The 10 Best Condoms For Oral Sex

Why would you want a condom just for oral sex? 

Despite the fact that you might not want the taste of a penis lingering in your mouth all day, there are actually many other reasons behind wanting to use a condom for oral. 

One of the most important reasons, and one that is often not thought about in the same way as using an oral condom for its flavor-enhancing properties, is safety. Sexually transmitted diseases can be passed via oral sex, so in the same way that you’d use condoms as a form of protection from an STI when engaging in intercourse, the exact same can be said oral sex as a form of precuation. 


What’s the difference between a normal condom and one for oral? 

The main and most obvious aspect of an oral condom is added flavor. If you’re performing oral sex with a condom on, then the last thing you’re going to want is a weird chemical taste in your mouth… at least have it masked by some sort of exotic fruit taste! 

You’ll also find that, on the whole, oral condoms are thinner than their intercourse-intended counterparts, and are often created with extra sensitivity and a particular focus on the ‘thin’ feel. 

You’ll see exactly what I mean in this guide where I’ve listed ten of my favorites below. I’ve also concluded the article with a beginner’s guide to spotting, buying, storing, and using condoms for that oral intention. 

Best For Beginners

Durex Avanti Bare Real Feel Non Latex Condoms (10 Count)

Best Challenge

Kimono MicroThin Ribbed Sensi-Dots Latex Condoms (12 Count)

Best Overall

Durex Extra Sensitive Ribbed Latex Condoms (12 Count)

My Ten Favourite Condoms For Oral

The last thing you need when you want to give your lover some oral is the rubbery texture of a condom rubbing in your mouth. Well, no more! With the BareSkin thin latex condoms, you can enjoy oral with your partner, and with up to 40% thinner material, you won’t even realise it’s there!

What’s more, these condoms have no scent, so you will be able to suck away and not taste a single thing, and you can do it as hard or fast as you like without the risk of splitting the condom, ensuring you and your lover’s safety.

Giving oral with a condom can be fun, but why not turn it up a notch? With this Ribbed Latex Condom, you can give your lover an extra bump and grind whilst you pleasure them. With 12 distinct ribs, you can slowly tease and entice your lover into orgasmic bliss with not only your expert oral action but with some added sensations too.

Made from thin material and lubricant on the inside, you are both guaranteed a glorious time without the problematic application or the thick latex material taste in your mouth.

This truly is the pic-a-mix of your condom dreams! With 24 different condoms to choose from, there are plenty of different ones that will give your lover the blowjobs of all blowjobs! In this pack, you can get these styles:

  • Dotted 576 Sensations,
  • Novelty Glowing Pleasures,
  • Shapely Pleasure Dome,
  • Ultra-thin ZeroThin,
  • Extra-lubed Super Sensitive,
  • Delicious FlavorWaves.


Each condom in the pack is designed to help you have a safe sex life and spice up your oral sex with various flavours so you can have a tasty time all night long. With plenty of condoms to choose from, you will have endless options to have a fantastic time!

Does your lover have a big, fat lollipop that you are just dying to get your mouth around? Have you ever found yourself struggling to find a condom big enough? Look no further. With the Magnum Large Ultra Thin Condoms, no matter the size of that lollipop, it will be securely wrapped and ready to enjoy!

With the ultra-thin material, you can also suck on that lolly all night and not feel as though you’re fighting through latex. The thin material also means your lover will be able to feel every inch of your mouth and will feel just as good, if not better, than with the condom on.

Do you have a lover who says they are allergic to latex? Or don’t want to taste that horrid rubber flavour as you give oral? Well, with the Avanti Bare Feel Non-Latex condoms, you won’t have to worry about that anymore!

Your boyfriend can enjoy the sweet feel of your blowjob without missing a single sensation, and no longer will you need to worry about coming up in a rash from allergies. You both can fully enjoy your time together without the stress of getting any STI’s and without sacrificing the natural feel.

Getting sick of the same old condom flavours? Not anymore! With ONE Flavor condoms, you can open your tastebuds up to a wide range of new and exciting flavours that will make your mouth water! This wonderous cocktail contains:

  • Chocolate Strawberry,
  • Island Punch,
  • Fresh Mint,
  • Banana Split.

