.

It has never been easier to master the Kama Sutra than with the Deluxe Fetish Sex Swing. This swing is incredibly durable, with industrial-grade steel and reinforced support straps. The support frame comes with standard carabiner clips, spring, and chain for your safety. You can fully rely on this swing, regardless of the position and you can enjoy it in any room too. 

The padded support straps are covered in a soft to the touch velvet, ensuring maximum comfort. To help you achieve the long list of possible positions, we also see the reinforced straps are fully adjustable, making things as tight as you could ever dream. To keep prolonged lovemaking as comfortable as possible, this swing comes with two adjustable support straps. The straps remain comfy regardless if you are laying down or upright thanks to the plush velvety padding. Towards the top of the swing is yet another piece of genius design, the support bar. The support bar provides the passive partner with something extra to hold on to and can really help when you’re in the thick of it, furthermore, it features removable padding too.

This is the perfect swing for those dirty nights in and will get your partner aroused before it is even installed. This position enhancer could be just what you and your partner need to start that wild exploration.

Product Breakdown:

  • Sturdy sex swing made from industrial steel and reinforced straps, for full support.
  • Padded support straps and stirrups for high levels of comfort, even when things get a little rough.
  • This swing uses professional standard carabiner clips, spring, and chain to ensure safety
  • This sex swing also comes with a support bar that features removable padding, for extra stability when it’s needed.
  • Includes a ring bolt for ceiling installation


  • Really comfortable thanks to the padded contact points and support bar
  • Included ring bolt made it easier to install
  • Opens up the number of positions that are possible and makes then much easier to achieve
  • Really supportive and sturdy swing, holding up to 1000lbs in weight


  • Could be an issue if you have a particularly high ceiling

Recommended For:

This sex swing would be ideal for a couple who have a bit of spare room looking to engage in some of the more audacious suspended sexual positions. While set up is fairly straightforward, a swing like this will require more planning and research than your over the door types

Another easy way to get your sex life roaring again is with the Fetish Fantasy Door Swing. This sex swing is the third over-the-door style swing in our roundup, with incredibly sturdy materials and comfortable design.

This swing is mostly made from neoprene and thick nylon, for a durable and sturdy bit of hanky panky. The cushioned neoprene handles and stirrups make this a joy to use and ensure your partner is comfortable, no matter the kinky position. This isn’t the most sturdy on the list but it can still sustain an individual of up to 136kg in weight. To secure the swing when you are about to get down to it, the acrylic barbells keep things reliable, simply hooking over the door and securing when it shuts. Like with all door sex swings, you should weight test the door before using as we don’t want you getting hurt, well, accidentally anyway.

The adjustable straps make things easier to get the swing set to the perfect height, regardless of how small your partner is. The comfortable stirrups provide support for your feet, ankles, knees, or whatever else you decide to slip in. Furthermore, the two handles help you gain leverage and support your weight even in your favourite raunchy position.

It has never been easier to get you and your partner rocking in that bedroom, this is as easy to pack away as it is to set up and is so discrete you could take it on your travels! Start your upright erotic adventures here with the Fetish Fantasy Door Swing.

Product Breakdown:

  • Easy to install, over-the-door sex swing to start enjoying some vertical fun
  • Supports up to 300lbs and comes with adjustable straps, making this suitable for many different sets of couples
  • Arm and foot stirrups provide stability but also come cushioned, keeping you comfy at all times
  • The strong nylon and cushioned neoprene offer an excellent level of durability
  • Easy to pack away and take up little room, making this ideal for discrete storage or taking away with you on the odd naughty weekend


  • Easy to assemble, just throw the acrylic barbells over the door and close
  • Cushioned neoprene arm and foot stirrups offer a great balance of comfort and stability giving you all the confidence you need when suspended
  • An affordable way to start exploring new positions
  • Can hideaway discretely after use


  • May take some getting used to and depending on the height you may need help getting in
  • Straps could dig a little into the legs of larger lovers

Recommended For:

Perfect for beginners looking to explore new sexual positions with ease or could be great for experienced couples who need a little hand with support. This swing will not only let you live out your wildest fantasy but it will prolong it too.

Looking to rock back and forth, side to side, or completely 360-degrees? This spinning sex swing will get you and your partner living out your dirtiest zero gravity fantasies and favourite bondage positions in no time.

