Where To Hide A Sex Toy At Home

Okay, I appreciate that you might not need to hide a sex toy just in the home, but generally that’s the place where most people are looking to hide either their singular toy, or if you’re anything like me, their ever-growing collection…

Many blog posts will tell you locations to hide your toys that will be discreet (and I’ll cover those too), but I also want to hone-in on the point that if you’re having to be discreet about your adult toy ownership, then it’ll be beneficial to really think about the kind of toys you’re buying too.

So, let’s first look at the types of toys that can be stored discreetly, and then have a gander at some of the more common and easy to utilise hiding places found in the home. Also, you’ll find advice on how to keep them cleaning and smelling nice when they’re dwelling in your hiding place! 

Sex Toys That Are Easy To Hide

  • Butt Plugs – Absolutely perfect for long-term storage both inside and outside a chosen orifice, butt plugs are great for being on the discreet side as they’re often very small and easy to hide away in even the most obvious of locations (e.g. wrapped in a sock in the corner of a drawer)
  • Thrusting Machines – Hear me out on this one. Not all thrusting and sex machines are easy to hide, but more modern ones are getting innovative and are styling their machines to be collapsible. Browse modern sex machines to get a sense of what I’, talking about.
  • Jelly Dildos – These are great because they’re easy to fold or bend, and therefore can be bent into whatever position you need them to be for adequate storage.
  • Beads – Whether anal beads or otherwise, this another type of toy that isn’t utterly rigid, and can be bent into the shape it needs to be for storage away from prying eyes
Sex Toy Storage Image

Places To Hide Sex Toys In The Home

For the purposes of this post let’s look at some ways you can hide toys both within common items, and in common room around the house.

  • Suitcases – Suitcases are often empty until they need to be used, so why not take advantage of that and store your toys (bagged) within them? If you’re anything like my family, they spend most of the year in the attic anyway. Just remember to retrieve your toys in advance prior to packing for a trip!
  • In The Wardrobe – Okay, that’s an obvious one right? But what I’m suggesting here is that you be a little more sneaky about both the types of toys you hide and common hiding places, within your wardrobe. I’m thinking anal beads in shoes, larger dildos inside purses and bags, and you can always opt for a discreet padlocked case that blends with the wardrobe material to be saved for your most prized of adult toys.
  • Under The Bed – Another very common one, but again, put some thought into how its going to be done. You can store your toys in a container that blends with the floor colouring, or opt for a dark, small container that can blend with the bed shadows and sit tucked away neatly until you’re craving what’s inside.
  • Underwear Drawer – Of all the drawers for family members to snoop in, surely this is the least likely? So, it’s also the most obvious one for you to put a smaller toy, tucked away at the back
  • Avoid The Bedside Cabinet – I only say this because, growing up with a nosey mother, I’ve had an awkward conversation of what she found in the drawers at the side of my bed. Look at it this way too… It’s just way too obvious of a hiding place, and whether you’re hiding toys from family or even your partner then you’re going to have to get creative.


Hopefully this post has helped you to see the more common and not so common ways of storing toys secretly in the home, and also the types of toys that are best for hiding.

Keep your eyes peeled for more guides, answers to common questions and much more. Also, if you’re a fan of keeping things in the home, then check out our guide to making a sex toy using household items!


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