The 10 Best Horse & Equine Dildos

Woah... Horse dildos are actually a thing?

Welcome to the fascinating world of gigantic dildos and untold pleasures that only a horse-like phallus can provide.

Horse dildos have recently seen a boom in popularity, with sites like Etsy even stocking what seems like endless amounts of handmade, artisan-crafted equine penises for our untold pleasures. 

The term ‘horse dildo’ here can mean one of two things: 

  1. A dildo so large in both length and girth that is simply comparable to that of a horse 
  2. A dildo actually modelled on the penis of a horse, for those looking for a challenge (and that’s what we’re focusing on today

Isn't using a horse dildo a bit... strange? 

We’re not for one second trying to promote anything untoward, and this is neither the intention of the seller or the user. For the buyers, this isn’t about an attraction to horses – it’s about a large sex toy that is challenging and has something different about it. 

This is no stranger than someone preferring a larger penis size, or simply wanting to test the limits of their stretching capabilities. 

So no, it’s not strange at all. In fact, horse dildos and these types of ‘themed’ sex toys (just like the alien dildos in our guide) have provided me levels of pleasure and rewards that standard toys just can’t. 

So, if you’re looking for a challenge, want some recommendations and to learn more about horse dildos then you are in the right place. 

Our fave

Vixen Mustang VixSkin Bright Realistic Suction Cup Dildo 6.5 Inch

This huge horse dildo, available on Etsy, is 43cm (17.2 inches) long and comes with a large suction cup for easy attachment to surfaces. It is made from a high quality, a-toxic, and odourless Safe PVC, giving the dildo a soft feel for your comfort. 

Available in a range of sizes, this horse-themed dildo is also waterproof for safe use in the bath or shower, without risk to you or to the dildo. As an added bonus, this item ships to you in very discreet packaging, so nobody has to know what you’ve been buying.


  • It comes with a suction cup so is extra stable (pardon the pun)
  • Waterproof – for all sorts of fun!


  • It could be larger than you’re used too, so not the best for beginners

Arion the Stallion is not a toy recommended for beginners. However, if you’re used to larger toys and are looking for something in a range of fun colors, then this dildo is ideal. It’s 9.25” in length, with a girth of 6”. 

The medium firm shaft is made from 100% body-safe platinum cure silicone. This kind of silicone is the highest rated material used for adult toys. Platinum silicone is also completely odourless, non-porous, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean. For blush-free purchasing, all packaging is very discreet, so you can keep your purchase a secret.


  • Completely safe to use – made from the highest-grade material
  • Comes in a range of fun colours


  • Again, this is a larger toy so is not recommended if you’re just starting out!

This large horse dildo is available in blue, brown clear, or black. Unlike anything you’ve ever used before, this large toy both looks good and feels good. As well as its good looks and range of colors, the toy is also safe for you to use, as it is produced with CE and RoHS. 

The high-grade material used for the body of the toy is safe for play, free from oils and has no smell at all. If you’re nervous about your purchase being noticed, your privacy is guaranteed with 100% discreet and anonymous packaging. 


  • Discreet packaging to put your mind at ease

  • Easy and safe to use!


  • Not sure there are any!

Dante the Draft Horse has a flared head, realistic veins, and large realistic testicles. The dildo is 9” long, and has a usable length of 7”. Available in a range of marbled designs or solid colors, 

Dante was designed in a 3D modeling program, printed, and then cast with 100% body-safe platinum cure silicone. This kind of silicone is the highest rated material for adult toys. It’s also non-porous, odorless, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean. The toy ships in a plain white box with a discreet return label to keep your purchase completely private.


  • Flared head and vein texture for extra pleasure
  • Unique design – I mean come on, it looks mega cool!


  • Might be a little more on the small side for advanced users!

One for fantasy fans, the Centaur is designed to be half-human and half-horse. The dildo has a long, smooth shaft with a gradually thickening length, designed to bring your pleasure. Centaur is available in four sizes: 

  • X-Small – 4.8” wide and 6.5” long
  • Small – 6.25” wide and 8” long
  • Medium – 7.25” wide and 9.25” long
  • Large – 8.25” wide and 10.75” long

The toys also come in soft or medium silicone firmness, making them one of the most customizable options. The Centaur is made with platinum silicone and colored with body-safe pigments. They’re made to order in the USA, and then discreetly shipped to you.


  • Comes in a range of different sizes to suit any experience level
  • Safe material and discreet packaging


  • A little on the softer side – not recommended if you like harder toys.

Jorhan is a smaller toy for those newer to horse dildos. It has a textured tip and median ring to ensure your pleasure. It’s small enough for use without a lot of preparation or warm-up, ideal for when you’re short on time. This smaller toy is comfortable but still stimulating. 

Jorhan is made with medical-grade platinum cured silicone, which gives a warm and silky surface that will keep any lube distributed evenly. All pigments used are safe too, and Jorhan comes with a care sheet for proper handling, cleaning, and storage.


  • Safe materials – medical grade!
  • The smaller size means it’s perfect for beginners


  • Advanced users may want to find something a little bigger

This large adult toy is made from medically safe liquid silicone, for safe and comfortable use, in and out of water. Choose between green, red, and white, for a colorful dildo option. This is one of the larger options available, clocking in at almost 30cm long. 

