The 10 Best Dog Knot & Wolf Dildos

What exactly is a dog or ‘canine’ dildo and what is the fuss with a knot? 

When we’re talking about tying the knot here, it’s not about marriage. Although, you may get attached to one of these dildos after using it. 

The knot on a dog, wolf or canine dildo is specifically part of construct and simulates the part of the penis otherwise known as a bulbus glandis. Essentially, this is a part of the penis in canines (hence the broader reference to wolves and canines rather than just dogs) which prevents the female from pulling out during sex. 

Whether it’s your fantasy to actually have sex with something other than a human in the form of a canine, or if you simply are looking for more of a challenge, the knot part of the dildo adds an extra added element of challenge and pleasure. 


Is it the same as a normal dildo?

Commonly with animal dildos such as the horse dildos in our guide, the challenge is often upon entrance into your vagina or anus, as they will usually both start and end large. What makes the dog knot dildos unique is that they start smaller at the tip with an average length from the middle to the end, however the know sits commonly 3/4 of the way down for that added challenge before you reach the end. 

If you’re a fan of stretching and love a challenge, then you’re bound to find a knot dildo that provides that for you. I love these types, and having tried and tested quite a few here are my top selections. 

Best For Beginners

Custom Mundir, Small, Knotted Fantasy Wolf Dildo

Best Challenge

Fantasy Mandrake Dildo – 3 Sizes – Platinum Silicone

Best Overall

Howl Knot Dildo – 3 Sizes – Platinum Silicone – Mature

My 10 favourite dog knot dildos (tried & tested)

Lots of dildos fall into the same boring category, attempting to replicate some ‘normal’ penis which doesn’t really exist, and they all end up looking the same. Not this one thankfully! The fact that the Fantasy Knot Dildo is handmade means that literally every one is unique. 

You can also personalise them to a surprising extent! There are flat and vac-u-lock base options, and you can get 6.5, 8, or 10 inches of length, which is more than enough choice, and that’s before you get to the colour options! There are 27 colour options, which really is remarkable, and means there’s definitely one there for you. Choose between hard and soft for the perfect touch, then order and wait with anticipation.

Sometimes, bigger is better. The Howl Knot Dildo is similar to the dildo reviewed above, just with bigger options. Choose from flat and vac-u-lock bases and lengths of 7, 9, and 12 inches for the perfect length. 

With a similarly incredibly wide colour range, from Pride Fade to Gold Green, again – you’re sure to find something that suits you just right. You can request a marbled effect between any two colours that they have – they’re all made to order, so you can get creative! With soft or medium hardness, this is another beautiful option for those who want a slightly different handmade dildo.

The Fantasy Xeno Dildo is a thing of beauty. Coming in lengths of 7.1, 9.4, and 12.5, there’s definitely enough size range, and the colour aesthetics are incredibly varied as well. As with the other dildo’s from Sinnovator, they’re all handmade, constructed using advanced 3D printing technology.

The Xeno features a beautifully undulating shaft, with ribs beautifully placed for maximum pleasure, and a little additional feature for external stimulation. This is definitely a stylish dildo to try out!

If you’re looking for a dildo that would look (almost) totally appropriate sitting as a decoration on your mantelpiece, look no further. The gorgeous, fluid twists and turns of the Mandrake Dildo make it look like a marble statue, and feel like a little slice of heaven. Let the ribs stimulate you to no end, and ride the waves of pleasure!

With either flat or vac-u-lock bases, size choices of 7.2, 9.4, and 12.2 inches, and a whole variety of colours, if you’re looking to truly treat yourself to a special sex toy, this is a stellar option.

This gorgeous sex toy may be slightly smaller than the other options, but it’s no less potent! With a simple yet stylishly curved shaft and a not inconsiderable knot, while the insertable length is 6.1 inches, it certainly feels like considerably more.

It only comes in one size option, but you can choose any combination of two colours, one colour for the base and one for the shaft. The colour list is pretty much a full rainbow, with blacks, whites, and greys as well, so you’re sure to find something that suits!

