16 Reasons Why You SHOULD Be Using Sex Toys

Sex toys are incredible, there’s no denying that… but exactly what are some of the reasons behind why they’re actually good for you? Well… I’ve listed 16 of the main reasons right here. 

This list is by no means definitive either… the benefits of sex toys just go on and on. I mean, look at us… we’ve literally made a website based on our love for all things adult toy related. Let’s get into the list…  


1. Oh hello several orgasms! 

A recent poll on Twitter uncovered that, on average, sex toy usage leads to at least 2x the number of orgasms that sex without toy-play does. And, it’s hardly surprising. With toys like the Magic Wand and the Clit Sucking Vibrator, who could keep them away when things get intense? 


2. You’ll get a better night’s rest 

Using a sex toy can flood your brain with chemicals such as serotonin, otherwise known as the ‘feel good’ chemical. Whilst this chemical provides pleasure, it also aids massively in the quality of your sleep. More tossing, less turning…


3. You can play with a partner (or just watch them)

The beauty of a sex toy is that you can either opt for one to use on yourself or use a couples toy like those that Lovehoney very kindly sent me un their couples advent calendar

I’m talking things like dual cock rings, hollow dildos with bullet vibrators, and even double-ended dildos for twice the fun. 

Or, if you’re having a lazy night in but get the feeling for some fun, you could always watch your partner turn things up to ten with their lastest purchases…. we certainly have done that in the past! 


4. They can take the strain if you’re injured or struggling 

When I say injured here, I’m not talking about struggling through a broken arm to get yourself off. Invisible illnesses and issues like thoracic outlet syndrome can massively impede the stamina and even endurance of things like masturbation. For example, an angle that would never be considered uncomfortable in the past could be near-excruciating for someone with TOS or arthritis. 

The same can also occur when trying to pleasure your partner. Instead of grimacing through the pain, have a sex toy help. After all, it’s what they’re there for!


5. They’re built for pleasure…literally! 

Just look at some of the shapes and forms of sex toys. Things like prostate massagers and rabbit vibrators are literally made to stimulate specific pleasure spots. Often, they’ll do a much better job than a person too… 


6. You can try new methods of pleasure at your own pace 

The beauty of sex toys is that there are so many, you don’t have to jump in at the deep end. You can start by exploring things like beginners butt plugs and tiny bullet vibrators, and graduate on to larger toys or even really stretch yourself with a rubber fist or two…the choice is yours! 


7. Sex toys can boost your overall mood 

Like I already said about sleep, sex toys allow you to increase the number of ‘feel good’ chemicals that make their way into your brain. 

And, who doesn’t love a rush of dopamine when they’re getting down to it with a new sex toy? 


8. You’ll burn calories…seriously

According to a recent survey, the average sex toy session can burn between 2-5 calories per minute. It sure beats sprinting on a treadmill too!


9. They help you change things up a bit 

Experimenting can be a bit daunting when it comes to trying new things in the bedroom. Using something like a beginners sex toy kit allows you to dip your toe. in the water and try new things, without having to spend a fortune on new toys or try to push yourself beyond your limits. 


10. Helpful for when you’re too tired to do it yourself 

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but we’ve all been there. Too horny to sleep, too tired to do anything about it. Oh, hello trusted vibrator! You’ll be back off to dream land in no time… 


11. They travel well

Many of the beginners toys in particular are fantastic for hiding away, whether that’s in a draw or in a travel bag or suitcase. Either way, there’s never much trouble in taking your favourite toy with you… Unless it’s a 12-inch dildo that could also double-up as a lethal weapon… 


12. They don’t cost a fortune 

The internet has allowed sex toys, in general, to drastically decrease in price. Gone are the days of having to walk through beaded curtains and make awkward eye contact with a sex shop owner (although I do still love a sex store visit). 

With so much access to pleasure instruments, there simply has to be a broad option that reputable online sex stores have to offer. And that means that you can pick up your first few sex toys for cheap, and not worry about a diminished quality either. 


13. They’re not just for women or couples 

With toys like fleshlight, prostate massagers and even sex dolls, we’re not just talking vibrators here. <Men can have just a much fun as women when it comes to the wonderful world of sex toys, and there’s a near-endless supply of supplies for you to get stuck into. Check out our guides to see what I’m talking about! 


14. You can go as broad or as specific as you like based on what turns you on 

With so many fantastic online sex shops, you have access to either very broad or very niche products depending on exactly what you’re after. For example. you could get a beginner’s vibrator that hits all the right buttons, or go very specific and buy a dog knot dildo that fulfills your deepest kinks. The choice is yours! 


15. You’ll have better sex overall 

With extra ‘happy hormones’ being released and more emphasis placed on specific pleasure, you can use sex toys to ‘warm you up’ prior to sex, or use them during. to boost the experience overall. Either way, your sex will no doubt be improved once you’ve landed on your favourite toy (or two). 


16. You can explore kinks or the BDSM-side of sex toy delights

Queening chairs.  X-Cross. Stocks. There’s more to the sex toy world than first meets the eye. And, some of these ‘toys’ extended to permanent fixtures like cages, sex furniture, and even full home-builds. 

Now, who left the key to the dungeon out in plain view… 



Well, there you have it. 16 reasons why you should be stocking up on batteries and firing up your buzzer… Or, if this was the push you need to justify getting another sex toy to go in your drawer and ever-growing collection, then consider this the push! 

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