The 10 Best Anal Hooks For BDSM

What is an anal hook? 

Nope, we’re not talking about a kinky pirate appendage. An anal hook is a type of sex toy which is part butt plug, part BDSM-focused stretcher. 

Essentially, an anal hook is used mostly as part of BDSM-play, with the bottom-end end going into the anus in the same way as a butt plug. At the top of the toy is a hook which can be used with ropes or ties to attach the top to a collar or hood. The person being ‘hooked’ then is attached with the toy from both ends. 

The bottom part is often shaped as a butt plug, but you’ll also find more spherical or literal flat hooke endings – there’s so much to choose with these types of toys. 


Are these toys safe to use? 

Of course! Like with any anal toy, I recommend that you use plenty of lube and always go slowly. This also includes not rushing into the ‘hook’ aspect of the toy, as many beginners new to BDSM can find the attachment aspect quite uncomfortable. Make sure you work your way up to using the toy and get hooked in good time. It’s worth the wait! 

Here are ten of my favourites, with hooks ranging from those for absolute beginners to anal veterans ready for their next challenge. 

Best For Beginners

DOMINIX Deluxe Small Anal Hook

Best Challenge

Metal Ball Stretcher With Anal Hook

Best Overall

DOMINIX Deluxe Medium Anal Hook

My Ten Favourite Anal Hooks

You will be hook, line and sinker with this small anal hook! The stainless steel makes a smooth surface to slide and hook you into satisfaction heaven. The small ball at the end of the hook is the perfect bait for your G or P-spot.

For our beginner BDSM lovers, you can use this hook alongside bondage, nipple clamps and any other sensation toys to make your lover want more!

She isn’t your average hook-er! This hook is for our BDSM experts; the hook and ball is bigger and adds more intensity with every tug. To reel your sub in more, add some ropes or attach the hook to their collar so then every time they wriggle, you can pull them in more with intense but glorious pleasure!

Made from stainless steel, this hook is only made from the best material for you and your body and with a medium-sized ball, you are assured to be stretched and pressured in precisely the correct G or P spot!

If one hook isn’t enough, then how about eight? Yes, you heard right, eight! Like a jailor with a chain of keys, you will be jangling your hooking power all over the place. Every hook is different in its own way:

  • Number One – Has no ball and just has a hooking crazy stainless steel bar to pleasure you with,
  • Number Two – Has a small ball on the end, a great introduction into medical play and hook experimenting,
  • Numbers Three to Five – The ball gets gradually bigger on each one, increasing the intensity with each and making your hook play more exciting,
  • Numbers Six to Eight – Have double and triple balls, creating different waves of pleasure, making the hook play more intense with every stroke.

Alloy Sailor! Get anchored deep with these aluminium hooks with changeable balls. Sail the waves of pleasure with different pressure on your G or P-spot to create a tsunami orgasm like no other. This is perfect for the BDSM lovers out there, and by adding some sailors knots and ropes, you can maximise the pleasure and pain sensation until your sub crashes to shore with ecstasy.

Made with aluminium, this metal is of the highest quality, exactly what you are looking for when looking for a sturdy and reliable toy.

Feel like you are not getting enough out of your average hook? Then, how about adding a little spark to it! Jumpstart your anal play with shockwaves pulsating through your holes, giving you the ultimate orgasms!

Designed with a ball on the end, this shocking hook will not only give you an extra buzz, but the ball will add the needed pressure onto your G or P spot to give you that mind-blowing fun you need.

Get double hooked with this anal hook because it will hook your anus perfectly and wrap around your cock to give you divine gratification. Angled just right to hit your P-spot, you will reach new orgasmic heights with this anal hook.

With the cock ring element, too, it makes it perfect for you to wear whilst masturbating or having sex when the anal hook will rub just in the right spot to have you ejaculating harder. Not only that, but it will help make you look bigger and help you last longer in the sheets too.

Sometimes you may want to stretch your balls and get a hook in your butt; well, now you can! It is specially designed to clasp around your balls to give you that intense squeeze and make the sensation even better. The attached anal hook will put precisely the correct pressure on the P-spot.

It comes with different sized balls to make this toy even better, so any of our BDSM lovers will love this toy because you can subject your sub to varying sized and shaped balls, making them groan out for more.

Make any pirate jealous with this hook. It is made from top quality stainless steel and has three ribbed styles of beads that gradually get bigger to make the pleasure increase more and more so you moan with desire!

To make this even more appealing to our BDSM lovers, there is a loop at the other end you can attach a rope or ties to pull on the hook to create orgasmic tension. Whether you are alone or with your lover, this toy will have you hooked!

Perfect for our avid anal toy users, this hook is made with thick stainless steel to comfortably stretch your anus and stimulate your P-spot perfectly, so you reach the ultimate climax! There is no ball or beads on this one, but the smooth tip will easily press on your curves and stimulate all of the sensations.

A large hoop at the top creates an easy grip on the hook and will appeal to our BDSM lovers because you can add sensation play from bondage to ropes that attach to the hook or your sub’s collar.

Why have just one hook when you can have four? Four different anal hooks with mixed sized balls to stretch you to a joyful amount! You can have an array of pleasure levels and other sensations depending on the size that you use.

With this set, suitable from beginner to more advanced, you can take gradual steps towards being an anal pro!

How do you use anal hooks? What do beginners need to know?

Each anal hook has numerous uses, so there is no right or wrong way to use them in a pleasurable manner. But the main rule across the board when it comes to sex toys is to make sure they are well cleaned and stored correctly. But not just that, making sure to look after your body too. 

Make sure to be well lubed up with water-based lube, and be careful that you don’t push your body to stretch too far without the proper lubrication and stimulation because you can cause damage if you are not careful.



Prices will depend on what you get for your money and the quality of that sex toy. For example, the Stainless Steel Anal & Vaginal Hook Set costs $32.99, but that is because of what you get for that price. You don’t just get one toy; you get eight, so value for money is key in this case. 

The higher the price, the better the quality and all of these hooks are designed with longevity in mind, so as long as you clean and store them correctly, they are toys you can reuse repeatedly.



With a lot of these anal hooks, they have balls or beads attached to the end, so make sure that the balls are detached for cleaning with care and reattached correctly as this could lead to damage to not only the product and but to you or your lover(s).

Cleaning your sex toys is extremely important; making sure that you wash them before and after use is also critical, and the general rule is if it goes inside you, clean it. It’s common sense, really, but just don’t get lazy with it and make sure to put as much effort into cleaning your toys as you would yourself.

Cleaning products you could use include:

  • Alcoholic wipes,
  • Sanitising tablets,
  • Good old, warm freshwater.



Storing your sex toys is just as important as cleaning your sex toys. Many sex toys come in boxes that you can use for storage, but make sure it’s clean and put them not just in a box but consider a bag to put them in, just to keep any dust or debris off the toys themselves. Also, ensure that they are adequately dried; otherwise, the toys can start to deteriorate.


Recommended For

These anal hooks are for anyone looking to start in anal play, or maybe you are an avid BDSM lover and want to try out some new products to add to your collection.

As Mackenzie G. says about the DOMINIX Deluxe Small Anal Hook, “I’ve been wanting a toy like this for years, and thankfully I was not disappointed after all the hype. This is a great toy for beginners and more experienced players – it’s a simple toy that allows you to get creative with just how you want to torture (or be tortured).

I was a bit nervous that the ball can screw on and off, it only takes a moment to ensure the ball is on tight before play, and the likelihood of it coming loose is slim. Overall this has been a great addition to the toy box!”

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