The toy has a large suction cup on the base to attach to surfaces. Made with medically safe liquid silicone, it’s also waterproof, safe, flexible, soft, and portable. This means you can use the toy with no health concerns.


  • Very safe, comfortable and waterproof
  • Suction cup function for diverse play!


  • May be a bit of a stretch if you’re just starting out!

The Stallion is a large realistic-looking horse dildo. It’s handmade and as it is shipped from Colorado USA, it has a faster shipping toy than the options on this list that ship from China. The toy is semi-flexible, and is about 2.5” wide at the widest point. It has a total length of 10”, with an insertable length of 8.5”. 

For your safety, the Stallion is made of safe silicone, which is also waterproof, so you can take your fun to the bath or shower. Silicone is easy to clean, so your toy will always be ready to go.


  • Handmade – for those looking for that extra care and attention
  • Good size for beginners and advanced users


  • Not the hardest toy available but still packs a punch

This toy is realistic looking but very large, and sure to satisfy those brave enough to take it on. The head is wide, with a range of massaging protrusions for your pleasure. The Mustang is made of medical silicone. This means it is free from phthalates which are often found in cheap toys from the Chinese market. 

The Mustang is a massive toy, with an overall length of 17cm and a useable length of 15.5cm. The head is 4cm around, with a total girth of 4.2cm.


  • Lots of lumps and bumps for extra pleasure
  • Packs a punch for those advanced users


  • On the larger side

Jasper the Pony is a pre-made dildo, that will ship in a surprise color. Jasper is designed to be smaller than other horse dildos, for comfortable use by trans women or those just looking for a more manageable length. This toy is 6” long, with a usable length of 4.75”. 

At the widest point, the shaft is 3.5”. Jasper, whether in a marbled design or solid color, Jasper is made from 100% body-safe platinum cure silicone. This silicone is odorless, non-porous, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean. This adult toy is shipped in a plain white box, with a subtle return label to keep your purchase discreet.


  • Designed to be inclusive <3
  • Safe and easy to use


  • Smaller than advanced users will be used to

Beginners guide to horse dildos 

Like any large sex toy, there are certain things you need to know that apply to the girthier selections in arsenal (no pun intended with that last bit of terminology). 

Horse dildos are exactly the same. And, whilst I’m no stranger to a challenge, there are a few things that I feel like you need to know both prior to purchasing and before getting ready to insert one of these challenges into your…well… 

Do horse dildos go by any other names? 

Personally I’ve always called them ‘horse dildos’ in the same way that you might call any toy associated with anal stretching to be a butt plug, although we know that’s not correct. Some people just call them a huge or a large dildo because that’s exactly what they are. 

Other names you might see, especially from sellers, include: 

  • Equine Dildo 
  • Stallion Toy 
  • Mustang Dildo
  • Centaur Dildo (this is commonly associated with stores going down the ‘fantasy’ route, of which personally I am a huge fan)

How to use a horse dildo safely 

You need to approach this like tackling any large dildo in your collection. The steps aren’t exactly rocket science as I’m sure you’re aware, but it’s important to know how to use a large dildo specifically, especially if you’re not used to toys of this size: 

  • Lube Before. Lube During. Lube!! – Did I mention how important lube is? This is particularly important if you’re inserting a large toy into your anus, as it does not have natural forms of lubrication and is more susceptible to tears. 

    I would suggest both cleaning and then pre-lubricating your dildo with a quality lubricant that is a non-irritant and has been thoroughly test and reviewed from a reputable seller. It’s also vital you warm up with smaller toys, and continue to apply lubricant even once the toy is inserted and your fun truly begins. 

  • Slow and steady wins the race – This isn’t something that you want to rush. I can’t stress enough how much horse dildos will ‘fill’ you up. Even an experienced fan of stretching and gaping like myself was taken back by the sheer girth and length of my first horse dildo ride. 

    Rushing the process can lead to injury. It’s as simple as that. Take your time, listen to your body and above all, understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day. I suppose in this metaphor that Rome is a stretched and willing, well… moving on… 


You’ll commonly find these toys are made from either a pure or combined medical grade silicone. The silicone offers a hygienic easy of cleanliness and the sturdiness required for a lengthy toy. 

Sizes & Dimensions 

For the larger toys you’ll tend to be looking at 1o inches of horsey goodness, with an average width or girth at a whopping 8 inches at its thickest point. Talk about a challenge… 

Brands & Sellers

This tends to fall under the more generic large dildo category, as you’ll often struggle to find horse-shaped dildos in places other than Etsy. There’s nothing wrong with this. I’ve bought multiple large and novelty dildos from Etsy from reputable sellers, and I’ve linked to quite a few within this guide. I’ve done my research, and I urge you to do so as well. 

For more generic large dildos, have a look at sites like Bad Dragon, Love Honey and my favourite Doc Johnson. 

Final Thoughts 

If you’re want a challenge, you’re in the right place. These toys are super rewarding and will very quickly became a favourite as part of what is no doubt going to be an ever-growing toy collection once your eyes (and holes) are opened to this whole new world!


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