The 10 Best Pocket Pussies & Male Masturbators

Is a pocket pussy exactly what the name implies? 

To put it bluntly, it’s not quite a fleshlight, not quite a love egg… It’s a compact male masturbator that is ideal for anyone who is stuck for space when it comes to storing or hiding their sex toys

Some in this list are actually little better crafted than the standard fleshlight, as pocket pussies tend to be made specifically to emulate the vagina of a particular pornstar, whereas some of the cheaper fleshlights in particular don’t necessarily have much thought or detail put into them (the majority do though). 

For example, I have the Riley Reid masturbator which is branded as a fleshlight, so the exact type of toy e.g. male masturbator or whatever name you want to give it doesn’t really matter if you’re going for one made from a specific adult actress.

Confusion with naming aside, what I love about pocket pussies is that they’re very well crafted, with some even being self-lubricating for that ultra-realistic feel. There are also smaller, more compact toys like the Kendra Pussy & Ass which allows you choose from the vagina or anus entrance without having to be super long to accommodate any well-endowed users.  

Enough of my rambling here though. Whether you’ve already seen my fleshlight guide and have landed here for more specific male masturbators, or if you’re searching for your first sex toy for men and want a premium experience, you seriously can’t go wrong with the toys you’ll encounter in this guide. Let’s get started. 

Best For Beginners

THRUST Pro Mini Mona Realistic Pocket Pussy 8.4oz

Best Challenge

THRUST Full Force Realistic Vagina Kit (6 Piece)

Best Overall

THRUST Pro Mini Real Deal Self-Lubricating Male Masturbator Kit 9.7oz

My ten favourite pocket pussies of all shapes and sizes for men

This pocket pussy is something else. Handheld, with comfortable grip conducive ribbing on the outside, it’ll blow you away and then some. It’s 6 inches of penetrable depth is tight but not overly so, producing mind blowing orgasms as close as you can get to the real thing. 

Should you wish to spice things up, there’s a hole in the bottom into which you can insert a bullet vibrator, or if you want you can just get creative with your hand movements! Make sure you lube up with adequate amounts of water based lubricant for the perfect sensation.

For under 30 dollars, I literally can’t think of something that will give you this much joy. Essentially a tighter version of the pocket pussy listed above, Abbie is for those who really like to feel something intense. The canal is 6 inches long and textured for intimate stimulation, with ribs and dots in all the right places. 

A nice addition to the pocket pussy itself is the storage case it comes with, making it a great option for travel should you want something a little more discreet! With adjustable suction, this will be sure to satisfy your needs completely.

If you want to give your penis the ultimate gift of pleasure, look no further. This 6 piece set means that no matter your mood, there will be something to satisfy your desires. 

Abbie is right and textured, with different suction settings available, Chloe’s skills know no limits and has incredibly stimulating bumps and grooves, while Eva is petite at just 5 inches in depth, with a realistic and intricately textured inner canal. Simply lube up and enjoy near endless fun! 

Be sure to use water based lube in order to ensure the longevity of your new friends.

This option is certainly great for the more budget conscious, but I wouldn’t say that you should shy away because of its cheap price either! Made from smooth TPE, it feels oh so close to the real thing; lubed up, Mono will produce orgasms never quite seen before, especially if you choose to put a bullet vibrator in the provided hole in the bottom! 

Buy it for yourself or for your partner for while you’re away, and use it alone or with your special other to explore edging techniques! With 5 inches of insertable length, it could be deeper but should provide enough stimulation for most of us.

This double ended option offers easy and convenient options of both anal and vaginal simulatory stimulation! 

Simply choose which side you wish and get pumping, or pause and swap halfway through for a delayed and possibly more intense orgasm! With a 6.5 inch canal lined with bumps and ribs, your penis will feel caressed to a point of no return. With an easy to grip exterior, there’ll be no slipping – simply lube up and you’re ready to go!

This pocket pussy’s small and discreet appearance might make it the perfect travel option. At 3.5 inches, it’ll pack away in a wash bag, and the hard case makes it pretty robust. It may be small but it’s certainly not lacking in its arousing potential! 

