The Complete Guide to Watersports

The golden shower, piss play or urophilia are just some of the different terms for watersports. When you think of watersports, some think of jet-skiing or sailing, but this is a whole other side of watersports. For many, the term watersports refers to a fetish that involves urination on another person as part of their sexual fantasy or kink. 

Now, although public urination is a crime and you can be jailed or fined depending on where you do it, piss play in an erotic setting in a private place is entirely guilt-free and legal! The golden shower is something that people may find a little strange or taboo, but lots of lovers find this to be a beautiful kink that can be enjoyable for both parties involved. As I’m sure we’ve all heard before, “Don’t knock it till you try it!”


Tell Me More About Watersports – How do I get started?

Well, watersports can mean that you are the one doing the peeing or someone else is, and the amount of piss can vary depending on the type of fun you are looking for. Many people like to just watch each other pee, whilst others really like the feeling of being urinated on. 

Others like to get all into the piss and play with it, from pouring it into someone else’s mouth to running it all over your lover’s body. Some even take it a step further and shoot it into each other vaginas and anuses. Watersports is a very versatile kind of play and can be used anywhere, wherever you like, as long as it’s done safely.


Safety During Piss Play 

Not to dampen the mood but being safe during your watersport fun means knowing about all the risks that a golden shower can bring. Urine as a function is a bodily fluid, which means that it naturally can carry all kinds of things from blood to diseases from STDs to STIs and can cause serious infections. 

Not to put a pisser on everything, but your urine can also carry HIV, herpes, hepatitis, gonorrhoea, the list goes on. But as long as you are mindful during play, these things can be avoided:

  • Make sure to never pee on any cuts or open wounds. 
  • Clean yourself thoroughly if peeing on someone’s face or vagina. If there is any doubt of STIs, don’t get involved with piss play, but if you are going to, please avoid the vagina as that would not end well for everyone involved.
  • Try not to drink too much of someone else’s urine because of all the bacteria it can carry.
  • Avoid pissing on any mucus membranes as well.

Now you may be surprised to hear that urine play is actually less risky than vaginal, anal or oral sex because although piss does carry some risks, you are less likely to contract a sexually transmitted infection through pee than you would with, let’s say, blood or semen.


Where is Best to do Watersports in the home? 

Watersports, as you can imagine, will get a little wet. So you don’t want to be doing piss play in bed on your favourite sheets. Urine can not only stain, but it can smell and stew if left, so here are some of the best places to go to enjoy your golden shower.

The Shower 

The clue is in the name, but the ideal place to have the best time with your lover’s piss and not worry about getting it everywhere would be the shower.

You can spray wherever you like, and it can all easily be washed and wiped away afterwards. The extra bonus is you can have a complete clean down without walking through the house with piss dripping everywhere!


The Bath 

Very similar to the shower, but you can lay down and relax as you enjoy the warm stream trickling down your body, you can both get into various positions in the bath, just like a bed, and there’s no risk of slipping over on each other’s pee. Another bonus is you can wash yourselves off easily afterwards, making for even more bonding time!


Sex Blankets 

We don’t blame you for enjoying your piss play in the comfort of your own bed or sofa but maybe consider getting yourself a sex blanket.

These bad boys will soak up everything from semen to piss and won’t soak through to your favourite duvet set. Whatsmore, they are easy to throw down just before getting frisky and even simpler to wash afterwards!


Doggy Training Pads 

If you want to have some pee fun on the floor, then maybe instead of getting the mop and bucket, consider using those puppy training pads that have just been sitting in your cupboard for ages.

They are easy to place down and will soak up both of your pee fantastically well. Another bonus with these is that if you are into puppy play, this would be a great addition to that fantasy fun!


Can you Use Sex Toys or Equipment During Watersports?

Piss play doesn’t have to be enjoyed alone. Not at all! You can use different dildos and toys to enhance your sexual experience. What’s better than being buzzed from the inside as you are pissed on from the outside? Sex toys are built for all kinds of bodily fluids, but we suggest silicone toys the most because they are easy to wipe and wash afterwards, so you can continue to use them outside of your watersports. 

Equipment during watersports can be a little more complicated. A sex machine, for example, can be used but would be pretty awkward to keep washing down after the fact. But if you are looking into lingerie equipment, there are plenty of options to enhance your watersport fun. 

