The Best Alien Dildos For Sci-Fi Lovers

What on earth (or universe) is a Xenomorph?

The name is simply the ‘proper’ term given to the better known species from the Ridley Scott ‘Alien’ films franchise. 

Whilst most people would simply search for an ‘alien dildo’, usually what they’re looking for is something that resembles what would no doubt be very similar to the genitalia of this clearly well-endowed extraterrestrial species. 

You can find more specific details and the origins of the Xenomorph in the specific Fandom section

Why would anyone want an alien dildo?

If you’re visiting this article from another one on the site then this is a very valid question. Much like our guide to horse dildos, it’s as simple as this is what people find alluring as a ‘kink’ or are simply interested and want to find out more. 

Fantasy dildos, as a wider genre, are incredibly popular and you’d be massively surprised at the demand (and dedicated brands) that belong to this section of the adult toy world. From companies like Bad Dragon to individual sellers on Etsy, it’s clear that there’s a demand and an audience for those that want to be stuffed by an intergalactic XL length. 

Are these the same as tentacle dildos?

Kind of. Whilst I have included tentacle dildos in this wider ‘alien’ collection, I’m also very aware that tentacles are their own specific type as well, and they will be getting their own guide in the future once I’ve had time to test my orifices with their slippery otherworldly goodness! 

Best For Beginners

4. Drev, Pastel Rainbow Coloration, Made to Order, Platinum Cure Silicone

Best Challenge


Best Overall

Shadow, Spots Coloration, Made to Order, Platinum Silicone Dildo

Super-strong and super-long, what more could you want from Shadow? Made to order, this premium dildo features a spots coloration design, a unique item you won’t be able to resist.

Cast in platinum cure silicone, you can be assured a soft, strong and stretchy finish that’s safe for your skin too. Choose your firmness and size for the perfect fit for you. For all-out pleasure that will leave you satisfied over and over again, Shadow could just end up being your new favorite playtime friend. Treat yourself to Shadow, you won’t be disappointed!


  • Girthy and designed well 
  • Firm, thick and offers a challenge 


  • May be too much for those not accustomed to large sex toys 

Meet Phoenix, your new cotton candy colored dildo. Have you ever seen such a beautiful specimen? Phoenix is a premium dildo made with incredible colors and a texture to die for. Made to order, you can choose your size and firmness to make sure your dildo meets your unique needs for endless pleasure. Made from highest-grade platinum-cure silicone on the market, you know that Phoenix is going to be a quality product. Super-strong, soft and stretchy, Phoenix is a dildo that looks amazing, but feels even better. Choose your ideal size and join the thousands who are already taking flight with Phoenix.


  • Striking colour (very unique)
  • Thick and offers a challenge 


  • The numerous ridges and thickness changes may put some off 

Is it a tongue or is it a tentacle? Whatever the way you want to look at it, things are about to get wet with the Tongue-tacle. This alien dildo features a unique shape to bring you a thrill in all of the right places. From the curve at its center to its raised nubins, every inch of this tongue-twister will delight you again and again. Made from platinum-cure silicone, you can stick with the original colors or opt for a more colorful, veined model to fulfill all of your fantasies. Explore every inch the Tongue-tacle has to offer!


  • Essentially one of the best tentacle toys I’ve ever had the pleasure of using 


  • It’s quite a unique taste and you have to really want to use this rather than a standard toy 
  • The tentacle can be deceivingly large, especially with the smaller tip

Drev is made from sweet pastel rainbow silicone, but don’t let its sweetness fool you – it still has everything you need to drive you wild. Uniquely shaped to bring you different levels of pleasure, its strong, stretchy shaft will always leave you wanting more. Made to order, you can choose your desired firmness and size for an alien dildo that meets all of your wildest dreams. Incredibly smooth and molded to perfection, get ready for Drev up your engine with this striking toy.


  • Mimics a large anal bead, but with a fantasy twist  


  • Not the typical dildo shape 

Rivo will draw you in with its pretty colors, but rest assured, there’s nothing weak about this alien dildo. Uniquely designed with contours that will hit all of your sweet spots, Rivo is available in different sizes to give you just the right amount of pleasure. Made from the highest grade platinum-cure silicone on the market, it’s soft, strong and stretchy, and you can choose your own level of firmness. Rivo’s alien features give texture and grooves in all the right places, so ride away and enjoy everything Rivo has to offer.