All these condoms taste amazing and are coated in top quality lube to make pulling it over your lover’s cock super easy. Thinly made latex with various sizes available, what else do you need?

We understand that you want to enjoy sex without things getting in the way, but that isn’t safe for you or your lover. So with these ultra-thin lubricated condoms, you will be able to experience oral sex just as good, if not better, than if you didn’t wear protection.

With these fantastic condoms by your side, you don’t have to worry about STI’s, and it gives you and your lover peace of mind whilst you enjoy every aspect of each other. Oral sex shouldn’t just be good; it should be safe too!

These condoms are the trojan horse to oral sex, hidden with loads of ribbed ecstasy to make your cock want to stay in your lover’s mouth forever! Even the Romans would blush at these awesome condoms because, with the mix of the incredible oral skills and the ribbed design, your cock will go into utter mayhem!

Full of ecstasy with their thin design, you will barely even notice you have a condom on and can lay back and enjoy oral sex with your lover.

For our bigger lads out there, this one’s for you! Not only is there a wider fit to fit everything inside comfortably, the Trojan Her Pleasure Sensations Large Latex Condoms even have ribbed elements to make your oral sex even more intense.

With the thin latex design, you and your lover can enjoy your night without the annoying thickness that other condoms have. These condoms are also electronically tested, so you don’t have to worry about any spillage and can have excitingly safe sex.

These are America’s Thinnest Textured Condoms! So if they are good enough for the whole of America, we are sure they are good enough for you! With sensi-dots and a ribbed design, you will be able to enjoy all of the wonderous sensations plus the magic that is your lover’s mouth around your member.

The thinnest latex has been created so that you and your cock can fully enjoy the whole blowjob without feeling like something is getting in the way. These condoms will ease you and your lover’s mind and help you fully immerse yourself in pleasure.

How to Use a Condom for Oral Sex (and what to look for when buying oral-specific condoms) 

Most condoms are used in the same way, whether for penetrative sex or oral sex. Condoms are there as a protective barrier from pregnancy or STI’s, all without spoiling any of your fun. Applying a condom is also pretty simple and universal:

  1. Take a look and make sure your condom is in good condition, 
  2. Open up the wrapper and gently remove it,
  3. Take the tip of the condom, place it over the shaft of your penis and squeeze out any air, 
  4. Slowly roll it over, making sure to cover the whole penis right to the base,
  5. If it’s too big or small, don’t force it! Take it off and get the right size! 
  6. Then when used, carefully take it off, place it in a tissue and throw it away correctly.



Prices differ depending on how many you get and what kind of condom you want. But pricing should never discourage you from being safe and using one. Many places, like sex clinics or pharmacies, offer free ones if you need one in an emergency. 

You can even invest and treat yourself to some fancy, nice ones. There is never an excuse not to use a condom; they are everywhere at all kinds of prices, shapes and sizes!



When it comes to cleaning, it’s less about washing them down with soap and water and more about making sure they are still durable—taking them out of the packet and inspecting them before just plopping them on. Suppose there is a tear or even just a tiny little hole. Do. Not. Use. It. 

Defected condoms can lead to a whole lot of issues, from STI’s to accidental pregnancies. Using a condom is more about being clean rather than cleaning. Make sure they are still in date, don’t use an old one and just be generally aware of what condom you are using. 



A lot of condoms come pre-packed, either in a tube or box. If you’re not planning to use them all in one week and you have a few left, then we suggest getting yourself a storage tin to put them in. That way, prying eyes won’t notice that you have condoms lying all over the place, and it keeps them clean and stored in an air-tight way, so they are away from bacteria and any debris.


Recommended For 

Condoms are for anyone with a penis, pretty much. You do get female condoms, but for most people, condoms for use during oral sex would be applied to the penis. Small, medium, large, thick or thin, condoms don’t discriminate and are there to keep you and your little friend safe and to give your lover peace of mind when having sex with you.

As Pappa G. says about the Trojan Sensitivity BareSkin Thin Latex Condoms (10 Count), “They feel like you’re hardly wearing anything, and I could feel a lot more sensations than I normally would with a regular condom. The wife gives these a thumbs up as she says it feels like she’s closer to me when I wear the thinner ones, so all positives there.”

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