The 10 Best Extreme Sex Toys for a Freaky Challenge

What makes a sex toy ‘extreme’? 

Despite the obvious ‘oh wow, would you look at the size of that’, there are other aspects of sex toys that make them fall under the ‘extreme’ category. As you’ll see from this guide, it’s not always all about size. In my breakdown of toys for a freaky challenge you’ve got: 

  • Chastity belts 
  • Dildos with extreme girth but short length 
  • Fist-shaped dildos 
  • Ball gag x dildo combinations 
  • Inflatable dildos (the perfect anal challenge) 

As you’ll see, there are some toys in here that some may class as ‘standard’, whereas others may find them extremely intimidating. Where these types of toys fall for you in terms of the category you place them in is completely up to you to decide. 

For example, if you’re already into fisting, then a dildo in the shape of hand will be just another day for you. If you’ve never experimented with BDSM or stretching, then naturally you’ll find some of the toys more intimidating than a turn-on. However, I must admit, after getting my hands on these I was converted to an overwhelmed curious explorer to a stretching enthusiast! 


Are extreme sex toy safe for beginners? 

It’s best to approach any large or ‘extreme’ sex toy the same… with lots of lube and patience. I’ve included a guide for beginners at the end to show you the best ways to approach these types of toys and, more importantly, how to approach them safely. 

Have a look at the items I’ve listed below, and keep your mind open as there will certainly be some toys that are… well… memorable to say the least! You know what they say, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Best For Beginners

Bondage Boutique Wide Leather Riding Crop Whip

Best Challenge

Doc Johnson Belladonna’s Bitch Fist Realistic Fisting Dildo

Best Overall

Bondage Boutique Large Silicone Ball Gag with Dildo

My Ten Favourite Extreme Sex Toys for a Freaky Challenge

Are you just craving for a mega pounding? Are your standard 6 inches just not doing it for you? Well, get your vagina around this bad boy! 10.5 inches of pure girth, this extreme dildo is what you need to be filled to the brim. Realistic shaft, balls and veins make it feel like your dream cock is as real as can be with every stroke and bounce!

With the suction cup base, you can stick this huge dick anywhere and get nailed wherever you like. To make this mammoth cock even better, you can strap it onto your strap-on so you can give someone a pegging to remember!

Be an absolute G and pleasure your lover with this Curved G-Spot Vibrator. Made from silky silicone to mould around your woman’s beautiful body shape so it can perfectly align itself up against her G-spot, stroking it back and forth until she erupts into climax!

With the added vibrating mode on top of this already amazingly angled toy, you will have control over the many speed and pattern options to have your girl feeling like a million dollars!

Do you have a sub that just isn’t doing as they are told? Give them a proper whipping with this Riding Crop Whip. Get any sub saying “neigh!” as you smack their behind for intoxicating pleasure and pain. Made from premium leather, this whip is created to give a high-quality smack!

This whip is also extra-long, so you can dominate your sub by controlling how hard you are going to smack them, whether they deserve a slight tap or big thwack! Great for BDSM lovers who need a brand new whip to add to their kinky collection.

When one cock ring just isn’t enough, why not have three? And not just three regular cock rings, oh no! You deserve the best of the best, so these Ultra Thick Silicone Cock Rings are the best rings for you! Whether you wear them all at once with one round your shaft, one around your balls and one around the base of your cock, for extremely intense pleasure, or if you need a few to hand out to your lovers during a very fun orgy, these rings will not disappoint!

The best thing about these cock rings is that they don’t just make your sex even more pleasurable. They also make your cock appear bigger, restrict blood flow so you last longer, and make your ejaculations the best they have ever been.

Gag me, Choke me, Fuck me. This kinky trio is a deadly erotic combination that will have any BDSM lover weak at their knees. Strap this bad boy to your sub and have them lay back as you ride their face or if they have been obedient, let them fuck you with their whole face.

The smooth silicone dildo with ribbed design will have you trying not to squeal as it rubs inside of you and taps against your G or P-spot. A leather buckle strap is easily tightened or loosened depending on the size of your subs face or how much you want to punish them.

This toy is for our extreme anal lovers and experienced BDSM gang! Make your subs anus stretch and engorge this huge butt plug, with 8 inches of insertable length and with a hand-pumped inflatable plug that goes to an eye-watering 15 inches wide. You can completely obliterate your subs anus, making them scream with pleasure as you destroy their prostate with orgasm after orgasm!

