Best Sex Furniture – A Complete Guide

Why use sex furniture?

Rather than ask ‘What is Sex Furniture’ (which is fairly self explanatory), I think the better question to ask is why would you, either as a couple or on your own, want to use sex furniture to spice-up your life? 

I think the best way to explain why you would want to use sex furniture is to outline exactly the complications or issues that you may have with certain aspects of sex, and then what the furniture can do to address it. 

  • Larger sex furniture such as couches as oversized cushions can provide greater aspects of comfort for both harder positions, and for love making in general 
  • Inflatable furniture such as sex chairs with dildos attached make for great, hands-free methods of ‘riding’ that would otherwise be quite complicated when using alone 
  • Wedges and smaller chairs make for great, discreet stimulation methods that can also be used as legitimate furniture, assuming the toy can be easily removed (or you can just hide away easily – which is generally the preferred option). 

I’ve put together a more detailed guide at the end of this article, but for now, just know that there are forms of sex furniture for everyone, and that if you can get the correct for you, the upsides are legitimately astounding.

Anyway, let’s get on to what I deem to be the best wedges, chairs, cushions and furniture that you can use to take your love life to the next level in 2021! 

Best For Beginners

Liberator Heart-Shaped Sex Position Wedge

Best Challenge

Fetish Fantasy Sex Position Master with Restraint Cuffs

Best Overall

Liberator BonBon Toy Mount

10 Sex Furniture Selections - The Best All-Rounders

For those looking for a little bedroom liberation, the Liberator Heart-Shaped Position Wedge is a polyester God sent! Comfortable, confident positioning and a removable cover over the top, the Liberator wedge is easy to clean, easy to use and protected to the core from liquids. 

The heart-shape means you can leave it on the bed as an extra cushion and no one would be any the wiser. The material is velvet, soft and allows for easy access to the erogenous zones – handy! The cover is fully washable and comes zipped to the cushion, so it’s not hard to get it back to its best after every use.


  • Very soft, and can be mistaken for legitimate soft furnishings 
  • Easy to wipe-down 


  • Might be a bit clunky to quickly hide away 

Oh, be still Buckaroo! Simply add your favourite toy to this cushion and ride your own rodeo to your heart’s content. This is a cushion-cum-toy holder perfect for intimate play at most angles. 

The fibre is non-slip and the case is mercifully removable and easily thrown into the washing machine. The best thing about the Liberator BonBon Toy Mount is that there is a “no hands” feature – you get all the fun without any of the awkwardly bent wrists. 

The cushion is dense enough to support two bodies, too, and the core is responsive in that it holds onto the toy for you, so whether you use it for masturbation or you use it for dual fun, it’s a winner all round. Find freedom with your erotic play today!


  • Offers a premium experience both in terms of build quality and pleasure


  • Not exactly the smallest piece of equipment to hide at a moments notice 

From the colour to the feel, these Faux Snakeskin Over-the-Door Cuffs are the perfect bedroom staple. If you’re a fan of sex while standing, you’ll love the way these anchor to the door and can be used for light bondage play and the perfect O. 

The faux fur is crimson in colour, with durable strapping and brass hardware and the cuffs are detachable if you want to take your play to the floor. You can adjust the straps to suit your partner’s height, but do be careful – these are not designed to hold weight!


  • Very easy to conceal and reveal as requires 

  • Easy to set up and sturdy


  • As pieces of furniture go, you may be wanting a fuller experience 

Finding the right position for those deep-seated O’s is not always easy to do, but when you have the Liberator Sex Position Wedge Ramp Combo – 

Firstly, this amazing set of two pillows allow for better support, deeper penetration and are so comfortable your partner won’t want to give them up. They’re easy to clean and change, and they are the key for better, deeper sex. 

Sure, you can use a regular bed pillow, but nothing compares to the support – they’re designed to lift you off the bed and allow you to better slot together. No cramps, no breaks and no tense muscles here!


  • Very comfortable and helps to get to, and retain pleasure in those pesky awkward positions 
  • Looks very inconspicuous 


  • Quite bulky and not for someone who is stuck for space 

Sex furniture just doesn’t get better than this Sex Position Enhancer Chair. This sturdy faux leather chair has two seat surfaces, so no matter the flavour you love, it’ll suit your tastes. 

The 9 inch hole allows you to explore different methods of oral sex and the best bit? It arrives already assembled. Take a seat on your own throne and explore bondage and restraint like never before. 

The two leather seats allow you to pick and choose the type of fun you want to have, and you can have a lot of fun choosing how to use them!


  • Super sturdy and does exactly what it says on the tin 
  • Arrives ready-built so you don’t have to stress about your flat-pack skills


  • Well… It’s an enhancer chair – not an easy one to hide in the corner! 

Bottoms up! This colourful addition to the bedroom offers you the chance to get your kicks with direct access for clitoral play. 

Those loving deeper penetration will love the elevation, and there’s no need to put a towel down for this Sex Position Wedge by Liberator – it’s got a fully washable cover and it’s made with high density foam! 

You can truly elevate your bedroom sensations with this wedge, and if you’re enthusiastic about orgasms it’s one to buy – now.