The padded support straps and stirrups keep play comfortable for long periods of time, with plush cushioning and a faux fur cover. The straps can be worn under your back, bottom, neck, or legs to fully support you regardless of the challenging position. Everyone likes something to hold onto in the heat of the moment, so the handle across the support bar should come in handy when things get a little intense.

Couples looking to explore those risky positions can completely rely on the Fetish Fantasy spinning sex swing, it’s built to last and can take a lover up to 350lbs in weight. This is a serious bit of kit with safety in mind as much as fun. The sturdy metal frame, thick nylon straps, Large spring and industrial clips will keep things together while you lose control. If using the swing and you have a combined bodyweight of 200lbs then use the spring, however, if it is between 200-350lbs then use the swing without the spring. 

The main feature to this is the 360-degree rotation, making some tricky positions relatively easy and keeping things fun. What sets this spinning sex swing apart from regular stationary love swings is that this will spin and swing simultaneously. Mobility and motion have never been easier, so it is time to expand your playbook and start swinging like a porn star.

Product Breakdown:

  • This sex swing can rotate 360-degrees and swing simultaneously allowing you and your partners imaginations run wild
  • Padded straps and stirrups with faux fur for maximum comfort during playtime
  • Made from industrial steel and strong nylon, keeping the wild sessions safe
  • Comes with eye bolt for easy ceiling installation
  • Supports up to 350lbs, use the spring when combined weight is up to 200lbs and remove it for combined weights of 200+lbs


  • Soft, plush cushioned straps and stirrups with faux fur 
  • Easy to set up
  • Swing and rotate 360-degrees simultaneously
  • Supports up to 350lbs in weight
  • Includes eye bolt


  • Requires quite a bit of space

Recommended For:

This is a great choice for couples and single play alike. Beginners and experienced swingers can enjoy the Fetish Fantasy Spinning Sex Swing to no end, with easy installation but be sure to have enough room at home for this slightly more elaborate product. Ensure you use good load-bearing support when installing and let the rotating fun begin.

An even comfier way to enjoy kinky sex comes in the form of this stylish sex sling. The Purple Reigns sling works similarly to your sex swings, only this hammock-style product is a bit more subtle.

Comfort is clearly in mind here, the nylon material of the sling is padded and feels great on the skin while also supporting you during the fun. Positions are a bit limited with this sling compared to some of the others on this list but you can get your partner in a reclined position and have your way while they remain comfortable.

Strap your partner into the four reinforced nylon straps, which can all be adjusted for the perfect positioning. The corner straps will also allow you to alter the height of the sex sling, getting you the perfect height, and helping you experiment with those positions to get the most out of this swing, and lovemaking of course.

The Purple Reins Sex Sling is better suited to homes with high ceilings and strong rafters for support. As long as your ceiling can take it, you are good to go and you can rest assured that this won’t falter, with it supporting up to 140 kg in weight. This sling is built to last, the industrial-strength C-shape support frame and reinforced support straps go a long way for safety. Furthermore, you can add extra restraints to the support frame and keep your partner locked to that swing for as long as you like.

With a swing like this, ensure you read the instructions and attach this to a joist in a load-bearing beam that can handle the weight and stress of your banging. This is relatively easy to pack away but we advise you always leave the ceiling hook/ anchor in place to stop it from loosening. For longevity and a bit of extra comfort during sex, look into installing a spring between the hook and frame.

Product Breakdown:

  • Sex Sling supports the swinging partner in a comfortable reclined position for easy access.
  • Four reinforced, fully adjustable nylon straps for perfect positioning and comfort
  • The C-shape support frame can take any additional restraints you may have to get your partner nicely tied up
  • Can be fully adjusted to achieve the perfect height and safely hold a lover up to 140kg in weight


  • Understated black and purple design makes this ideal for kinky lovers with subtle styling
  • Reinforced nylon straps, strong carabiner clip and, industrial-strength C-shape support frame makes this very durable and reliable
  • Very Comfortable
  • Really easy to adjust
  • Easy installation


  • Installation could be tricky for first-timers

Recommended For:

While it may not be as straightforward as a door sex swing, it is still relatively easy to set up and great for beginners and the more experienced deviants. This is great for couples looking for a bit of extra support from their sex swing, giving you more time enjoying those kinky positions.


Whether you’re looking to get a sex swing that just goes over the door, or for a fully fledged swinging kit, there’s boundless fun to be had. 

If you liked this guide then be sure to check out our buyers breakdown on the best strapons for pegging.


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