Can a butt plug get stuck (and how to get unstuck!)

A common concern among those getting into anal play is getting things stuck up there. It can be difficult to get anything in, let alone out, so the concerns are legitimate!

There are however ways to minimise the risk of getting butt plugs stuck, and ways to help get them out in the case that they do get lodged up there.

In this article we give you some top tips that we’ve gathered together, through both personal experience and research, to help you avoid potentially sticky situations, and get out of them should they occur.


Can they get stuck?

In short, yes, butt plugs can definitely get stuck, however it is unlikely that it will happen if you take a couple of very simple precautionary steps.

Butt plugs tend to get stuck when they get lodged too far up inside the anus, and aren’t lubed up enough. It may begin to sound a bit repetitive after you’ve read a few sex advice articles, but lube really is very often the answer to your concerns!

If you’re new to using butt plugs and are genuinely worried about yours getting stuck, then get your hands on a kit like the below. Something like this with butt plugs of a few sizes, a douche and anal beads will show you exactly just how safe butt plugs are when you use them correctly: 

anal stretching kit image

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Lube up

Unlike the vagina, the anus is not self lubricating. The anus is a sensitive area, and not using sufficient lubricant can be dangerous for several reasons!

The skin can tear if it’s aggravated excessively, and even if it doesn’t tear, it can become painfully irritated. It’s pretty much impossible to apply too much lubricant – even if it’s dripping out, too much in this case can never be a dangerous thing when stretching your anus!

A lot of butt plugs may be made from silicone, which people often (rightly) pair with a water based lubricant.

While water based lubes are great, they do need to be reapplied fairly – they aren’t quite as durable as other lubes, and can be absorbed by the body surprisingly quickly.

For some people it may not be an issue to continue to reapply lube, but for others it may be slightly difficult to remember. If you struggle to think of things like lube reapplication in the heat of the moment, it may be better to go with a more durable silicone or hybrid lubricant.

This may limit the types of butt plug you’re able to use, but it’s worth it if it helps you play harder and faster for longer.


Use the right toy

One of the best ways to avoid getting a butt plug stuck is to use a suitable toy. The majority of butt plugs have flared bases, precisely in order to stop them from going in too far and getting stuck.

These flared bases may also double up as a handle, perhaps with a finger loop, helping you to pull them out when you’re ready.

Using a purposefully designed butt plug is one of the sure-fire ways to avoid getting anything stuck in your anus – it may be tempting to put other toys up there, but don’t say you haven’t been warned.


What if it does get stuck?

While the advice listed above may be great in hindsight, it’s also possible that you’re reading this too late, and currently have a slightly uncomfortable situation to deal with.

First of all, a very quick anatomy lesson: unlike the vagina, the anus isn’t a relatively closed system – it continues right on up into your digestive tract, which can be up to around 30 feet in length in some people.

While a butt plug obviously isn’t going to go all the way through that length, it can go sufficiently far that you’ll struggle to remove it with just your fingers.

The first thing you’ll need to try to do is relax. This may be difficult and counter intuitive, but when tensed up, the anus is almost impenetrable. Try not to worry – unless the butt plug is sharp or truly massive, there’s no immediate risk to your health, and panicking will only make it more unpleasant.

If you think there’s a possibility of grabbing it with your hand, try reaching up there. It may be easier to have your partner do it – otherwise the angles may be more complex, and it’s hard to see up there without some pretty complicated mirror setups.

Whoever is reaching up there needs to make sure that they have totally clean hands and short, filed fingernails.

You don’t want to make the situation any worse, so take your time and clean before you delve in. It may be wise to wear silicone gloves, but even with gloves, you don’t want your nails to tear a hole.

It’s also important to keep in mind that while it may be possible to remove it by hand, it’s equally possible that you’ll only push it further in. If it feels like that’s happening, or if the discomfort gets worse, don’t continue to try self-recovery, it may be time to seek professional help.


Go to the doctor

While getting something stuck in your anus isn’t immediately dangerous, it also isn’t totally safe. It might be embarrassing, but if you can’t get it out easily on your own, it’s time to go to the doctor – most probably to the emergency room.

While it’s probably the first time it’s happened to you, the doctor attending you won’t be surprised. Unfortunately, getting sex toys stuck in places they’re not meant to be is a common occurrence, and certainly won’t be something that surprises your doctor.

It really is imperative that you seek their help as soon as possible, having something lodged up there for any longer than necessary will only lead to further complications!


Once you’ve gotten it out

Even if you manage to get it out without the help of a doctor, it may be worth asking for further advice. You may have some micro tears or scratches that could become infected, and a course of antibiotics could greatly reduce that risk. The anus is a very sensitive area, and definitely not something you want to be too gung-ho with. 

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