The 10 Best Fetish Clothing Items For Men

Okay guys… So why should you buy fetish clothing? 

Whether you’re new to the world of BDSM or you’re a seasoned veteran and dungeon-dweller, you’ll no doubt have seen items of fetish clothing, even if you’re not directly aware of it. 

However, in this guide, you might be surprised at just how detailed and orgasm-inducing fetish clothing can be. From collar and cock ring combinations to leather body harnesses and pants with a penis sheath, there’s no end to the frisky and fetish-specific combinations you’ll find in the depths of this guide. Have a look at my ten favorite selections below. 

Best For Beginners

DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Cross-Body Harness

Best Challenge

Renegade Rubber Latex Anal Penetrator Dildo Pants

Best Overall

DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Collar With Cock Ring

My Ten Favourite Items Of Fetish Clothing For Men

Like the God of the Sea, you will have everyone around you soaking wet when you wear these power fetish shorts! With sexy chaps to give your butt a smackable look and a detachable pouch for your cock that can be quickly released to be enjoyed as you see fit.

With velcro fastenings, these shorts are simple to rip off and allow you to enjoy your lover without fabric in the way. Plus, these shorts are sturdy enough to be worn out to a club to catch everyone’s attention or just to be worn as a little surprise for your lover in the bedroom.

Be chained up to your own cock with this leather collar with a chain and cock ring. With a satisfying chain that drapes down your torso, you will be given a chillingly good thrill as it lands on the cock ring below. There are two ends to the chain with two different sized rings; depending on how large your cock is, you can flip it around to best suit your ideal squeeze.

The cock ring can gently go round either your shaft or shaft and balls to give you the ultimate pleasure. This set is excellent for our BDSM lovers who want to wear something nice for their mistresses, but it is also versatile, so other bondage items can be attached if you wish.

Get ready to be charged at full speed by this Jouster Pouch Thong! The wet-looking lycra pouch gives a mouthwatering effect that makes your bulge stand out with pride. The thong has metal studs and sewn on O-rings so that you can attach chains, ropes or any other bondage of your choosing to really make your night freaky.

If you want to feel sexy and powerful, the slim thong down your arse cheeks will have your buns looking juicy for your lover to enjoy!

Have strong, latex, rubber pants for your even larger rubber and the best part? You can feel the tightness of the pants restricting your buttocks, and there is a hole to poke your member through to give it the squeeze you’re looking for as you pleasure or get pleasured.

There is also a front moulded pouch to put your balls in so that they are comfortable throughout and gently pressed with the pants to give you a restricted thrill in your bedroom.

Get crossed and ready with this fetish gripping body harness. With leather straps that cross over to highlight your wonderful pecks and accentuate your strong back muscles as you flex and show off every curve to your dom or sub. With O-rings attached, you can get rough and ready by adding on other bondage items to really get into the BDSM mood.

Whether you wear this piece to the nightclub to rub up against potential lovers or as a fashion statement whilst you walk down the street. This body harness has many different capabilities and can be worn wherever and however you see fit.

Step your BDSM up a notch with this magnificent leather body harness. It not only has a full-body harness to highlight all of your best features but also comes with a cock ring and wrist cuffs to thrill and excite your lover either into submission or dominating you.

With numerous loops and O-rings to attach whatever you like to the harness, you can go full bondage mode and tie them up however you see fit. The cock ring can go round your shaft or shaft and balls to give you a euphoric grip around your cock. The cuffs can be attached to the harness itself, so your lover can’t move as you pleasure them or to somewhere else so that you can take complete control of them.

Plugged, squeezed and fastened, it doesn’t get much more perfect than this. This unholy chastity belt will make any nun blush! With an anal plug caressing your P-spot, a cock ring restricting your penis and a leather harness to keep you in check, you will be well and truly dominated. This Deluxe Anal Plug Harness is perfect for anyone who is all for the orgasm denial fantasy, BDSM or enforce play.

The chastity element comes true with the included padlocks and keys so you can make sure your sub is completely restricted and has no control over their own pleasure without your say so. O-rings and adjustable straps are attached for extra bondage fun and are suitable for various sizes and shapes.

If you are a mistress looking for something that your very bad sex servant can wear, then this is the sheath for you. The latex pants are restrictive, with barely enough room to put their penis and a moulded space for their balls, meaning they are unable to erect properly, making the orgasm denial even more intense.

The sheath gives the mistress the chance to tease and play as they see fit with the toe-curling restrictive element your servant craves. These rubber pants are perfect not just for mistresses and their servants but for anyone who wants to delve into BDSM and denial play.

Show him this if your man ever says he can’t find anything sexy to wear in the bedroom. With stretchy shoulder harnesses that wrap over the body and around their waist, this harness will make anyone swoon. With a cock ring included, your man can feel the pleasures this harness has to offer, too, as it tugs and squeezes their shaft and balls perfectly.

There are O-rings on the harness to make other bondage options a possibility if you want to spice things up further. With the adjustable poppers, your man will never feel uncomfortable while showing you his moves.

Secretly penetrate yourself with these tight latex dildo pants. With these pants, you will need a bunch of lube because it is so body forming, you will need lube to make your life easier getting them on. Any restrictive play lovers or orgasm denial fans will love these as you can control or be controlled on how and when you orgasm via anal pleasure.

With a 5.5 inch dildo included, it is perfectly angled to reach your P-spot and make you squeal with joy.

What do you need to know about buying male fetish clothing? 

For our BDSM and fetish lovers, fetish clothing is also designed to make men feel sexy. A lot of the clothing is very tight, so you will need to use lubricants from talc to water-based lube.

Many fetish clothing items include extras like cock rings, handcuffs, and dildos, so it is important to make sure they are all cleaned and stored correctly.



Prices vary depending on what you are getting. For example, the simple chest harnesses are $36.99, but the full-body harnesses or the restrictive pants can range between $24.99 to $69.99. 

You are not only paying for the quality of the product; you are also paying for its longevity, and depending on how you look after these toys and panties with cleaning and storage depends on how long they will last.



When it comes to cleaning the restrictive pants and other fetish clothing, follow the laundry requirements to make sure you are washing them exactly how they are supposed to, so they will last as long as possible. 

But when it comes to cleaning your dildos and cock rings, making sure that you wash them before and after use is also critical, and the general rule is if it goes inside you or on you, clean it. It’s common sense, really, but just don’t get lazy with it and make sure to put as much effort into cleaning your toys as you would yourself.

Cleaning products you could use include:

  • Alcoholic wipes,
  • Sanitising tablets,
  • Good old, warm freshwater.



Storing your sex toys is just as important as cleaning your sex toys. Many sex toys come in boxes that you can use for storage.

Make sure to clean and put them in a box and a bag to keep any dust or debris off the toys themselves. Also, ensure that they are adequately dried; otherwise, the toys can deteriorate.

With clothing, make sure to sort them in a dry, clean place away from debris and dust and make sure to clean them regularly or after every use.


Recommended For 

Fetish Clothing is perfect for fetish lovers, BDSM players, and anyone looking to spice things up and for men who want to feel sexy in the bedroom. It isn’t just about women looking and feeling beautiful; men also like to feel that. 

This is what FunChristianCouple had to say about the DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Cross-Body Harness “I wasn’t sure what to expect, given that the price was so low for leather gear, but we are thrilled with this piece! The aesthetic is awesome and adds a nice edge. We paired with the Dominix leather blindfold, and could not be happier.

For context, I’m a husky male, and this fits great. Don’t assume you have to look like the model in the picture to get the max effect out of this value-priced, high-quality piece.”

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