With crotchless panties to wear as you piss will have your lover begging for more and latex suits that have just the mouth hole so you can have your lover submit themselves to you and your piss as every curve is gleaming from the stretchy, washable latex material. 

Watersports is a great addition to BDSM play and toys, too, as pissing on someone is seen as quite a dominant act. Piss play is a great way to show your sub who is boss, but you can also increase that dominance by tieing them up with bounds and blindfolds so that they truly have to submit to you and your urine.


Food and Drink to Make Piss Taste Better During Watersports

The first thing about pissing play is hydration; you need to drink a lot of water! Making sure that you are hydrated will help ensure your pee doesn’t have that strange acrid flavour. Drinking loads of water will also help you piss more and last longer during your watersport play.

When it comes to food and other drinks to make your piss taste irresistible, there are a few items you can try because, as the saying goes, “you are what you eat”.


Fruit and Fruit Drinks 

Next time you are walking around the supermarket, make sure to pick yourself up some yummy fruit, such as watermelon, pineapple or even cucumber. Fruit can not only help keep you hydrated, but it will enhance the taste of your piss perfectly for that golden shower later on.

The same goes for fruit juice too, including mango, orange, and strawberry juice. Anything with a distinctive fruity/tropical taste will have your pee tasting like an on-tap fruity sensation! 


Alcohol or Drugs

Now we are not promoting drugs or alcohol intake at all, but if you were to have some in your system either that night or early on that day and you want to really ramp up your nighttime piss fun, then you can share your piss cocktail with your lover. This is because these substances can be shared or transferred within your urine so your lover can feel the effects without ingesting the substances themselves. 

You can have them drunk in love with you and your pissa-colada or slow things down and share a little high-time with them!


Things Not to Eat or Drink Before Piss Play

Food and drink to avoid if you want to have some watersport fun without the risk of blood in your pee would be: 

  • Coffee,
  • Asparagus,
  • Kale,
  • Beetroot

Eating these foods beforehand could really kill the mood if you want to have some pissing fun! 

They can smell, change the taste of your urine and change the colour of your pee.


Watersport Sex Positions 

Yes, piss play can have positions, too, and these can actually help determine how much pee you want and where the stream is going.

Here are some of our favourite ones:

The Golden Shower 

The oldie but goldie is usually used as domination position but can also be for those who love the whole piss experience.

One pissing person is standing, and the other person is in the kneeling, lying or sitting position below them as they urinate.


The Spitting Snake 

Your penis may look like a snake, but now it really can live up to its name.

The Spitting Snake is performed by rubbing the penis over the lovers face during oral sex, and then they would release their piss for their lover to lick up.


Flooding the Cave

Flooding the cave is exactly as it sounds. After your lover has ejaculated either inside you or on top of you, they will then slip their penis inside your anus and proceed to, yes, you guessed it, flood your cave with their warm piss.


Self Peeing

For all our lone-pissers out there, this one is for you.

This is where you can have your legs propped against a wall and then try to aim your own pee into your mouth or face to try and drink your own urine. You can even make it into a game for yourself if you’d like to make it more entertaining!


The Clean Up

It’s not exactly the most glamorous job after a euphoric night of fun, but someone has to do it!

Urine isn’t hard to clean up, especially if you have done your watersports in the suggested places above, but it can get a little more difficult if you have gone ahead and pissed all over the sheets. Here are a few suggestions to help the clean up afterwards:

  • Warm soapy water and a mop, 
  • Disinfectant wipes,
  • Strong washing powder or tablets,
  • Stain remover,
  • A moist towelette, 
  • All-purpose cleaning spray.

All of these can be used no matter how big or small the puddle; just remember to clean up afterwards, though, as the last thing you want is a stale pee smell everywhere when your neighbours pop by!


Final Thoughts 

So there you go! Pee isn’t just for the toilet. You can use it in all kinds of erotic, kinky, and fun ways as long as you have consent and are both on the same page when it comes to fun with piss, this way, everybody is guaranteed a great time! 

Just make sure to keep the precautions and dangers in mind when playing with urine, and for the love of God, don’t get it in your lover’s eye!

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