  • Looks super modern and at home in any bedroom 
  • Great value for money considering the quality of the cushion 


  • Some people may want a cushion that is a little more under the radar 

This is one kinky set – and buyers will love it. The cuffs are detachable. the blindfold enhances the feelings and the inflatable sex wedge adds a little elevation into the bedroom you didn’t know you needed. 

This is a kit that’s all about the senses: adding some and depriving you of others, which makes for a night of bondage perfection. Change up your positions and improve your sex life with this three in one play station. Oh, and the cuffs? They’re good for wrists OR ankles – enjoy!


  • The premium kit for anyone looking to get started with sex furniture, and it truly offers a bit of everything 


  • Not much to complain about here other than it may be a little over the budget for someone just wanting a cheaper piece of sex furniture to experiment with 

With the boost you need to support two bodies, this Sex Position Wedge gives you a break from the usual favourites and allows you to get creative. 

This elevated angle (27 degrees) gives you a shot at deeper penetration and it’s just a must for those who love to indulge in oral. 

Whether you’re bottom up or belly down, the Sex Position Wedge allows you to add a little life and a LOT of fun to the bedroom. You can feel truly liberated when you try this Sex Position Wedge.


  • Almost looks like a piece of physio equipment. If only your home visits knew the truth.. 
  • Very well built, and super sturdy 


  • Might be too small for some

The best sex furniture around is a sex chair. And why not? This strong metal frame has a comfortable foam covering, allowing you to enjoy hours of pleasure without the muscle cramps! 

This chair can hold a 150kg limit, and it easily comes apart for storage under the bed. You can star in your own bondage fantasy with this sex chair, with no achy thighs – well, maybe, but not because of the chair! Shared pleasure has just become more pleasurable with this amazing flat-pack sex chair.


  • A simpler version of the previous enhancer chair, however it’s still compact and well built. 
  • Flat pack and easy to hide when the in laws come to visit 


  • These chairs can be limiting regarding certain positions 

Fetish fantasies can come to life with this amazing sex position enhancer. The neck cushion supports your head while you’re in ecstasy, and the cuffs are removable and adjustable, perfect for beginner bondage. 

For those who love a deeper penetration, the leg straps are adjustable, and when you throw in the blindfold for sensory deprivation – oh, my! This will allow for gentle restraint and an introduction to bondage all in one perfect package.


  • Can be used as a restrainer, a spreader or a simple enhancer 
  • Easy to use and to discreetly store 


  • I’d recommend some of the simple pieces of sex furniture above this one if you’re totally new to this side of the sex world! 

Beginners guide to sex furniture - Everything you need to know

These products can be quite costly, and also fairly specific in terms of the benefits they offer.

So, rather than tell you to just buy and hope for the best, here’s a guide to what you need to know it terms of popular types, common uses, cleaning, storing and anything else I think you need to know when it comes to buying sex furniture for the first time. 

The most popular types of sex furniture 

I’ve tried to include a wide variety of shapes and models in this guide, but as far as whittling it down to popular types I would say you’ll mostly see the following: 

  • Chairs 
  • Cushions 
  • Wedges 
  • Seats 
  • Ramps 
  • Mounts 
  • Over-the-door fixtures 

I’ve purposely left out swings when it comes to over-the-door furniture, as they come both as attachments and free-standing. If swings are your thing, check out my guide to the best sex swings for beginners which also has a similar summary guide like this too. 

Uses (including positions)

Okay, so you’ve bought your chair, your toy is strapped-in and ready to go… Now what? Whether it’s a kinky cushion to use on your own or a wedge to explore as a couple, here are a few of the more popular positions to use on your new furniture (and we aren’t talking IKEA here are we!): 

  • Missionary 
  • Cowgirl 
  • Reverse Cowgirl (great for riding on a chair or mount)
  • Sideways (amazing with a wedge shape)

Some furniture is also favoured for BDSM and domination, such as vibrating stools like the Cowgirl Premium Machine in which the user can be restrained and dominated via continually varying levels of vibration. 

If domination is your thing, I’d recommend investing in some cuffs and something like the enhancer chair, in which the receiver can be restrained and provided penetration with ease from the giver. All good fun! 

Cleaning & Hygiene 

Just because we’re talking furniture here, doesn’t mean that cleaning should be given any less attention than a toy that has penetrated your deepest orifices. 

Be sure to get hold of dedicated cleaning products such as wipes and disinfecting gel, and as you’re cleaning your toys be sure to wipe down your furniture along with it.


Most sex furniture is made to be easily stow-able and discreetly stored. If you’re stick for space, I’d recommend looking at a wedge or collapsable chair, something that you can slide into a drawer or under the bed for an excellent place to hide your thrilling new addition.

You don’t want to purchase a huge fixture that is not easy to hide, and that could incite some awkward conversations when the in-laws come to visit. 

Brands & Sellers 

No matter the toy you’re buying, you shouldn’t sacrifice quality just for a slight discount in price. This isn’t to say that you need to spend a fortune, but especially with something like furniture that could be supporting the weight of a couple, you don’t want to cut corners on something that is literally supporting you and your partner. 

When it comes to reputable sellers, my favourites are: 

  • Love Honey 
  • Ann Summers 
  • Bondage Boutique 
  • Fetish Fantasy 
  • Liberator 

Whatever you do, take the advice from this guide and do some research on sites and with sellers that you can trust. 


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