The canal is ribbed and textured, ready to make you feel things you’ve rarely felt before. It looks and feels like the real deal, and has both a vaginal and an anal entrance, depending on the side you pick! If you’re away a lot for work, add some pleasure with this excellent and well price sex toy.

For fans of pornstar Jessie Andrews, you know longer have to wonder what it feels like to be in one of her videos! This pocket pussy is molded on her vagina, made from ULTRASKYN to give true lifelike sensations. 

Even if you’re not a fan of her work, this is a beautifully made sex toy, made with incredible amounts of detail. The easy to handle external grip fits perfectly into your hand, simply close your eyes and let your imagination take you wherever you want. Lube up each time and be sure to clean it after use, and this thing will last you a long time!

This 4 piece kit sure does deliver the goods, and then some. The entrance is a tight but manageable 0.25 inches, and once you’re in, the textured canal will bring you to orgasm in no time at all – be slow, and be sure to enjoy it! It comes with a waterproof vibrator bullet which can be inserted to increase stimulation, or use it without, whichever you’re in the mood for. 

It comes with a nice storage bag to keep it safe in between sessions, and a renewer powder to make it feel fresh and clean each time you use it.

This super tight option is an absolutely classic pocket pussy, perfect for both first timers and those looking to add one to their collection. With space for a bullet vibrator, and a perfect easy to grip exterior, it sure does make things easy to have fun. 

Ella’s embrace will be all you need for evenings of fun, whether at home or on the move. Use alone, or with a partner, to add another aspect to the bedroom – the choice is yours, and there’s nothing to lose!

Last but certainly not least, we have this naturalistic vagina masturbator, otherwise known as Madison. With 5 internal inches of realistic and textured stimulatory magic, it’s a true thing of beauty. 

It has adjustable levels of suction, for whatever you’re feeling at that moment, and when you insert a bullet vibrator in the base, wow does it feel incredible. Lather with waterbased lube and play away, you’ll seriously never want to stop!

Beginners guide to buying a handheld pocket pussy toy or male masturbator 

How to use 

In order to ensure that your manhood has a good time, be sure to lube up each time, or you may see some rashes, not noticed in the heat of the moment. 

Make sure that you use an appropriate lubricant – as with dildos, you shouldn’t use silicone lube with silicone pocket pussies! If in doubt, water based lubes tend to be the safest, but check with the manufacturer information just in case. 

Otherwise, it’s reasonably self explanatory! Simply grab a hold and pump away, exploring with various speeds and vibrator bullet options to get the full experience!



As with any sex toy, there’s a lot of variation in terms of price between different options, but most of the pocket pussies on this review list are pretty affordable! If you’re just starting out, there are plenty to choose from below $30, so if you’re not sure you’ll get along with it, you’re really not losing much.

 There are also options like the 6 piece one for those looking to get a bit more – basically, there are options for everyone! 



As pocket pussies often have quite tight canals, they can be a little tricky to clean, but making sure you clean them thoroughly between each use is necessary in order to both make sure they last a long time and they stay safe and sterile! 

Try running them through with warm water, and perhaps brushing with a new toothbrush to get into the nooks and crannies. If you use any antibacterial soaps, be sure to get all remnants of the soap out before you next use the toy! 



It’s important to keep them clean in between use. Some of the options on this list come with storage bags, but if you do get one which comes alone, make sure you get a clean and safe box or bag to keep it in. Some of the options are obviously smaller than others, which may make them more suitable to travel, as they’re both more discreet and physically compact! 


Recommended For

Pocket pussies are heaps of fun for literally anyone with a penis. Use them alone or with a partner to spice up your love life, and I’m certain you’ll never look back. 

They make great gifts, especially if you and your partner are about to be apart for a little while, it shows a bit of caring for your romantic other and their needs! If you’re umming and ahhing, go ahead and get the cheapest option, you can always get a more specialised one further down the line!


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