  • Has realistic testicles as well as a challenging length 


  • The colours and design may put people off who want a more typical alien dildo 

Xenuphora has various textures that make it the perfect choice for those who live something a little extra. Made from soft silicone with sexy suckers, ridges and nubs at its base for external stimulation, a thrilling ride awaits you with Xenuphora. The perfect alien dildo, Xenuphora comes in a range of different colors to indulge your perfect alien fantasy. There’s even a glow in the dark version to help bring your fantasy to life on the darkest of nights. Let Xenuphura suck you into its deep clutches, you’ll be begging for more.


  • Very cool fluorescent coloring 
  • Plenty of length to be deemed a challenge 


  • No testicles or typical penis shape 

Big, bad and angry, the Diablo Fantasy dildo is rock hard and always raring to go to please all of your darkest fantasies. Pointed, veiny and throbbing, this demon dick is ready to make you scream! With its red, black and gold glittered design, it’s a dangerous but seductive sexy toy to add to your collection.

Diablo Fantasy is vegan, and made from 100% body-safe platinum-cure silicone for a safe and satisfying experience. Each one is handmade, so make sure you get your hands on Diablo and get ready to enjoy nights after night of wild sexual pleasure.


  • Much more stubby than other dildos
  • Challenging in terms of it being thick 


  • May not be long enough for people looking for an alien dildo purely from length 

Bring all of your horror sex fantasies to life with Xeno from the Halloweenies range. Sculpted to look like Xenomorph, it’s a must to satisfy the alien fantasy within. Xeno is made from skin-safe platinum silicone, with a smooth finish that’s sure to excite and delight. With a wide girth and some deeply satisfying ridges and ripples, you’ll be squirming with pleasure from deep inside. Alien-theme dildos don’t come much better than this, so make sure you get your hands on yours and get ready for the arrival of Xeno.


  • Girth and length are both present here – plenty to be fitting in!


  • Is more of an XL challenge like a Doc Johnson dildo rather than something specific to Xenomorph styling  

Ready for a new species of sex toy? Then let the Alien Fantasy Dildo indulge all of your extra-terrestrial fantasies. Its impressive size and girth will be sure to take you to all kinds of depths, while the Features exoskeleton detail, pronounced head and textured ridges will bring those extra special thrills. You can choose your own colors for your Alien dildo for a sex toy that’s unique and personal to you. Bring your fantasy home with your own special alien dildo.


  • I have this one still in my fantasy collection and it’s…well, it’s an other-worldly beast!!


  • I wouldn’t recommend this for beginners 

It Cums… From Uranus is the perfect sex toy to act out your deepest alien fantasies. It’s silicone butt plug which offers an incredible sensation thanks to the ridges. Available in different levels of firmness, and different colors, you can create your custom alien sensation. Let it penetrate you for an experience that will be sure to intrigue and delight you. Made from high-quality silicone that gives you a smooth, hard but flexible sex toy to give you everything you’re looking for. How will you customize yours?


With plenty of choice to help you explore all of your alien fantasies, our selection of the best alien dildos should give you plenty to think about. Which will you choose?


  • Excellent for butt plug lovers who want a fantasy toy but not necessarily a larger dildo 


  • Will still be too much of a challenge for beginners 

Buying advice for first-time intergalactic alien dildo explorers!


Despite their custom builds, you’ll generally find that these toys (and most adult toys in general) are made from a form a of silicone. And it’s definitely one of the better materials to opt for. 


As a lot of these dildos are custom, you’re naturally going to pay a little bit more compared to something like a generic starter dildo. This is the fun in these types of toys though, as you’ll find that with sites like Etsy you’ll be able to request custom colours, sizes and shapes to really get that ultimate fantasy dildo crafted to your exact specifications. 


If you’re wanting to go for a dedicated cleaning kit (and you should), then make the process less complicated by going for a silicone-based toy rather than a random material that a cleaning kit may not work too well on (or potentially even damage your toy). 

How to use your alien dildo for the first time

Like with any large toy, you’re always going to get the same advice from me. Listen to your body, take your time, and if in doubt use more lube. 

With many of these fantasy dildos you’ll often be battling with a peculiar shape, which is certainly part of the appeal but can also present some unique challenges that you other wouldn’t get from a standard large sex toy. 

Especially with the tentacle shapes, you may get a false sense of security as the tip happens to be thin, only to immediately open up into a girthier toy, that could have everything from thick veins, octopus-like suckers and ridges that add what can already be an intense stretching experience. 


Don’t get me wrong, I love alien dildos. But, I’m also not going to make it sound easy to tackle for beginners. If you’re a seasoned stretcher and want a new challenge, then these are absolutely perfect for you.

If not, check out our guide to stretching your ass and our other information on using large sex toys so that you know exactly what to do when it comes to working-up from smaller toys to taking on the galactic conquest that is a fantasy sex toy. So much nerdy fun to be had – safe travels my kinky space explorer! 


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