If you’re on the hunt for a canine dildo, then you may just have found your prey. This custom offering by KnotMeToys is quite something, and is sure to get you going. With a markedly different shape to your average sex toy, the gentle curves and bumps are just perfect to stimulate you to another planet!

It comes in three sizes, at 17.5, 21, and 25 cm, and can be ordered in three different firmness options, soft medium and hard. Combine those options with the myriad colour choices, and you’ve got a truly unique and personalisable sex toy!

This ‘small’ Fantasy Fox Dildo will deliver large amounts of fun! Soft as skin, the 6.29 inches of insertable length will glide in like a hand into a velvet glove. While you can’t choose between different sizes, you can personalise the colour scheme, with a wide variety of options for both shaft and bass. As they’re all handmade to order, each one will be unique, so you know that what you have is truly special!

While this option is certainly more affordable than the other custom options on this list, you certainly don’t get much less for your money! With a length of 8 inches and a diameter of 1.9 inches, it’s certainly big enough, and the twists and bends on the shaft promise incredible stimulation in places you didn’t know existed. The colour options are simple, with a choice between black or nude, but then for the price, you can’t really ask for much more! If you’re on the fence, definitely go for it.

If you’re looking for the quality and customisation of a handmade fantasy dildo but at a reasonably low cost, then this might be a nice option. With sizes available at 3.9, 5, and 8 inches, there’s certainly an option for you; the smallest option is more like a plug, but would also be appropriate for those who are a little sensitive to penetration – a great starting point! With a simple yet wonderfully ridged shaft, and a sizable knot, this dildo is all you could want and more.

Last but not least is this wonderful fantasy fox dildo. Velvet soft to the touch and with a medium hardness, the intricately moulded knot and shaft are just fantastic. With 6.29 inches of usable length, it’s well sized without being intimidating, and would make a good option for beginners and pros alike. Lubed up, the shaft slips in with ease, with the knot then offering a nice surprise! To make it feel slightly more like a real body, warm it in warm water for a few minutes before insertion. Not too hot though – you don’t want to burn yourself!

Advice for anyone buying a dog knot dildo for the first time

How to use 

Dildos are fairly straightforward to use, but if you’re new to penetrative stimulation, or find it in any way uncomfortable, it’s important that you start small and work your way up. Lots of the options on this list are for sure on the larger side for dildos, so may be more suited for the already initiated. 

Don’t run before you can walk, your body needs to get used to dildo use; make sure you use lots of lube to make the experience as pleasurable as possible! Most of these sex toys are silicone, which means you shouldn’t use silicone lubes – a safe bet will be a water based one!


Lots of the toys on this list are more pricey than your average dildo, and for good reason.

They’re almost all handmade to order, and for what you get, I have to say I think they’re all well priced. If you’re looking for something cheaper, there are a couple of affordable options as well, but in general, this niche of sex toy will be more highly priced than your ‘average’ dildo. 


With all sex toys, and especially penetrative ones like dildos, keeping them clean is absolutely imperative to both your health and the toy’s longevity.

After each use, you can choose from a number of methods: 1) simply stick the dildo in the top shelf of the dishwasher, and let it do its magic – just be sure you don’t surprise any new housemates. 2) Wash it by hand with an antibacterial soap. 3) Boil it in a pan of water. 


How you store your dildo will depend on your living environment. If you want to show them off, they can be lined up proudly on window sills or the like, but be aware that they may get dirty left out in the open, and should ideally be washed before use.

A more discreet and cleaner option is to store them in a bag; there are some gorgeous, velvet storage bags out there, which will protect your precious sex toys and keep them safe and clean. These bags can also be used for more discreet travel packing! 

Recommended For

These dildos are aimed at a rather specific niche, but honestly, they’re great sex toy options for anyone who enjoys penetrative play! As mentioned above, they’re often on the larger size, but there are a couple of smaller options, meaning almost anyone will find something that suits. 

As many of them are pretty unique and, I have to say, quite beautiful, I think they’d make excellent gifts, either if you feel you deserve a treat for your special other! Their customisable nature means you can really show you care.


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