Perfect for girth lovers who love to be challenged and want to experience stretching like never before. Make sure to use plenty of lube and always stretch slowly!

Like any valuable jewels, they need to be locked away, and with this chastity cage, you can cage away your most valued assets with ease! With the 5-inch silicone cage, you can be locked up at any time for however long you want. With the bendable material and the small plastic lock, this chastity will go undetected under your clothes for kinky outdoor fun.

Also, there are vents and even a urination hole, so you have no excuse to take it off until your dom tells you to. This is an excellent addition to anyone’s kink basket.

Get absolutely bitch pounded by this Realistic Fisting Dildo! Moulded around the actual pornstar Belladonna’s fist, this fisting toy takes no prisoners. Be completely smashed with this fist punched inside of you, stretching and challenging your body in beautifully kinky ways.

With realistic fingernails, knuckles, wrist and skin details, you will feel as though Belladonna is in the room fisting you! Whether solo or with your lover, this fisting dildo is a perfect addition to your toybox.

Bombs away! This American Bombshell will make you explode with gratification as you are stretched beyond limits and pummelled without mercy. With up to 9.5 inches of just plain girth, this butt plug will not just plug your anus but completely fill you up! For any of our girth lovers, you will love the smooth, rounded end for easy insertion, but also, with 5 inches of length, you will be able to feel this toy not just on your prostate but in the back of your throat!

Not only will this butt plug tear you a new one, but it is also temperature responsive. So for anyone who is a lover of temperature play, this toy would be great because whether you want a shock as you plunge a cold plug inside or the soothing warmth of a warmed butt plug, either way, you will not be disappointed.

Sometimes you need more than a little egg; that’s why this Large Love Egg will have you bloody quackers! Get laid with this sizeable egg up your vagina as it rubs against your G-spot with its soft silicone material.

With an array of vibrating options from seven exhilarating vibration patterns and four different speeds, this not so little egg will have you feeling like the Golden Goose. You can control this Love Egg with a remote control so your lover can have you waddling like a duck as they vibe you no matter where you are.

How do you approaching using extreme sex toys? What do first time users need to know?

The rule with sex toys for a freaky challenge is that you need communication, have open dialogue throughout and make sure even in dom and sub roles, you have respect for each other’s limits. You need to have a “safe word” in place if you have had enough or are in too much pain. 

With the large dildo or insertable toys, make sure to have plenty of lube and ensure that your lover is fully prepared and ready to take the girth of some of these toys.



Prices vary when it comes to extreme sex toys; for example, the Lovehoney Rechargeable Remote Control Large Love Egg is priced at $59.99, but the Bondage Boutique Large Silicone Ball Gag with Dildo is $42.99. 

The price points are higher too because you also have to factor in quality. Many of these toys are made with the highest quality materials and fabrics to give longevity, especially if you clean them thoroughly after every use, you will get what you pay for.



Cleaning your sex toys is extremely important; making sure that you wash them before and after use is also critical, and the general rule is if it goes inside you, clean it. It’s common sense, really, but just don’t get lazy with it and make sure to put as much effort into cleaning your toys as you would yourself. Make sure with vibrators that you remove any batteries before cleaning so you don’t damage any of the internal workings of the vibrator. 

Cleaning products you could use include:

  • Alcoholic wipes,
  • Sanitising tablets,
  • Good old, warm freshwater.



Storing your sex toys is just as important as cleaning your sex toys.

Many sex toys come in boxes that you can use for storage, but make sure it’s clean and put them not just in a box but consider a bag to put them in, just to keep any dust or debris off the toys themselves.

Also, ensure that they are adequately dried; otherwise, the toys can deteriorate.


Recommended For 

Whether you are a seasoned BDSM pro or an extreme girth lover looking for their new challenge but not sure where to look, these products are available for all on the kinky spectrum. Maybe, you and your partner want to try out more dom and sub play, or perhaps you have a human pet already that needs accessorising or new products for punishing.

As Kpnuts said about the Lovehoney Ultra Thick Silicone Cock Ring Set (3 Count), “Good size set of rings, help keep me rock hard! Without being too tight, have worn them for up to 1 hour without any problems, I find they can help to keep me hard even after cumming!”.

If you’re serious about using extreme toys, then you might want to also take a look at my related guides on how to tackle larger sex toys, and how to prepare correctly: 


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